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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


37. Chapter 37 - New Moon

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Chapter 37 - New Moon

Jacob's POV:

Still no word from the bloodsuckers and no word from Bella. Every day that passes pushes me closer to the brink of insanity. How the girl of my dreams ended up with a gang of vampires is beyond me but my only hope is that she's okay. It's been almost two months since I last saw her outside her house and I can hardly bear another day without seeing her, at least knowing that she's all right. How the fuck could that idiot let her go? How fucking stupid could he be to let her go off with some fucking rogue vampire? I knew that he would only bring trouble into Bella's life. Everything about them is wrong. The dead and the living are not meant to mix. Point blank. If only Bella could've understood that, then perhaps we'd be back in Forks right now instead of hiding out here in Italy's forest, preparing to infiltrate the Volturi dungeons. Though, the idea of ripping a few vampires apart is very tempting.

"What's up, man?" says Jared as he walks over to me eating an apple. For the last few weeks, he has been literally bouncing around in excitement, like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, to get his hands on the toy he already knows sits under the tree.

"What's up?" I mutter back.

"Getting ready for this thing to go down" he says grinning. "The numbers are in. We've got close to 600 standing by. They've come from all over the place. Man, I just learned I have about cousins!" he laughs.

"Thirty, huh?" I smirk back as I toss another log into the fire.

"Yeah, crazy huh? Hey, know what I heard?"


"I think we'll begin heading out tomorrow night. Sam's over there talking to the other Alfas."

"Well, it's about fucking time. I don't understand why he insisted on waiting for so long. I would've headed straight to the dungeons the minute I arrived here. There really wasn't any need to call for so much back up."

"Yeah, well, grandpa over there, from the south, warned him of some huge force we will encounter. You know how the old folks are."

In all, about a dozen packs have come to fight, each one bringing their Alfa. The southern pack's Alfa, Atul, was also some sort of psychic. Since his arrival, Sam's demeanor has changed, from angry determination to anxiety. I haven't made any attempt in participating in these quiet meetings, though I suppose I should be more proactive, considering that Sam is really my second in command.

"Hey, any word yet from the Cullens? Have they found Bella?"

"No. I haven't gotten any news yet." He can see by my set jaw that it bothered me. He nodded seriously and turned and walked away.

That bloodsucker and his family better hope that I'm killed in this battle, because after this whole shit is over with, if she is not back at Forks, alive... I will kill them all.


Author's POV:

He looks down at the cottage from the depths of the black forest, concentrating intensely on disabling its occupants. He takes his time, making sure to saturate each of them with his unseen anesthetic. So far, no one has taken notice of his presence. Once he is sure that all defenses have been incapacitated, he begins his quiet descend down the dark hill. As he approaches, he can hear their voices.

"Edward, you don't know that. You can't listen to anything he says. He's sick in the head. He truly believes Bella is his wife."

"But she slept with him, Alice. I saw it in his head. She approached him. Not the other way around."

"And how do you know that he didn't hypnotize her into doing so? You can't jump to conclusions, Edward."

"I doubt that, Alice. Bella's thoughts are impenetrable. He told me so himself. But if your theory proves to be the case, then I will kill him, somehow, but I will."

His presence has been discovered, even before he reaches the door. He hears their swift footsteps rush to the door and a moment later, all three of them stand face to face with him, their teeth bared, but he knows there is no threat for he's disabled their abilities. He can feel the tallest one, Gabriel, jabbing against his tranquilizing block.

"Alec?" asks Edward. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm not here to harm anyone," he says calmly, "but I have cut off your defenses in order to defend myself."

They all look at him questioning and cautiously.

"You may be able to imitate me, Gabriel," he says as he turns to look at him, "but before you do, please hear me first. There is something you need to know."

"How could you possibly entertain my curiosity?" hisses Gabriel, hate clear in his eyes.

"I know about Bella. And I know about the child that grows in her belly. It would do you no good to kill me now, without knowing why I've risked my life by coming here."

Gabriel stares down at him with hard and cold eyes as Edward steps forward.

"So, what brings you here, then?" he says.

Alec pulls his eyes away from Gabriel, looking at Edward now. His face is calm and cherubically peaceful.

"They already know where you are. You must leave at once. They will come for her at high rise. You must not let them take her."

"Hasn't he learned? Doesn't he already know that she will never protect him?" asks Gabriel, angrily.

"Is that why you believe he's been hunting her? For protection?"

"Why else would he want her? To torment me even further?"

"No, Gabriel. He already has a guardian, not as powerful as her, but sufficient. For years he's been searching for her... to kill her."

"Kill her?" says Alice, markedly confused. "Why?"

"To prevent the birth of the child who will dethrone him."

They all stare back him blankly. He turns to face Gabriel.

"Your informant is dead. Apparently, he didn't get back to you in time to tell you of the prophecy. Gabriel, the birth of your son will bring an end to the Volturi. He will possess a power far beyond any kind. He will have all of your abilities with the impenetrable shield of his mother, making him invincible. Never before has this been seen. Aro knows this and will not rest until Bella is dead... thoroughly dead."

Gabriel staggers two steps back as he learns the reason behind Aro's ambition. For once, his brother was a step ahead of him, knowing that Bella was the key to his fall.

"I have come here to urge you to leave at once and protect her and the child. If he lives, he will change the world forever, change us all in a way that we could never have imagined possible. He is our hope of a new future where we will no longer hide, no longer kill and no longer thirst for human blood. You must not let them get to her. You must not."

His words have stunned them all. Not only was Bella having a son, but she was about to give birth to a new form of life... a hybrid.


The new moon illuminating the ink blue night, marks the dawn of a new world where chaos is about to be unleashed once again between the wolves and the vampires. Under layers of stone and concrete, a King paces back and forth in his room, shaken by the probability of a fallen kingdom. Men begin to shape into wolves in a nearby distance, mouths watering for flesh. And somewhere in the depths of a Romanian forest, a pair of chocolate brown eyes shoot wide open with a sudden gasp, announcing the beginning of a new life.