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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


36. Chapter 36 - Conception

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Chapter 36 - Conception

Caius's POV:

"We are too late, my lord. It has already begun."

I can almost hear Aro's silent fury through the line.

"Can it be stopped?" he finally says bleakly.

"I'm not certain that it can be. Even so, it would prove very difficult, at least for the time being. Perhaps waiting would be more practical."

"Practical?" he says incredulously. "Caius, are you aware that my very kingdom is now at jeopardy? That the prophecy has warned us of what's to come should this creature not be killed? THERE IS NO ROOM FOR PRACTICALITY!!!" he yells.

"I understand, my Lord. But the girl herself is not the problem. It is your brother, Gabriel. He is with her, along with the mind reader and his sister. Getting past him alone, will require more than just a dozen vampires."

"Gather as many as you need, but you must kill her" he says vehemently. "We must not let the prophecy reveal itself for the entire kingdom will be at stake."

"I understand" and the line goes dead.

I turn and single the others to retreat. For now, her life is spared and so is ours.


Edward's POV:

As I take another step, I hear it then. Two heartbeats. Two separate beating hearts aside from Gabriel's. I freeze in place as Alice turns to look at my horrified face.

"Edward! What's wrong?"

I feel like my breath has been knocked out of me and I turn back slowly towards the bedroom. Bella's heart beats steadily but slower than the second. I take two steps forward, the room coming in view. Gabriel has heard it too, for he is sitting on the floor with his back against the nightstand and shock clear on his face.

"Edward, what the hell is going on?" asks Alice.

It couldn't be. I did a mental calculation in my head counting back to the last time I made love to her which was a little over a month and a half ago. The dates don't match up. I stare at Gabriel who doesn't seem to acknowledge my presence or anyone's, at that.

"She's pregnant." I whisper.

Alice backs into the wall in shock, staring widely at the sleeping beauty. Already her skin has begun to change, making her look like porcelain.

"What?" she asks. "Bella's what?"

"How long?" I ask sharply to Gabriel. His eyes float to mine.

"I've only made love to her this morning" he says in a daze.

Alice brings her hand to her mouth and stares at Gabriel.

This can't be happening. Not only did he take her from me, provoked her suicide but he's impregnated her too. I try to piece together all that's happened... finding her drenched in her own bath of blood after she committed suicide... her clothes sprawled on the bedroom floor next to his... the bed sheets in disarray. The equation of it all sent me flying straight into him.

"Edward, no!" cries Alice.

He grabs me by the neck and rushes me against the wall just outside the bedroom door. His lips are curled back.

"This is her home and you will respect it" he growls.

"You raped her, didn't you?

His eyes twitch for a fraction of a second and he looks at me like I'm a deranged lunatic.

"I have seen my wife get ravaged by a hundred men as they beat and spit upon her glorious face, and you dare insinuate such atrocity" he seethes. "Obviously you know nothing of my devotion for her. But if it pleases you to see what exactly transpired this morning in this very room, then by all means, see for yourself."

A collage of images flashes through my mind of the two of them. Bella's legs wrapped around him... her breast in his mouth... her lips on his neck... her body arched against him as he made love to her from behind... his head between her legs as she clutched his hair...

I try to pull my mind out of his thoughts but for the first time in my life, I can't. I am completely immobilized, held against my will. More images of Bella in the most provocative positions flash through my mind and then something miraculous happened. I feel something cold slide down my face and I realize I have conjured a tear.

He notices the stream running along my face and grins. "Now you see" he says as he loosens his fist. Immediately, I grab him and push him with all my strength down the hall. He crashes against a cobblestone wall, rocks grumbling down around him.

"STOP IT!" cries Alice. "Stop it! This is not the time."

We stare at each other coldly before he gets up and walks back towards the room. I move to block his path. He stops and moves his head around, cracking his bones before looking at me.

"You try my patience, Edward. I know I may seem to you barbaric and cruel, but I was ready to let her go. I had given up trying to make myself believe that she would come back to me. I made her believe that you were dead, but by doing so, I killed a part of her. This morning, I came to her room to offer my confession, to tell her that I lied, all for the sake of her love and to beg her for forgiveness. See, I was going to deliver her back to you because I believed that it was what she wanted most. But her actions proved otherwise. She turned and made me believe that my hope was not in vain. I haven't killed you Edward because you saved her life and the life of my child and I am forever in your debt, but don't push me either. I will defend what's mine at all costs."

"And if she wakes and doesn't want you? What then?" I scowl back.

His eyes lock on mine for a few seconds before he turns and walks away. Bella is the one reason the two of us are alive for I would surely kill this son of bitch if she weren't having his child and he would kill me if he lacked gratitude. The change should take about two or three days at most, though, given the apparent change of her skin already, it may be sooner. What will she think when she opens her eyes to this new world, this new life that has been set out for her? How will she react to the news of her pregnancy? And what will she think when she sees me, standing before, dead yet alive? I'd like to think that our love could overcome this, but this is a new Bella and I haven't got a clue of what's to come.