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To Find Heaven in Hell

Things were never meant to have turned out like this .The Volturi were meant to have been scared away, someone was meant to have made a passionate speech swaying them against a fight, our powers and the powers of those who supported us were meant to have defeated them. But things never turn out the way they are meant to, do they? Do Vampires go to heaven? Yes...some Photobucket What will Bella do to save Edward? Everything. The amazing banner is by the very talented DM-is-my-God

BPOV. First of five chapters. *All the wonderful characters belong to Stephanie Meyer*

2. Threats

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Alice’s anger fuelled my own. I was instantly in a crouching position, growling, teeth exposed. In about two seconds Devon was going to be vampire meat. I didn’t even care if this was heaven, nothing mattered but getting Edward back.

Devon quickly got up from his chair, and placed it between him and us- apparently he didn’t like his chances against two enraged vampires.

The pain I had felt moments earlier had turned into full rage; how dare someone take away my reason for everything! I was seeing red and couldn’t seem to control all the feelings running through my body. I felt Emmett grab my arms- restraining me, but I didn’t even really notice. My full attention was on Devon who was by now looking more than worried.

“Bella, Alice, calm down.” Carlisle was still his usual composed self but there was an edge to his voice.

“Calm down! How can you say that?” I was shouting. I knew I should try to control myself but Edward had been taken from me and I wasn’t going to take it lightly. “He just damned Edward and Jasper to an eternity in hell. He damned Alice and me to an eternity in hell. Do you think this will be heaven if we don’t have them?” My voice shook with fury. I looked straight into Devon’s eyes, and lowered my voice to a threatening growl. “I don’t think I need to tell you what will happen if I don’t get my husband back. I want him, and I want him now. Trust me when I tell you this heaven will very quickly turn into your hell if that doesn’t happen.”

Devon’s eyes widened, and he took another step back. “You- You can’t do that... this – this is heaven, no violence allowed.” He swallowed as he read the look in my eyes: rules wouldn’t stop me. “And this certainly isn’t my fault. He didn’t want to be here... he- he stated it didn’t exist. If you can’t imagine it, then how can you spend your eternity in it? Belief in an afterlife is essential. Edward didn’t believe in such a place so...”

“So you condemned him to hell. Just a tad harsh don’t you think?” My voice was dripping with sarcasm.

Devon rolled his eyes. “This is hardly necessary. You are over reacting; I bet the hell you are picturing is not the hell he is in now.”

“Did he just roll his eyes at me? Did he just say I’m over reacting?” I was incredulous, how could he be so insensitive when I was clearly devastated by what he had told me? – his attitude didn’t add to my suffering, instead his callousness angered me further- Devon obviously liked playing with live grenades; if he wasn’t careful he might just pull the pin.

Suddenly Emmett let go of my arms and stepped to my right. “That’s it! I want to speak to your supervisor.”

Devon laughed, “What do you think this is? A supermarket?”

The joke did not go down well. Devon very quickly found himself confronted not by two, but by four livid vampires. Rosalie, Alice, Emmett and I were ready to snap his spine, break every bone and inflict as much pain as he was inflicting on us. Together we all took a menacing step forward.

Devon took another step back; he was now right against the wall, trembling. “Ok, ok. All I was trying to explain is that his hell is not what you are picturing- every hell is customized.”

Rosalie growled. “Aw, isn’t that nice? I didn’t know they customized hell. But I think we can create yours for you, would you like death slow or quick? I’ll make the decision if you don’t tell us how to get my brothers back. I can assure you I prefer the most painful option.” She wasn’t the only one.

Devon’s wrinkly hands shook. “Well... I don’t think I can.”

The growls must have been deafening because Devon put his hands over his ears. That wasn’t the right answer.

“Everyone take a step back. Lets think rationally about this; I’m sure we can come up with a solution.” Carlisle had placed himself in front of Devon. He knew us well- another wrong answer and Devon would be no more.

Emmett relaxed his aggressive stance. “I just thought of something. Can you actually die in heaven?”

