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bellaeyes Bella has just been escorted to a new prison in Denali, Alaska. With her is purple-eyed Christian, and awaiting her fate is someone she never knew...or never knew she might be grateful to know. Bella finds herself forced back into a world she never thought she'd know again. She's greeted with a second chance, and with it a decision to make. With a war erupting in Italy, and powers no other has ever seen before, Bella is suddenly fighting a war for peace between family's, and between land. Hearts are going to break and truths are going to be faced.ExB

Picture is not mine. Charactors are not mine. Rated R.

1. Jail Bound

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The heat was blistering.

She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, and sighed.

It was as if today would never end, and tomorrow would never come.

But she knew, all to well, that it would come faster then necessary.

She picked up the last of the trash on the side of the road, and emptied it into a big black trash bag.

She set the poker down, and went to tie her fourth bag of the day up.

A whistle blew, and she knew what time it was.

"Come on now ladies! I ain't got all day! Lut.Mac is awaiting our return"

A big boned, dark brown haired women of the name Jones had yelled.

Bella straightened back up from tieing up the trash, and heaved the bag over her shoulder.

Her orange body length jump suit was spotted with soil, grease and dirt.

Her hair had been pulled into a ugly matted pony tail, and her eyes withdrawn.

She stepped in a line at the back of a black bus, which had a trailer attached to it.

She dumped the bag of trash into the rest of the piles, and turned around to walk back.

Jones had stopped her half way.

"You got more bags then the other girls,...I think you deserve outside time for special behavior Isabella."

Jones smiled down at her. Bella knew she was trying to be nice, but she couldn't form anything but a quiet and quick thank you.

She knew all to well what being nice was, and Jones was anything of the sort.

Bella walked quickly away and got onto the bus, finding a seat by herself in the back, she re-arranged the chains attached to her ankles.

She couldn't wait to get back to the cell so she could get these off.
'Really, what could small 5'3 Isabella Newton do to anyone?' She thought with a snort.

Then again,...she was here on account of murder, you'd guess that would mean something to someone.

Bella sighed to herself and leaned her head back on the bus seat, closing her eyes.

4 year's-3 months-6 days.
She hadn't seen Edward since.
And the pain pounded as hard as it had the day he left her alone.

In such a short amount of time, how had she gotten herself here?
In such a situation, where even her own father couldn't-and wouldn't even talk to her?

He would not even give her a moments time, to just let him know her side...but to her law bound father, Isabella had no side.

She was crazy they had said...never got over the Cullens leaving.

'Sure...blame the abandoning vampires.
Not the one who was really at fault for why she was here. '

The bus jerked to a stop and broke her from her negative thoughts.

She had to get out of this stupor and focus on her freedom.
Another week to go before her final day in court.
The other days weren't looking so good, with a more population of men at her trial-most believed Isabella to be at complete fault...

But any female you would ask about the Isabella Newton VS. The Newton's case - would tell you that Isabella was a free women, and should be treated as such.

Bella didn't believe them. But she didn't quite believe the men's opinion of it either.

She was right, she knew-but only to an extent.

"Anytime Isabella! The warden would like to have a word with you." Jones called out to her.

Bella sighed, and picked herself up out of the seat slowly. Warden D. never called anyone up to his office before-so why her?

Making her way off of the bus, and slowly up the stairs she caught sight of another one of the officers.
Bella had never seen him before. His dark - purple eyes shone in the florescent lighting, and he wore a small smirk to the left of his face.
His eyes never left hers-and she couldn't seem to move hers either.

His hair was cut short and spiky-it was black like night- his pale skin almost lit up the room.

The only coherent thought Bella could come up with was 'vampire'.
So clearly almost-this is what he had to of been.

And my heart quickened.


'Maybe? Could he possibly here too?'

"Come now, Isabella! What's with you today-Get a move on!" Jones all but shouted, poking me sightly rough-in the back.

I blinked my eyes, and shook my head vigorously. I hadn't realized I actually stopped walking.
I coughed a quick apology and kept moving-more quickly this time.

'No. This man had, purple, eyes. Strange yes, vampire...'
She chose not to continue with her thoughts.

In moment's which should have taken minutes, I was met at the Warden's office door. Having already gone through security and routine finger print-Jone's led me into the office without much force, and with only hand cuffs on my wrist this time.

Warden D. had to be on his death bed.

The man wore what seemed to be two hair pieces, and a hearing aid in each ear. He walked with a dark brown cane, but spoke so loudly as if he was at a constant rock concert.

Sitting at his desk, Warden D. held a dark blue flip phone in his hand. He talked quickly - and for once quietly.

As soon as he caught sight of me and Jones, he said his quick good byes and snapped the phone shut.
With a false smile planted on his face he started with his fake formalities.

"Isabella! I hope all is well with you, as well as it can be. I hear you've been exceptionally well lately. Collecting more trash then the other girls, and you keep to yourself nice and quiet."

