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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


34. Chapter 34 - Claim

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Chapter 34 - Claim

Gabriel's POV:

The strong fragrance of her blood had awakened me to find that she was not by my side. I glance around the room, knowing that she is somewhere near because of her scent. It is everywhere in profusion, as if she has burst. Something deep down tells me this is wrong, something is not right. I concentrate intently on all the sounds in the house and around the forest. Nothing. Yet, my heart has already taken flight.

I jump out of bed immediately and sprint through the house in search for her. Within a second, I come to where the scent is strongest. The bathroom door is cracked by just an inch. I push the door open, and at first I find nothing, but her scent is opulent in here, more than anywhere else in the house. My thirst is at its peak and I could feel my incisors pressing down against the back of my lip. Her blood, that damnable libidinous blood of hers would be my breaking point and the death of her, for I can contain myself no longer. I need it more than I have ever needed human blood before.

I stand there; face as wild as a crazed lunatic as my tears begin to roll down my face. I'm going to kill her and I can't stop myself. My heart is fighting vigorously against my immoral instincts but I know it is a lost battle. I can't walk away without a taste of her enchanting blood. In Alaska, when she had cut herself, I drank from her wrist until she passed out, but the wound was small and did not allow the blood to flow freely. But now, the scent of her blood is abundant and has taken control of all my senses. I would make it quick. I couldn't bear to see her struggle or suffer.

I walk across to the bathroom sink. The basin is still wet so I know it hasn't been long since she's been here. I look up to the mirror and I can't recognize my face. It is the face of pure evil. Why are the Gods so against me? They've torn her away from me, leaving me here in this godforsaken life to live in anguish and now they present her to me once again, in such way, that I must kill her. I refuse to go on living this way, living in this despair simply for their amusement. When I kill her, I will take my life as well. If there is a heaven and hell, then I know we won't be together, but I will fight my way through hell to get back to her.

Something behind me diverted my attention. I could see a dark line just inside the bathtub, I turn around and as I walk over to it, I realize that what I saw was just the surface of Bella's blood. My heart stopped, terminating with its beat the sick desire I had to kill her. Bella was submerged in a bath of her own blood, her body looking milk-like against the red water.

"No..." I could hear myself mutter in disbelieve. "No! No!"

I jump into the tub, pulling her up quickly. Her eyes are closed and her face looks ghastly and flaccid. Her heartbeat is so faint that I have to lower my head to her chest to hear it. It is slow and weak.

"Bella, what have you done?" I say as I scoop her frail and delicate body in my arms and take her out of the tub, laying her on the floor. I find the source of her bleeding. Two slits on either side of her wrists lay wide open, hardly any blood flowing from them now. I grab her left wrist and lick it, ignoring the flirtatious taste. As it seals shut, I move on to the right one. Sealing the wounds will stop the bleeding but will not resuscitate her, so I bring my own wrist to my mouth and dig into it deeply with my teeth, tearing off a chunk of skin and spitting it on the floor. Thick blood begins to ooze from it as I lift her head and part her lips with my fingers.

"Drink " I say as I press my open wound firmly over her mouth, "please, Bella, please." My tears are blinding me. She is so weak that she can barely swallow. At this rate, she will die within minutes. Her body feels cold and limp.

"DRINK, GODDAMN YOU! DRINK!" I yell and then something hard crashes against me, sending me through the wall. I am momentarily dazed and confused and then I see him crouched before me, fangs bared. In the background, I can see his sister leaning over Bella. My eyes move back to Edward, who is snarling viciously, ready to jump at me again. Does he know I could easily kill him without even having to touch him?

"What are you doing? There is no time for this, you fool! Bella is dying!" I scowl.

He turns and looks back at her and rushes to her side. I, too, run back. His sister looks up at me, startled by my nakedness. Edward is too focused on Bella to even take notice.

"Bella, I'm here. Please stay with me" he tells her and I can see her eyes roiling back and forth under her eyelids. An unexpected pang of jealously hits me at the sight of her reaction to his voice. I crouch beside him and he turns to look at me.

"What have you done to her?" he asks vehemently.

"I didn't do this to her. I found her here, with her wrists wide open. I was trying to resuscitate her before you got here. I tried giving her my blood but she's too weak."

"Why your blood? What will it do to her?" his sister asks, her hands shaking badly as she smoothes Bella's brow.
"It will revive her. I am not venomous though it wouldn't be able to turn her even if it was. My blood can only heal her."

"Let's try it again" says Edward urgently as he raises her head. Once again I place my bleeding wrist over her lips while Edward pinches her nose, blocking off her breathing in an effort of making her swallow but she won't. I can no longer hear her heart from even a close distant, although it is still beating... winding down to its final beat.

"Edward, I'm losing her. I can't see her" says Alice, her face racked by panic.

"Bella, please! No! You have to stay with me. I'm here. I found you!" cries Edward as he shakes her. Blood continues to spill down her chin as my wound begins to seal. Then all the pain I felt the day she was taken away, all the misery that took over me when I had to begin living this eternity without her, crashes against me once again as her heart gives a final beat and her head falls to the side.

Everything has gone mute. I can see Edward screaming, veins taut against his face, neck and arms. I can see Alice crying out loud, tearlessly but genuinely, yet, I can't hear anything but the slow thud of my battered heart. No matter how much I fought, no matter how elusive I remained and how well guarded I may have kept her, death was always after her, waiting to her claim her, waiting to take her away from me once again.