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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


16. Nothing Left

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Nothing Left

By: Twilights_Charm

I sat on Edward's couch -which was facing the gigantic windows- looking out into the forest below me. It was dark out, I had spend my entire afternoon locked up in this room, I didn't feel like talking to anyone and everyone left me alone. Edward left saying he was going to go buy me a bed. I smiled picturing him jumping on the beds with Emmett, trying to figure out which one would be the softest.

I rubbed my eyes and winced, they burned from all the crying I had been doing lately. I shook my head, my hair must be a mess. I must look like a savage beast.

I looked down to my hands where my ring was placed in the middle of my left palm.I saw the glitter it gave as the moon shined on it. I closed my eyes and covered the ring with my other palm knowing that I was in the verge of tears. I could see my wedding day in my mind, the happiest day of my life. I sighed knowing that I would never be happy like that again.

My heart was breaking with every day that I realize Jacob is gone and that soon my children would follow. I can't take anymore sadness, my heart can't take anymore. It's more fragile than ever before. I feel like I'm not needed, like I'm not wanted, like I'm just a speck in the world. I don't deserve to live, I don't want to live.

I heard a soft knock on the door, I turned around and called out, "Come in!"

I sat back down looking out into the night sky, no cloud was in sight, I could see the shimmering stars and the big round moon.

Alice came around the corner of the couch, she smiled lightly but behind that smile was anger. I tried to smile back but I couldn't move my lips. Alice sat down fluidly on the couch, she looked out the window, the light of the moon on her face. For a second I saw her eyes turn black but then they made their way back to their golden color.

Alice turned to look at me, well glared at me, and sighed, "You're not actually thinking about doing that are you?" She asked, her voice curious but hard.

I cocked my head and then my eyes widened with shock when I realized what she might have seen. I shook my head feeling embarrassed for even thinking about such a thing. "No, Alice, well yes I was thinking it but I didn't actually plan about it..." I started to ramble, I sighed, "What did you see, exactly?"

Alice grimaced, "Well, I saw you taking Jacob's gun and cocking it on your head." She said, her voice still icy. "Why would you plan on doing that, Bella?" She asked in a hard shocked voice.

I blushed, "Alice, I have lost my husband," I said my voice cracking, she winced slightly, but I ignored her and continued, "I am going to lose my children...what else do I have left?" I asked in a pleading voice, my eyes gnawing into hers, I needed her to understand how much I didn't want to be here. I waited for her answer, when she didn't I sighed, "Nothing, so why should I live?"

"What?" Alice asked in a hurt voice, "You have nothing left? Bella, you have us, you have me." She said, " We all love you. And most importantly, Edward loves you. You have no idea what any of us have been through these past thirteen years, Bella. Knowing that we can't see you, you have no idea what it has been like for Edward. He sat around every night looking out into the moon moping on the porch. He skipped out of school because he was tired of seeing teens fall in love and then break up, he hated seeing girls hurt. Now imagine what will happen to him -to us- when he can never see you again, when you are dead."

Alice eyes burned in mine and I stopped looking into them. Alice had a point, I had skipped out on the most important people that have ever entered into my existence. And the most important person ever in my life, Edward.

I changed the subject, this is something I would want to talk about with Edward.

"So what have you been doing these past thirteen years." I asked her.

I knew she sensed me trying to change the subject and followed along, "I am kindergarten teacher -has Edward told you we gave up on school?-" She asked, I shook me head, and she continued, "for a private school. I have been teaching for three years, its nice being with little kids, they are so cute, but I feel I want to move up to something better."'

I nodded, "You haven't changed, Alice...you look just like how I remember you," I said, I looked down at my hands, "Unlike me."

Alice scoffed, "Bella you have not changed much, really. You don't look much older than the last time I saw you, and that was thirteen years ago." She nodded, "You haven't gained much weight, but have gained the rightful curves that Rosalie and I didn't have the time to." She said with a wink. "You don't look much older than 23, and you're....32?" Alice giggled.

"That's what I thought also, " I heard a low smooth voice say from the entrance of the room. My heart thumped harder in my chest.

I turned to smile at him but as I did I froze. I looked at him -well, gaped, mostly- struck. His buttoned down shirt was halfway buttoned, I could see his pale and beautifully sculpted chest. I pulled my eyes a little more up to his pale pink lips, they were pulled up into my favorite crooked smile. I stared wide eyed at him as the moonlight made him glow a pale blue color.

"Thank you for agreeing Edward," Alice stood, and my heart thumped faster in my heart when I realized that she was going to leave Edward and I alone, "I'll see you later Bella." She looked at Edward and he chuckled.

Alice closed the door silently behind her and I knelt on the couch to look over to Edward, he smiled again, "You should get some sleep, Bella." Edward noted, "I'll bring up the bed.

I sat on the white sheets of the bed, Edward standing in front of me.

"Comfortable?" He asked me.

I nodded, "Very." I said bouncing slightly on the bed, "Thank you." I said, crossing my legs.

He smiled, "Anything for you."

I blushed and he sighed a chuckle. I knew he just said that to make me blush, he loved it when I turned red, even though it was embarrassing for me.

"Well...er...goodnight, Bella." He said and and started heading towards the door.

I stared at him, my hands itching to reach out to him and kiss him, I resisted the urge to kiss him but not the urge to stop him. "Edward, wait..." He turned slowly looking confused, "don't go, stay...just for tonight." I whispered.

He headed turned back smiling slightly and nodded.

He headed toward the couch and I gasped, he chuckled and headed to the bed, I blushed.

He sat down at the edge of the bed eyeing me. I crawled to his side and looked into his eyes, his smile faded, "Go to sleep, Bella." He said and his breath blew on my face and made my head spin.

I nodded remembering I wasn't 17 years old anymore, I was 32 and had kids and had a husband, but I couldn't deny the effect Edward had on me, I still loved him, and that love burned in me. There wasn't a way to put out the fire, never, the love for him would always burn in my heart.

I dropped my head on his lap, my body facing up to the ceiling. My head right under his.

He chuckled and moved himself to the wall, he kept my body on his.

"Now, sleep."