I nodded my head through his speech, taking my chance to talk as soon as it presented itself.

"Yes Sir. I'm just here to eat, sleep, and do as I am told. I wish to not create any unwanted...attention. But may I ask, please, what is with my visit that you wished of?"

Warden D.'s false smile slowly left his face, and he took a quick glance to Jones-then back to me.

"It seems, Isabella, that I have just been informed of your quick release of our county jail. I received a phone call and a fax this morning-asking for your immediate arrival to another Jail house."

He let me have a moment to take that in, which I gladly accepted.
What had I done? I did everything asked of me- and then some.

Before I could ask any questions, Warden D. answered the unspoken ones himself.
"You, like I have just said a moment ago- are a delight to have here, under the circumstances of where you are and what you may or may not have done..."
"But alas, There are people much, much higher then myself that I can not seem to change their minds. The requests they have for you have already been granted by the supreme court, and your judge. There is not much else I can do Isabella."

I was speechless.
I was being transferred. Without warning. Without reason.

"Where...Where am I to go?" I choked out-shocked.

Warden D. slowly stood, taking grasp of his cane, he made his way around the desk, and then to me.

Stopping a foot away, he put his withered hand on my shoulder and squeezed, for what I could only presume as a comfort jester.

"Isabella...you are being sent to the Denali State Prison, in Alaska."

The look on my face must have said it all.

"Your judge has been released as his duties to you, and you have a new lawyer already awaiting your presence down stairs.
Anything that you have come with and we put in holding-is already in Alaska awaiting your arrival. I'm sorry this is such short notice Isabella."

His hand fell from my shoulder and i shook with anger. How could this happen? I'm in Washington! Of all places...Alaska?

I stopped his walk back to his desk, and he inclined his head toward me, but didn't make any other move to look at me.

"Alaska is all the way across Canada! Can they actually do this?"

Warden D. smiled a grim smile, and finished his walk back to his desk. Slowly taking his seat, and picked his cell phone back up and flipped it open, dialing as he spoke. "Isabella...don't you know? With any amount of money, anything is possible."

With that he continued his conversation on the phone, as if I never interrupted it.

After a few more seconds, the shock would not seem to leave my face. Jones finally had to bring me back to the real world-and even had to guide me down the long hallway-and back though security.

Then there, awaiting for me at the main doors, was the mystery man.

My heart quickened.
And Jones stopped my walking about a foot in front of him.

"Isabella. This is Lt. Christian. He will be accompanying you to Alaska, to insure your safe arrival." Jones said to me. Her eyes never leaving the man. She obviously didn't miss his good looks either.

"Hello Isabella. It is nice to meet you. Even under such circumstances." Christian said to me while smiling down at me, a true meaningful smile.

I shook his hand then, for that of which he offered, and I shivered.

Ice Cold.

'He was ice cold.'

His eyes shone brightly at me, and that smile so very real, never left his face.

"Tha.Thank you, Lt." I stuttered. Momentarily dazzled.


"Please, call me Christian."

My breath quickened, and before I knew it, I was being pushed out of the doors, and into the back of a cop car.

A black undercover cop car.

Another regular Washington cop car sat with it's light blaring in front of the one car- and another behind us.

'Great, at least the windows where tinted.'

Christian went to the drivers side, and let himself in, while Jones opened my door for me, and helped me put my head in.
As soon as I was in, she went to close my door but then stopped herself.
She opened it a lil bit back up, and smiled a sad smile at me.

"Just so you know...I'm betting on you."

With that my door was shut before I could say anything back.

'...Maybe Jones really was nice.'

Momentarily forgotten, I laid my head back on the seat, and breathed out a sigh.
Not of relief for I wish it was, but out of worry.

What did this Christian guy mean to me?
Why was I headed to Alaska, of all places?

A cough broke me out of my stupor and I lifted my head up quickly. Christian was starring at me, turned around in his seat.

"Before we start this drive out to the airport...being a cop in all- I'm supposed to tell you not to try and run, and to behave. Especially on the plane. It will not be a private flight. So there might be reporters. But...I don't believe that will make any difference."

He stopped for a moment, as if to contemplate his next set of words.

"But I just know you'll do great. Besides Bella...I have heard a lot of great things about you."

With that he turned on his lights and sirens and followed after the cop car in front of us.

I was taken off guard.
What did he mean he knew a lot about me? No. Scratch that. A Lot of great things about me.
Anything I have been or done lately-would be considered anything but great.

'Could he really possibly be a vampire?'


He had heard a lot about me, I'm sure. From the news, of course.
Maybe he was just confusing someone else's stories with mine.
I shook my head, trying to decide if I were finally losing the rest of sanity I seemed to have left.

I leaned my head back, and closed my eyes. I could at least get a quick nap in before the airport.

Maybe...maybe Alaska would be good for me. Maybe a new judge would be good for me.

I needed to think positive if I were to get through this, alone.

Right before I lost all consciousness, I had remember one vital thing Christian had said.


