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Instant Attraction

Bella is a half human and vampire whereas Emmett is a vampire. These two are very different but so alike. Emmett and his family have been living in town for nine months but he can’t see himself with anyone. Bella’s the new girl in town – the daughter of the chief of police. Bella has moved in with her dad since she needs a place to stay at for a little bit. Bella instantly becomes friends with Rose and Alice. When Bella and Emmett meet, what is it like when their eyes land on one another?

So, I know I have another Bella story but I have been wanting to do a story with Emmett and Bella story. They are both my favorite couples and their relationship in the books are just wonderful, so this is my very first Bella and Emmett story. I hope everyone likes what I have come up with. Remember, I am not used to writing Bella with anyone else but Edward, so I hope it turns out good. I also made it that Seth is a year younger than Bella, so he’s twenty-three. I wanted Bella to hang out with different people, I guess. Oh and the vampires can actually eat human food and sleep unlike the movie or the books. What I am going to do is switch the point of views between Bella and Emmett. Enjoy this lovely chapter.

1. Bumping into golden!

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I, Bella Swan, was extremely happy to be back in Forks, Washington, especially since I got to spend time with Charlie. It had been many, many years since I had spent any quality with him. I knew that my father was alone, especially by the phone calls Harry Clearwater would tell me when I would call one of my childhood friends in particular, Seth. His sister, Leah, and I never ever got along and I really didn’t understand what that was all about. Then again, Leah never really liked it very much when I would actually come down for the summer to visit my childhood friend, Jacob Black.

Jacob and I had grown up together because Charlie and Billy were really good buddies and had been for a while. I wasn’t going to stop being his friend just because Leah Clearwater had a huge crush and was afraid for some odd reason that she would lose him. Heck, she never even had him to begin with. It just made no sense whatsoever.

Later, I had to find a job, as the last thing I really needed was for Charlie to start asking me questions about why I was being lazy when he’s working as hard as a horse. I wouldn’t even expect to stay in that house free for too long.

“I hear that Forks Hospital is hiring,” Seth Clearwater said to me, as we walked into the local diner not too far from Charlie’s house, and we quickly took a seat in the back away from the sunlight. “I know you went to college and didn’t you take some college courses?”

I raised an eyebrow, as I looked over at Seth, and I clicked my tongue. “What are you getting at, Seth? I told you that was a backup plan. Besides, I am not going to be the one that’s going to put someone’s life in jeopardy, Seth.”

“You won’t. That’s why there are doctors,” Seth replied with a bright smile, as he looked over at me, flashing those white, canine teeth at me.

“Oh lord, Seth. I don’t even know what to say to you,” I said, as I looked over at Seth, and I shook my head a little bit. “You are still as crazy as the day I left last time I came.”

When I found out about Seth being a werewolf just like his sister, Leah, his best friend, Jacob, and Sam, the Alpha male of the pack, who I had a run-in every now and then, I had been shocked. I wasn’t afraid that he was different because let’s face it – I’m no different than Seth or the rest of the werewolf pack. When I saw him as a werewolf covered in sand-colored fur after he had phased nearby me, I was appalled, but I soon got over the fact that he was different.

After all, I am half human and half vampire, which most of the vampires I had met over the years would just call me a vampire human hybrid. My skin was almost as hot as the werewolves but it was a few degrees cooler. At times, my skin glowed like a back-lit alabaster. The color in my cheeks was like a rose petals against it.

“Hey you… are you in there?” Seth asked, as he waved his hand right in front of my face, and I just nodded his head. “What were you thinking about, anyway?”

“Uh… I was just thinking if I should try to apply for the job at the hospital or not. I don’t know, though,” I told Seth with a shrug of my shoulders, as I looked over to him, and I licked across my bottom lip when the waitress brought our food to the table where she left as quickly as she got there.

“Bella, I really think that it would be a really great opportunity for you to work there, and Forks Hospital is a really good hospital to begin with.” Seth explained, as he started to eat his food, which consisted of two steaks, some black beans and rice, and extra mixed vegetables.

“God, you eat a lot,” I said with a shake of my head, as I looked down at my bowl of mushroom ravioli, and I then took a bite.

“And you eat too little, Bells. I mean, really – a bowl of mushroom ravioli? You couldn’t get something else that’s more… filling?” Seth asked, as he cut into one of his steaks, and he took a bite of it, while looking over at me with a grin on his face.

“You are so ridiculous, Seth,” I said with a laugh, as I took another bite of my ravioli, and I looked over at him. “All these meats you be eating, it’s going to catch up with you later in life. Don’t be coming to me when you actually have a gut.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Seth said with a sarcastic laugh, as he looked over at me, and he went back to eating his dinner. “You are SO funny.”

Suddenly, my phone off, and I picked it up. Looking at the called ID, I saw that it was Charlie that was calling me. Holding my phone up, I flipped it open, and I heard Charlie’s erratic voice at the end of the phone.

“Bella, where are you?!” Charlie asked worriedly, as he sat down on the sofa, and he rubbed the back of his neck. “Are you alone? How come you didn’t call?”

“Dad, I’m fine. Seth and I were catching up and we were having dinner,” I told him, as I looked at Seth with a small smile on my face, and I rubbed the back of my neck. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… can you just make sure you get home okay?” Charlie asked me more concerned, as he propped his feet up on the table in front of him, and he flipped through the channels, finally landing on the sports channel. “There’s just a lot going on… and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Yeah, I will see you in a bit,” I told my father, as I hung up my cell phone, and put it away in my purse that was right next to me in the booth. “Seth, I hate to do this, but I am going to go home. My dad sounds worried. I think he had a bad day or something.”