Carlisle took a step to the side to let Devon answer, but he still kept very close just in case. Devon was very reluctant to answer, “Ummm...Everything is the same as in the human world; except when you die here, you...umm...just cease to exist- irrevocably.”

Emmett nodded. “Great now if I threaten you with murder it really means something.” His grin was more devilish than angelic.

“That's enough.” Carlisle had lost his patience with all the threats, they were getting us nowhere- or at least that's what I thought.

He turned towards Devon, his back to us. “Devon, I’m afraid my family is extremely upset.” Another round of growls told Carlisle he had chosen the wrong words. “Actually, I don’t think ‘upset’ begins to cover it. I want my sons back, so you better tell us how to accomplish that or I will step aside and let them fulfil their threats. I mean that.”

Carlisle and Esme now joined our line. Six vampires against one elderly human; he didn’t even have the slightest chance.

Devon began to nod vigorously. “Yes, yes. I will try to find out what can be done. But I have to say... this –this hasn’t been done before. Hell is usually closed: no one goes in or out after the decision of where they are meant to be has been made.”Both Alice and I flinched; we didn’t want to believe our loves were lost to us forever. “I don’t know where Edward or Jasper are; hell isn’t as easily pin pointed as heaven. I need to check the larger records to know their exact location. I certainly don’t believe it can be accomplish, but I like living here too much to risk my eternity trying to reason with six vampires.”

A thought occurred to me as Devon was answering. “What if I just... I don’t know...wish him here. Wouldn’t that help? After all I want him in my heaven so he should be here, right?” I was clutching at every piece of hope imaginable. I didn’t want to think of my angel spending eternity in hell. The paradox was just too excruciating.

Devon had taken a step forward and was eyeing the door. He answered distractedly, clearly wanting to leave. “No, no. Like everything else there are restrictions. Nothing will be created, transported etc. etc. if it doesn’t want to be. We don’t mess with free will.”

His flippant attitude was really making me lose it; if he didn’t leave soon I would not be held accountable for my actions. “Fine, go and check the records but Carlisle and Esme should go with you, just in case you decide you no longer want to pay us a visit.” My suggestion made Devon wince- he had been planning just that...

“Yes, yes. I think that is an ...acceptable proposal. We shall be back momentarily.” Devon quickly left with Carlisle and Esme right on his heels.

As soon as they left I had to sit down. This was just too much, how could I lose my everything in a few minutes? I needed Edward. I need his arms around me and his kisses, I needed the sound of his voice and the feel of his hands, I needed to smell his sent and be able to touch his face. What would I do if I never had the chance to see his topaz eyes again? The answer was clear but I still didn’t want to believe he was lost forever.

I started to sob, I knew if I had been human tears would have streaked my face, I almost wish they did, at least I could let out some of the pain.

Alice sat next to me, she too was sobbing. I threw my arms around her and hugged her. The excruciating pain was overwhelming; half of my mind told me I would never have Edward by my side again, but the other half refused to let even a millimetre of hope go, that part of me still believed I would once again find myself in his arms. The hope was winning- I rationalized that if Edward and I had overcome incredible obstacles to love each other when I was human, why would anything change now? Well, it hadn’t. I would fight just as hard as I had before.

I felt Emmett slip a comforting arm around my back. “Bella, Alice, we will do everything to get them back. We will walk to hell and back if necessary, literally.” He kissed both our heads and put his free arm around Rosalie’s waist.

Yes, I would go to hell and back for Edward; I would do anything for him. I would trade my soul for his; if that was the price I had to pay. But under no circumstance would we be separated, that wasn’t an option.

Alice’s quite voice was rough with sadness. “I- I can’t see them... I can’t see Jasper. He was the first face I saw in my visions, I can always see him but now... now I can’t” Alice’s voice broke on the last word. Her heart was just broken as mine, torn in two. No words would mend them, only the men who held the other half could do that, and there was a very real possibility we would walk around for the rest of eternity incomplete.