No one ever called me Bella anymore.

...come to think of it,...he never told me why I was being transferred so far away.

'You never asked.'

And then I left to my dream land.


The initial arrival to the airport wasn't so bad.

'Only 2 hours and 19 minutes'. I thought sarcastically.

2 hours of that was spent sleeping peacefully for once.
With the rocking of the cop car, and the blaring sirens coming from, what seemed like, every direction-It kept me from having any of my regular nightmares.
It let me focus on one thing-the noise.

Keeping the nightmares at bay, usually served up for most of my energy lately.
Energy of which I didn't have, and needed the most these days.

The last 19 minutes of my car ride to the airport, was spent nursing a pounding headache.
Christian at some point, had thrown me a bottle of Aspirin, and said to "Call it a day."

I laughed softly at his joke, and took 3.

Pulling up to the airport was another story all in itself.

I inched forward in my seat, and put my face up to the make-shift bars.

"Isn't it amazing when the whole world knows your business-before you do?" I questioned to Christian, who smirked in response.

"Britney Spears is officially my hero." I topped of with, and leaned back against the seat once more. Christian continued his smirking.

We finally made it slowly up to the curb, and reporters instantly charged the cars. Cops seemed to be coming out of thin-air, and soon a barricade had been made.

Christian turned his self around in his seat and gave me a quick up and down look. "Ready kid?" He asked me, with his smirk still in place.

I sighed and smiled a small smile." Of course, kid."

A laugh bellowed out, and I hoped then-that Christian was one of my guards-to be.

He turned back around and turned off the car-slipping the keys into the glove box, he opened the door and made his way out.

Protests were heard next, and all I could seem to focus on, while my car door was being opened-and I was being helped out, was the word, "MURDERER!"

The word had become a chant almost, and the people around me-a blur.

In some way, I had been used to this.
I had already seen on t.v. the various talk shows surrounded around me. And the news channels, all talking about my should be-or shouldn't be-release.

But it always happened to be 10 times worse when i had to go places.

Hundreds of people all around you. Hundreds of which would love to see you die.

It was currently my most alone place to be.
It was currently the place I wished Edward was most with me.

Without knowing it, I had made my way to the doors of the airport, and the crowd of what seemed to be just camera's and threats-were at least 10 feet behind me now.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and quickened my pace through the doors.
Christian latched onto my arm, and pulled me back some.
I arrogant smirk lit up his face.

"Now, Now Isabella. I know we are in a hurry, but I don't need you running off anywhere. How would I be able to find you in such a big place?" Laughter was evident in his voice.

I rolled my eyes at him, but smiled none the less.
"I'm sorry, Lt. I didn't realize the bright orange jump suit look, was a fashion frenzy right now."

Christian laughed softly, but then stopped himself. Continuing the walk to security, he took a quick look down at my jumpsuit, and momentarily scrunched up his nose.

"Speaking of which, they could have given you some earlier warning, and let you bathe."

I scrunched my nose at him, in return, and chose not to respond further.


My smile never left my face.

We had to go through security three times before they finally let me pass.

Each time, I clearly had nothing on me, and each time they swore I did.

Christian had to finally be the asshole that I really didn't think him to be.

"What the fuck are you talking about?! She's wearing fucking HAND CUFFS for fuck's sake! Obviously the kid is gonna beep!"

The paid by the hour security guard didn't seem to like his tone, or the fact that he was higher then him. He pushed us through quickly.

"Dumb dick. Only pushed us through because I was making a scene. I could have his plastic badge and he knew that shit." Christian continued to grumble for a few more moments, until we finally got to the gate. He talked to the women at the booth for a moment, and then came back to where he had sat me, with two tickets.

"Well kid, I got our tickets, and the flight is scheduled to leave in 30. Anything you need to do before then? Restroom break?" He asked me politely.

I looked down at myself, and then up at him once more. I threw in a quick smirk and asked, " You wouldn't happen to have another pair of bright orange jumpsuits in your pocket, now would you?"

He smiled down at me, and chuckled. "Sorry kid, your gonna have to wait for that till we get to Alaska."

"Then I'm good. If I need to you the bathroom, I will use it on the flight."

Christian nodded once, and took a seat next to me.

I rearranged myself alittle, trying to get more coftorable in my cuffs and sighed.

So far the trip hadn't been to bad. But I was still confused on the Alaska part.

I opted out of the staying quiet till we get there part-and decided to make conversation.

Just to get information of course.

'Of course.'

Turning myself towards Christian I asked, "So, what brings me to Alaska?"

He turned his head and smiled at me, "I'm sorry kid, but I can't really say right now. I was told in exact words 'In due time.' "

" 'In due time, huh?' Does that mean something good for me, or something bad?"

He shook his head at me, "Well kid...what happened wasn't something good. So, it's really up to you isn't it?"

I look down at myself, and turned myself back into a straightened position, sighing.

Silence was met between us, and I believe I wasn't the only one to welcome it.