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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


10. Sweet Escape

Rating 3.9/5   Word Count 1046   Review this Chapter

I sighed and walked to the porch where Emily was playing with her son and Anthony, Alice was asleep on the couch, I smiled when Anthony came running towards me, I had to be brave for my children, I didnt want to show my anguish in front of them. "Mommy, where you crying?" Anthony asked, and I knew immediately that my charade of braveness was over, nothing escaped my son, he was as jumpy and keen as his father.

I brushed the tear off with my hand, holding Anthony in the other, "No,I'm fine, I just dont feel well." I said, he didnt know his father was a werewolf hunting a vampire, I didnt want to worry him, the time for him to find out about werewolves was when he was suppose to become one. Jacob says at age 16 or around there Anthony will start to get the signs of being a werewolf.

He frowned slightly and kissed my cheek, "I don't want you to be sick," He said putting his hand on my forehead, "You're not hot, so maybe you will be better tomorow." He said smiling once again.

I laughed, "Ok Dr.Anthony Black." I said tickling him.

He laughed and went back to play trucks with Dylan.

Emily got up and returned to the living room, watching me carefully. After a moment of looking at my face she took a breath, "Bella, you're not worried about the...vampire...are you?" She asked looking skeptical.

My heart started beating faster, I felt my face grow hot, I shook my head after a moment, "N-no, w-hy w-would you say th-that?" I asked my voice shaky, I scowled at myself, I was never good at lying to Emily.

She kept looking at me, "Well, you were very fond of ...you know who...and when Jared said their name, you seemed uneasy." I didnt answer, she was getting to the right conclusions, she looked at me but when she saw I wouldnt answer she continued her theory, "Is it him that's here, Bella?" She asked, my heart leaped, Emily was smart.

I looked at her, I shivered when I saw her scarred side of her face, if Jacob found out about Edward being here and seeing me he would do what Sam did to Emily to me. I shook me head trying to clear my thoughts.

"It is him, isnt it?" I didnt answer, she didnt seem annoyed her voice was still calm, "Bella I can see it in yor eyes, your expression." She added looking straight to my face.

Alice groaned and streched out in the couch, she looked up, "Mommy whats to eat?" She asked.

I looked away from Emily, "I'm not sure Alice..." I said.

"There's hot soup in the kitchen." Emily said beggining to walk to the kitchen.

I sighed softly, happy to get away from Emily's interrogations, I knew she would bring up the conversation later on the day when she could get the chance.

I walked to the couch and slumped down in it, seconds later Anthony came running in, he sat on my lap, his dark messy hair dripping with water. "Wanna play mommy?" He asked holding up a game of Candy Land.

I giggled, "Maybe later." I said, he nodded and rested his head on my shoulder.

His big chocolaty eyes focused on my face, "Later?" He groaned, I nodded and he pouted but closed his eyes. He looked so much like Jacob, I rested my head on his and also closed my eyes.

I dozed off, I was akoken by Alice sitting on my lap, I opened my eyes, she was yawning, I looked outside, it was twilight, and Jacob still wasnt back and I was getting worried.

Alice's heart shaped face and dark eyes were looking at Anthony, I looked down and laughed, he had his mouth open and his head was dangling off the sofa. He snorted and awoke startled. Alice laughed.

"Mommy, where's daddy?" Alice asked, her voice full of worry.

I smiled and stroked her cheek, "He'll be here soon, he just needed to do some things with uncle Sam." I said. She nodded and skipped to the TV where Dylan and Anthony now sat.

At that moment the door swung open and Jacob stood soaked and dirty along with Sam. I gasped and raced to the door, "Jacob, what happened?" I asked. He walked into the room and sunk into the chair where I had nearly tripped on.

"Nothing, we couldnt find him. I thought we had him cornered by a cave but the leech managed to escape through the back of the cave." Jacob snarled.

"Did you get a good view of him?" Emily asked, I could feel her gaze on me.

Sam answered, "Yes, I got a short glimpse." Sam said, his eyes bouring into mine, I pleaded with my eyes that he would say who it was.

"Do you know who it is?" Jacob asked looking angrily at his hands.

To my relief Sam's answer was, "No, I just got him flashing by me."

He looked at me again nodded once and escaped to the kitchen.

"Where do you think he went?" Jacob asked, I wished that they would just let the subject drop.

"I dont know, he didnt look like he was from around here though, he might be halfway up to canada by now." Sam called sounding bored.

"What about the old Cullen house?" Let it drop! I thought to myself as Jacob aske danother question.

"Nah, I dont think so, the vampire was just hunting there, doubt he'll go in the house." Sam answered returning to the living room with three cans of soda. "No one has gone into the house for thriteen years."Sam said, Jacob nodded convinced and taking a soda from Sam.

"But cant we just look around there?" Jacob asked, taking a large gulp of soda.

Sam chuckled, "You are one dertermined werewolf, why should we bother going in there? Trust me, he wont be there." Sam said.

Jacob finally let it drop, I sighed happy and thankful for Sam not ratting out Edward.

"Ok, then I guess we'll go home then." Jacob answered.

I got up but Sam stopped me before I could head towards the door, "Bella can I talk to you, privately?"