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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


6. Chapter 6 - An Agreement

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Chapter 6 - An Agreement

The raindrops bouncing off the window pane slowly pulled me out of my slumber. I hadn't a clue as to what time it was. It was so dark out. How long have I been sleeping? Who cares? I was spent. I was laying face down, with my hands tucked under my pillow. I flexed my fingers and jumped at the touch of something hard and smooth in company with my hidden hands.

Just as I made to stand up, I realized what it was. Edward, too, was laying face down next to where I lay. He rolled onto his side and propped himself on his elbow. His hair was perfectly messy. His face seemed almost illuminated in contrast with the darkness of the room. I can get used to this, I thought, waking to find him there, lying next to me.

"Good morning. How do you feel?" he asked curiously.

The suddenness of his touch beneath my pillow and the hypnotism of his golden eyes temporarily stunned me, making me physically unaware of the sourness of back, my legs, my neck, even my groin. I gasped and immediately reached for my neck.

"You? ... am I? ... did you?..." I stuttered, my thoughts racing.

"Yes" he said as he watched me cautiously.

Instinctively, I stretched out my hands in front of me and examined them front to back and once again. They didn't seem any different at all, though I was already pale to begin with. And why could I feel precipitation on my brow? I grabbed a compact mirror from the nightstand as Edward made to speak but hesitated. I unlatched the compact and looked at my reflection.

I looked exactly as I always did; except that I looked tired, dark circles ringed my eyes. I didn't understand. He bit me, which I was sure of but I angled the mirror toward my neck for positive assertion. Two small crescents were clearly visible, dark red of dried blood. I traced them with my fingertips and was surprised by the coolness of it.

"Bella, I..." he began to say. Anger and disappointment rocked me.

"Did nothing, that's what!" I scowled. "I thought you..."

"Bella, please understand, please allow me to explain..." he said urgently.

"Your explanation isn't needed for I already know what you'll say... ‘It was for your own good' I mocked.

"No." he said flatly. He looked at me for a long moment and then sighed. "I vowed to reluctantly go against what is best for you and take your life because it is what you wish, what you feel should be my fidelity, my token of truth."

"Then why am I still ticking, Edward!" I hissed as I pointed towards my heart. His eyes stared at my pointed target for a couple of seconds before he pursed his lips in a hard line and sat up, resting his elbows on his knees. He dropped his head into his hands and ran them through his hair before looking up at me.

"What was I to do?" he asked pointedly, tossing his hand in the air.

"Do you realize that the transformation would have taken a couple of days to be complete? That you would be withering in agony? What do you imagine Charlie would do? "

"Oh." I blinked. I hadn't taking that into consideration. Edward once told me how the transformation took place and how the person would be in inconceivable pain for perhaps three days or more, and when the change was finally complete, their irises would be bloodshot red and their hunger for blood would be a hazard for any human within close proximity.

"But why did you bite me then?" I asked, confused now.

He smiled his crooked smile for a quick fraction of second.

"Well, quite honestly, your scent was infusing me, its potency was intolerable. Please know that I fought with all my might against it but at that pivotal moment, where I knew you were indeed mine, even though not by marriage, but by flesh and blood, I gave in to my tormented selfishness and fed upon you. And with even greater, and I mean monumental force, I stopped. A little too late, as you passed out," he chuckled. "But I stopped."

"I still don't get it. You bit me. Why didn't your venom ...?" I asked.

"Because I didn't leave it in you. I sucked it out, as I did when James bit you." he said as he frowned.

I remembered. James, the Nomad tracker who targeted me as his prey, whether to indulge in sick appetite or simply torment Edward, or both even, had bitten me. I also remembered the burning and the incapacitating pain, one that I would soon endure again. I shuddered at the thought. He held out one arm gesturing me to his side.

"Come back to bed, love."

I hesitated before tossing the mirror back onto the nightstand and curling up inside his arms. He drew the comforter over my naked body and laid us both back down. His cool body felt wonderful against mine. My forehead was pressed against his cheek and his tantalizing breath washed over my face. I could stay here in his arms for all eternity.

He playfully twirled a lock of my hair as my fingers made circles and lines across his too perfect abdomen. Sometime during the night, he threw his jeans back on but only zippered it as the button remained unfastened.

"I love you." he murmured softly.

"As I love you" I mocked as I mimicked his return gesture that he often used in the past. I could feel his smile against my face.

"So," I said conversationally, "how was it... for you?" I asked now nervously. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh Bella" he chuckled softly. "Is this one of your trick questions?" I frowned at his response.

"Well? Was it?" I insisted now curious to know exactly what he felt. He slid away from under me and laid on his side facing me, his head propped on his hand while the other one trace my lips then my jaw, then my neck... Involuntarily, I closed my eyes. Cold lips kissed my forehead. When I opened my eyes again, I found him staring at me in silent wonder while he smoothed my hair.

"It was inconceivably and utterly amazing, and even that description gives it no justice." He kissed me ever so softly; his tongue only reaching my lips and when he pulled away, his face was serene and pacific.

"And for you?" he asked, now smiling.

"Um, it was... great." I said stupidly.

He flashed a marvelous smile and kissed me more eagerly this time, burying his fingers in my hair. My heart began its usual routine of drumming against my chest. He chuckled without leaving my lips and I hated that his senses were unparalleled. We made love once again, more passionately this time. His every touch, every kiss, every move was ecstasy. He eyes seemed to worship every angle of me, and often rolled up into their sockets when he thought he couldn't take my scent any longer or when he reached an orgasm.

I was his. Body and soul, flesh and blood as he said before. And I knew, unmistakably and whole-heartedly, that he would never leave my side again. I found comfort... no,... bliss in knowing that. This is who I wanted to live and die with, and then... live again with. I needed him like I needed air to breathe and I loved him, unequivocally.