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A New Life

When Bella, and Alice saved Edward, they had to talk with the Volturi. But what if they had to become one of them? They never had a choice, and Bella has a lover from the volturi, but how will Edward cope? What about Alice? Can they live their new life?


1. I want to go... home

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As we walked with the volturi gaurds, I was really scared. I really didnt know what would go on in here, It was really dark and dimly lit. I sighed. I didnt want to be here. I just wanted to save Edward. I looked up at his face and saw no movement in him. He was stiff and staring straight ahead.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked him, my voice shaking. He looked down at me and smiled.

"No. Im not mad at you. Im mad because your here with all these savages." He sounded mad at the last sentance, but I had to handle this. We'll be leaving soon right?

We were still fucking walking! How long is this damn underground vampire shit place? Im cold and I wanna go home. How long will this take. We kept on walking, passing doors, hearing screams. We took a left, then another left. Then a right. Then finally a freaking room. We walked in and then saw like ten vampires. Three were siting in chairs. And the rest were standing! Those three must be pricks.

"Hello! My dearest Edward! Your back! With company!" The one in the middle stood up and walked a few feet twards us.

"Yes, I am." Edward told him in a harsh voice. I hope we dont die.

"Would you like to introduce me to your delicious friend?" I guess "Aro" said staring me down. "Or your, daily snack." I heard a growl rumble through Edwards chest. I had shivers going down my spine.

"Edward," I whispered to him. "Please do what he says." He looked at me with no facial expression at all.

"This is Bella Swan, my girlfriend." He told him never looking up at Aro. He kept his eyes on my face.

"Well Hello Bella! Its nice to finally meet you! I know many things about you!" He said walking a little closer. I stood back, and so did Edward.

"Hi." I told him with no happyness. I wanted to get out of here.

"I hear Edward cant read your mind, I was wondering... could I try it on you?" He asked in a nice velvet voice. I think I was being dazzeled, but I couldnt let it get to my mind. I looked up at Edward, for his answer. He nodded.

"Okay." I told him. He reached out his hand. So I guess I had to grab his. He looked up at me and smiled. I dont think it wasnt working.

"You want to go home my dear one?" He asked me. I thought no one could even read my mind.

"Yes. I want to get out of here." I told him. He frowned.

"But you cant. You see, we were wondering of keeping you three. To be one of us." I heard a growl but I couldnt really cooperate. Because I was tring to get it all through my head. What the fuck is going on? I didnt really get it in my head but he said the three of us. Im not a fucking vampire.

"Let Bella go! She's not one of us! Please Aro." Alice was pleading him. I knew she loved me a lot but I wanted both of them to come home with me.

"We cant!" Another guy stood up from the chair. "She knows our seceret! She will tell everybody!" Why cant that other guy shut THE FUCK UP!

"I never told anyone, honest." I told them.

"Thats what you think you mortal bitch!" He spat back. Bitch? Did that bitch call me a bitch?

"Marcus! Peace brother." Aro told him. "I have one thing I want to do with this girl. I think Demetri would love Bella, Wont you Demetri?" He asked one of them, Then a big buff guy nodded with a grin on his face.

"Yes Aro I would." He told him.

Shit! I dont want to be part of the fucking volturi.