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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


15. Reunited at the Cullen Mansion

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Reunited at the Cullen Mansion

by: Twilights_Charm

Edward parked the car in front of the steps, I gaped at the house, my stomach was in knots. The engine of the car stopped in a low purr. "Want to go in?" Edward asked, I looked at him, he hesitated and took my hand, "It's going to be all right, they all want to see you."

I sighed a nodded slowly, I could feel my heart beating hard in my chest, I looked to the side where Alice had parked her car next to the vanquish, she looked at the house breathless, I could feel the tension coming off her body, I knew it was hard for her to walk into the house also, after all this time. She finally looked down to see me and winked. My breath caught in my throat as she got out and opened the door for me.

Edward let go of my hand and stepped out of the car. I nodded one more time and stepped my foot out on the stone driveway. I still towered over Alice, she smiled brightly, I could feel my eyes watering as I met her golden gaze. I sobbed once and hugged my sister.

Alice gasped and hugged me back.

I held her tiny stone body in mine, the tears fell down onto the floor. Her small body shaking with her sobs of happiness, I let go of Alice and I wiped my tears off, "I've missed you Alice." I said, my voice broke once.

Alice nodded, "You've been fine, I've been keeping an eyes on you." She said with a wink pointing at her temple.

I rolled my eyes, "Hopefully you didn't see anything inappropriate." I said blushing.

"Er...nice honeymoon." She said giggling. My blush deepened. "Oh, no don't worry, I didn't see none of that, Oh no, no, no. I only saw...oh never mind, I'm just happy I get to see you again!"

Edward rounded the car slowly he stretched out his hand and I took it, he squeezed it reassuringly. I sighed again and started walking with him up the steps to the front doors.

We stepped in and I gasped slowly looking around at the beautiful home that I hadn't seen for thirteen years since my eighteenth birthday. I looked to the corner of the room and I saw the beautiful white piano and the velvet seated bench.

I walked towards it and ran my finger across it, I ran my fingers through he keys remembering the first day Edward brought me here and played my lullaby on this very same piano.

Edward walked up behind me, placed his palm on my hand and ran his fingers through the keys. He chuckled softly and I looked up behind me to meet his eyes. My eyes flashed to his lips and mine grew open preparing to kiss him, I shook my head and looked back down blushing.

He laughed, "I missed that about you." He said running his fingers against my cheeks. I blushed harder.

"Me too!" Emmett said coming into the house and looking around him with a huge smile.

I laughed as he stretched out his hands apart and raised his eyebrows.

I let go of Edward's hand and half ran to hug Emmett. Emmett chuckled his booming laugh, holding onto me hard but not hard enough to break me. I laughed and rapped my arms around his waist- his shoulders were to high up. Emmett picked me up from the floor and swung me around like a five year old.

He put me down and I grabbed my head trying to steady myself.

"I missed you Bells!" He said.

I laughed, "I missed you too Emmett!"

Rosalie walked into the house, her mouth in a small 'o' shape. She looked at me and smiled slightly, and slightly glared as she looked at me blushing. I felt uneasy but she smiled widely and came with her arms wide, she wrapped her arms around me for a few seconds and then let go looking timid. "Nice to see you again Bella."

I nodded, and then I realized I might have looked like an idiot so I stopped, "I'm glad to see you again Rosalie."

Rosalie and Emmett went upstairs to their old room.

I turned and looked to the doors to see who else entered the room. Jasper entered the room looking straight at me, I froze when I saw his black eyes, he smiled, "Don't worry Bella, I have full control of my 'monster'. I'm er...sorry for the last time we saw each other." He frowned.

I smiled, "Don't worry Jasper, all has been forgotten." I stepped up and he walked forward, I had never been close to Jasper but it was still emotional to see him again so I walked up to him and hugged him. I stepped back, blushing at our closeness, "If I may ask though, why are you're eyes black?"

He chuckled, "Oh that, I forgot to hunt."

Alice led the way to the living room where the lovely sofa's were waiting for them all.

I looked at the door again and my heart fell to my stomach, I saw Esme and Carlisle standing in the doorway, both their smiles warm and tranquil. Esme walked up looking like she were to cry, "My dear Bella! I've missed you so much, I must never let Edward leave you!" She said hugging me and brushing my hair with her fingers.

I let her go and went to Carlisle. He smiled down at me, I looked up to see his warm smile. "Bella, we ave all missed you terribly and its great to see you again." I hugged him shyly.

Edward took me into the living room where everyone was huddled up in each couch, I hadn't seen them all enter the room.

I sat down next to Edward and everyone stared at me, I blushed -of course.

"Bella, I’m..er..sorry for what happened to Jacob." Alice said.

My heart stopped for a second, I was trying to avoid the subject with them but I knew this was the reason they came. "Thank you, Alice." I said breathless, my heart beat came in slower. And it took me a while to be able to breath well enough again.

"We all are, we know we were not so close to him, because of who he was...but we still feel horrible." Esme said.

I nodded, I looked at each of them and my heart fluttered, the family I was wishing once to be a part of were here with me, once again. They hadn't changed at all, I looked down to my hands, I knew i had changed. I looked ancient against each of them.

"I will do everything in my power for you not to lose you children." Carlisle said, I looked at him, tears returning to my eyes. I sobbed softly. "What’s wrong?" He asked worried, I knew he thought he said the wrong thing.

I shook my head in my hands, I looked up to see each of their worried faces, I clutched on to Edward’s hand, "I’m sorry, I appreciate that Carlisle, but the doctor just informed me that my children don't have much time, the doctor gives them each about two days," I said tears falling to Edward’s hands, my sobs were loud in the quiet room.

I looked up to meet each of their eyes. All of them full of anguish.

"I’m sorry," Alice breathed.

"Don’t be." I got up, they all looked at me, "I’m sorry but I have to go, prepare for...Jacob’s funeral."

"We’ll help you, and we’ll be there for you." Alice said standing up.

I looked at them all, they were all willing to help me. I smiled and nodded. Edward held my hand tight and led me out to the front door.

"Um...Edward, can I stay here? I don't want to go to an empty house, I’d much rather stay here, with you, and you’re family, you all will make these times for me better." I said looking up to meet his eyes.

They were the gentle soft butterscotch eyes that I adored, he smiled my favorite crooked smile, "Of course, madam."