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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


31. Chapter 31 - Surrender

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Chapter 31 - Surrender

four weeks later...

Aro's POV:

"Bring him in" I say as they drag the fragile elderly to the altar. They drop him a few feet from me.

"Your majesty, he says as he bows his head to the floor.

I wave my hand and order the guards to leave. He raises his head at the sound of the closing doors and moves his eyes to me.

"Peter, how long have I provided you with the wealth of my kingdom?"

"For so many years, my Lord."

"Mmmm. Have I've been generous?"

"Indeed" he says frowning. He is a great actor. Not the slightest sign of his nervousness.

"Then why have you only offered me scraps of your prophecies?" I snarl. "Why have you kept from me truth of your observations?"

"My Lord, I don't know of what you speak" he says, his true emotion starting to shine through.

At his last spoken word, I appear inches from him and grab him by his neck. Immediately, every memory from his life flashes through my mind. I skim through the majority of it but slow down at the sight of my brother's face.

"... I have found one, a guardian, living in the far northwest corner of North America. There is an air of complexity surrounding this guardian, one that I cannot understand. It has befriended both vampire and wolf. Killing her will prove difficult."

"Killing is never too difficult, old friend" says Gabriel.

Hate breaks my train of thought. For a thousand years my brother has eluded me. One thousand years and counting. I refocus my mind and search for more.

"Gabriel! You fool! What have you done? You must kill her! It's only a matter of time before they find her. You mustn't allow it."

"Peter, it's her. It's Isis."


"I can't end her life."

I stare at Peter now, fury swimming through my blood.

"You deceived me" I hiss and I tighten my fingers around his neck, breaking through his flesh and ripping out his throat. He body slumps to the floor.

This is why Demetri stayed behind, to find her. He must've sensed her presence and went out searching for her but Gabriel got to her first. But what was she to the Cullens and what does she have to do with the wolves?

The doors open and Caius walks in taking long strides towards me, not even acknowledge the corpse on the ground.

"Lord Aro, we have located the mind reader he says.

"Is that so?" I say in pleasant surprise.

"He is in Medias, just south of Ukraine. He is with Alice."

"And what of the others?"

"The doctor and his wife are France, one brother is in Brazil, the other is in Singapore, and the other sister is in Canada."

Perhaps in finding the Cullens, I may be able to find Gabriel and Isis.

"Bring them all to me. Alive."


Bella's POV:

I no longer know what day it is, what month, or whether its day or night. For the past four weeks I have secluded myself in my bedroom with the curtains shut and completely alienated from the outside world. Nothing outside of these walls holds anything of value for me. My mother has become a faded memory, my father is dead and Edward... my reason for living, is dead also. For the first few days after his death, I managed to convince myself that he would come, climb through the window like he used to back at home. But as the days pass, so does my hopes.

Gabriel has been quiet but attentive. He visits me three times a day for meals. Though I have no appetite at all, I eat my meals quietly, in an effort of making him leave quickly. He doesn't' say anything to me. He just watches me eat quietly. Once I'm finished, he gathers the dishes and exits the room.

Today I wake like any other day, dejected and wounded. I know I can't go on this way. It's not what Charlie or Edward would have wanted. I have to pull myself through this. I push the sheets off and head to the shower. After about a half hour, I pull on a long t-shirt and stop just two feet from the bed. Without even noticing it, I was already heading back to bed, back to my depressing state. You can do this Bella, I say to myself. The silence of the room is overwhelming. It's as if it's laughing at my solitude.

Something stirs within me and a familiar pull announces Gabriel's presence as two knocks come from the bedroom door. He opens the door and steps inside, holding a platter. He stops at the sight of me standing and slowly places the platter on a console. He stands there staring at me with an unreadable expression.

"Would you like to eat outside today?" he murmurs.

I don't answer him. My mind is blank as I stare at him. He walks up to me, the pull intensifying with every step. When he's only a foot away from me, he stops. I'm no longer looking at him. My eyes dance around the floor. He begins to walk around me, very slowly, his eyes fixed on me. His hand grazes my palm as he passes my side and I don't see anything but I hear myself laughing in the distance.

I stand still and numb in emotion. This is where fate has dumped me... somewhere in the middle of nowhere, with someone who may or may not kill me. I had a taste of what heaven is like, but then had it torn away.

He continues to walk close around me but when he comes back around I find myself looking at honey gold eyes, set in an ivory angelic face. Tears rush to my eyes as I reach to touch his face. His skin is warm, not cold and his scent is musky, not minty, but his face is exactly as I remember. He places his hand on my face and wipes my tears away. His touch is warm and I part of me knows that it's not him but I don't care. All I see is Edward, his perfectly carved face, full of emotion.

He leans to me slowly and kisses me. His lips are fuller than before and his tongue, too, is warm. My body is trembling as I wrap my arms around him. He pulls me close to him and the pull that has become a constant sensation, has broken through. Our bodies feel as one. He pulls his face back and I hesitate opening my eyes, afraid that he'll be gone if I do. He kisses my forehead and smoothes my hair away from my face.

"I've waited for you for so long, my lady... so long. I love you" and he kisses me again, more lavishly.

His hands run down my side and then he slowly lifts my shirt off. He holds me close to him once again and lifts me onto the bed. His lips, warm and unfamiliar, move against mine then down my chin and to my neck. My heart soars and a shiver runs along my back. His hands cup my breasts as he brings his mouth back to mine, kissing me passionately. He releases my breasts and moves a hand down towards the middle of my legs. After a moment, his hand moves to my hip as I feel him penetrate me slowly and deeply. A moan escapes my lips.

It doesn't feel like it did before. He is warm as he thrusts into me, not cold as before. His body feels more muscular and I can feel stubble on his chin as he kisses me. I keep my eyes closed, not wanting to know the truth, surrendering in my ecstasy, feeling him with me once again. He makes love to me tenderly and eagerly at the same time, pushing himself into me smoothly and completely.

"I love you" he whispers into my ear. Even his voice is not the same but I ignore my observation. We make love for what seems like hours, our bodies rocking fluidly in unison, in every possible way. He tells me loves me over and over again and all the while I know it's wrong but it feels so right. I have him here with me once again, if only for tonight.