“That’s understandable but let me take you home, all right?” Seth offered, as he waved for the check, and he smiled over at her.

When the waitress came to their table, I smiled slightly up at her, but I could tell that she was really into Seth Clearwater. If I hadn’t grown up with him, I probably would have been really into him, but I wasn’t.

“Can we have two doggy bags?” I heard Seth ask, as I stood up to my feet, where I then headed to wait for him in the front of the café where I bumped into someone. “Oh! I’m really sorry. I didn’t see you and I… well, I –“

“Hey, hey, it’s all right.”

As I finally looked up, I saw two guys and a girl. The girl was short in height and she had short hair. She was holding one of the guys hands. He had honey blonde hair, who was lean but muscular at the same time. The last guy definitely caught my attention because he was the most attractive one of all. He was a big, muscular guy and he had short black, curly hair. They all had the same eye color, though – eyes that matched my own but there were no other vampires that lived in the same town as me, right?

“You’re new in town, aren’t you?” the big guy asked, as he looked at me, and I felt so shy for the very first time in my life. “I would have remembered if I saw you…”

“Emmett, shut up. You’re embarrassing the girl. I’m Alice Cullen, this is Jasper Hale,” Alice began, as she pointed to the guy who had the blonde hair, and then she pointed to the bigger guy. “And this is Emmett Cullen.”

“It’s nice to meet you, and yeah, I am new in town. My father is Charlie Swan, the –“

“Whoa, you’re the chief of police’s daughter?” Emmett asked in shock, as he looked at me, and I just nodded his head. “But he’s hu-“

“Emmett!” Jasper groaned, as he shook his head, and he looked over at me with a nervous laugh. “I am really sorry about my ‘brother’. He’s normally not like this.”

“It’s no worry,” I told Jasper, as I looked behind me to see Seth flirting with our waitress, and I rolled my eyes at the sight of the waitress flaunting her chest.

“Would you like to… join us by any chance?” Emmett asked with a grin, flashing those white teeth at me, and I wished I could.

“I actually just ate dinner but maybe next time. I am just waiting for my friend to stop flirting with the waitress, so I can go home since my father is worried about me,” I tell them, as I motioned to Seth, who was writing down his phone number from the looks of things on her palm.

“Well, don’t let us bother you –“

“You’re not, Alice, but thank you,” I said, as I ran a hand nervously through my hair, and I then saw that Seth was coming my way with a bag with our food. “Well, I guess I will see you around.”

I was about to say something else when I felt Seth pick me up, throwing me over my other. I just laughed and waved good-bye to the three of them.

“Oh my God, Seth, put me down!” I laughed, once we got out the door, and I teasingly tugged at his sweatpants.

“Hey, hey, hey, watch your hands!” Seth grinned, as he placed me down to my feet, and he playfully glared at me with a smug look on his face.

“Sorry… my hands kind of slip. Enough about that, what took you so long?” I asked with a smirk on my face, as he walked back to my place where Seth had his arm draped around my waist, leading the way back to Charlie’s home.

“We got to talking and we have a date tomorrow night.”

“Wow… you two are fast paced, aren’t you, Seth?” I teased, as I looked over at him with a grin on my face, and I reached up into his hair, ruffling his black hair up a bit.

“Bells!” Seth whined a little bit, as he swatted my hand away from his hair, and he looked at me with serious eyes. “We kind of… go to school together. She’s in my History class and it’s the only free day we both have where we can actually do something.”

“Ah,” I say with a happy look on my face, as I look over at Seth when we stop in the front of my house since I didn’t live that far, and I turned to look over at him. “Well, I guess I should get going, especially since Charlie’s having a hernia being worried about me or something.”

“Wait a sec,” Seth tells me, as he reaches in the bag he was holding, and he hands me my doggy bag where my mushroom ravioli was contained inside.

“Thanks,” I say to him with a grin on my face, as I hug him, and I pull away after I kiss him on the cheek.

“See you later, Bells.”

As I watch him walk away, I smiled softly to myself, and then I walk inside of Charlie’s house, who was shocked that I was home early by the expression on his face.

“Bells, what are you doing home so early?” Charlie asked me, as he looked at me, and he frowned. “Oh please, do not tell me you cut your outing with Seth just because I called because I was being a paranoid father?”

“No Dad,” I lied, as I hugged him softly, and I kissed him on the cheek after I put my food in the refrigerator. “Seth had to go home, so he walked me home, and besides, I need to start looking for a job. I actually might apply at the hospital tomorrow… so, I don’t know.”

“Oh! The hospital would really be a really good choice, especially since you took classes in the medical department, Bells,” Charlie said to me with a confident smile and he sat back down in his seat. “Besides, a good of my friend works there. Have you heard of Dr. Cullen?”

When he said ‘Cullen’, I almost lost my balance. Was Dr. Cullen related to Emmett, Jasper, and Alice by any chance? Were they all vampires and they lived normal lives like I was trying to do?

“No, I have not, Dad. Is he a nice man?”

“Oh, he is wonderful, and he has a wonderful family too,” Charlie said to me before turning back to his television with a grin peering across his face. “You should get some sleep, as I am about to get some shut eye myself.”

I just laughed and kissed my father on the forehead and then relocated to my bedroom. I was truly the happiest that I have been since I have moved here to Forks, Washington. Emmett Cullen was the cutest guy that I have laid my eyes on and it excited me that I could possibly have a chance with him.

When I hit my bed, I realized how tired I was, and that first night, I dreamt of Emmett Cullen.