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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


35. Chapter 35 - Beat

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Chapter 35 - Beat

Edward's POV:

In my arms lies the lifeless body of my beloved Bella, naked and cold and void of all life. Time was borrowed and it is now over. It seems unreal to me to have to see her this way. As if, although human, I had expected to her to live forever. Her scent is no longer infusing and he heart beats no more. I had expected to feel pain, should she had ever died before me, but I find that I feel nothing, physically, I suppose for my mind is all over the place. I feel numb, kneeling here before her, not knowing what do to, not knowing if anything else matters, not knowing how to go on without her. She's gone. My Bella, my paramour.

Alice looks like a sculpture, frozen in place. Her eyes and face blank as she stares at Bella. Her arms hang limply by her side, one hand resting on Bella's hip. She must have known ahead of me that her death was imminent. She must have known that her visions of Bella were fading as death made its way to her. For once, I can't hear a single thought from her head. Her mind is a vacant lot.

Gabriel's face was an abstract from Alice's. Tears flushed down his face as he stared painfully at the woman he once called his wife. His pain was so evident, so profound that it moved me in such a way. For a moment, I can lament him for his loss. Yet, because of him, she is dead. Because of his obsessive and corruptive love for her, she is no longer here. I should have never let her go. She'd probably still be alive had she stayed with me. Something began to build inside of me, rumbling through my bones. It was hate. I began to feel my muscles tense and I slowly placed Bella's body back to the ground. The fact that I stand beside perhaps the most powerful vampire in the world does nothing to displace my determination of killing him. He killed her and now I will kill him.

Edward, don't. It will not bring her back. He's too powerful. He could kill you.

Alice's thought served no warning for me. I had to kill this bastard. I don't care how powerful, or how much older, or what Carlisle would think....

My train of thought has stopped at Carlisle.


I think back to the night of my proposal to her, when I went into Carlisle's study to question him about Gabriel. It was when I first learned of his ability and when I told Carlisle that I had drank from Bella. My heart, unbeating for over a hundred years, suddenly feels like it's about to boom back to life. I remember the words he spoke as clear as water when I asked him about her blood...

...once human blood dies, all of its idiosyncrasies perish as well...

I stare down at her, wide-eyed. Could it be? Could I possibly still have a chance left?

"Alice, Gabriel... I need your help." Alice turns to look at me, blankly as Gabriel continues to stare at Bella.

"I think I can change her" I say and now, Gabriel's eyes are on me.

"Change her?" he asks dubiously. "You can't change her. Her blood is majestic. It will refuse the venom."

"But she is now dead", I point out, "as well as her blood."

Alice's eyes widen in surprise as she looks back at her. Gabriel's eyes are still fixed on me, emotion washed from his face.

"I will not permit it" he says between his teeth. Anger exploded in me and I threw myself to him, pinning him against the wall.

"Then you minus well kill me quickly" I sneer at him as he lips form a hard line. Without moving a single finger, he tosses me back towards the opposite end of the room. Alice immediately intercedes.

"Wait!" she yells. "Edward is right. There may still be a chance. It doesn't have to end this way. Neither of you want to see her dead." She turns and looks him in the eye. "Let's hear what he has to say."

"I will not let him condemn her to damnation. She will return, human, someday. Why take that away from her?" he seethes.

"Because it's what she wanted." I say as I walk back to them. "It's all she's ever wanted and you know that. You took her from me, hoping that she would fall in love with you all over again and it didn't prove so. She killed herself because of you... because she couldn't be with me. You know this much is true."

His eyes tear away from mine as recognition hits.

"You owe her that much" I mutter.

He doesn't turn his face back to me but he says "What is it that you have in mind?"

I walk past him and kneel next to Bella's body.

"Alice, you and I will bite her along her neck and arms. I need you, Gabriel, to seal the incisions in order to keep the venom in. But we must work quickly. If her blood spoils too much, it can kill us all."

Alice is already by Bella's right side, teeth bared and ready for signal. Gabriel still stands with his back to us.

"Gabriel, I love her as much as you do. You'd do the same if you could. Please help us" I say.

He turns and walks over to us, kneeling by my side. Immediately, I sink my teeth deeply into Bella's neck as Alice begins to bite her arm. The sweetness of her blood has not abated. I can hear Alice groaning as she sucks her blood.

"Alice, no! You have to do this! Please" I shout. She pauses for a moment, glancing up shamefully at me and continues to move up along her arm, only biting her now. I go back at biting her neck, working my way to her arm as Gabriel leans in to her neck.

"My love," he cries softly, "my wife... please forgive me, please forgive me." And he begins to kiss the bites, with parted lips, healing them as he moves along. Tears are pouring out his eyes and his face is creased in pain. Once Alice and I have covered her arms in bites, and Gabriel has healed them all, he slowly scoops her into his arms, her body dangling limply. I take a step to move and Alice hold me back.

He's lost her too, Edward. He will not harm her anymore. Just let him be.

He slowly walks ahead, his eyes on her face the whole time. We follow close behind him, watching him carefully as he enters a bedroom, full of Bella's scent. I notice her clothes thrown on the floor next to his and my blood goes cold. He lays her down gingerly on the bed and reached for a pitcher of water near the nightstand and pours some over the corner of a blanket and begins to clean the blood of her face all the while crying softly.

"I'm so sorry, my love, for all I have put you through. I only wanted to be with you once again, happy and in love as we were so long ago" he whispers. "You were given another chance to live and my poisoned heart took the life away from you, slowly, day by day." He begins to sob hard. "Forgive me my lady. I never meant to cause you pain. I love you as I have always and forever will. Please forgive me" he says as he presses his forehead on her chest, crying unashamed.

Alice tugs me at the elbow gesturing me to leave him alone. I hesitate but the damage has already been done. There is nothing more he can do to her. All we can do is wait and pray that she'll come through again. As I turn and walk out the room, a heart beats its first beat, followed by an echo. I catch my breath and wait to hear a confirmation. Again, it comes, louder than the first, once again followed by another quick beat. What a strange heartbeat, but what does it matter... I was able to fulfill my promise to her. The promise of changing her.