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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


2. Rejection

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I couldn't breath, I felt light. Just staring at Edward cross the room, the lights twirling around him, him coming out of the smoke making him seem mysterious, his golden eyes looking at me. I hadn't seen him in over six months but I dint picture seeing him here and now. I wasn't ready. The room began to spin and I began to breath hard.

I know I wanted him to be here before but now with him here, I think otherwise. He will just hurt me again and I cant handle the rejection again.

I turned quickly away from him looking at Jessica and Mike who had stopped dancing even though the music was still playing, they were staring at me, Mike's expression full of anger when he looked at Edward and sympathy when he looked at me. Jessica was dazzled by Edward and worried when she saw my face.

I couldn't spot Angela nor Ben, they could have helped me. After two seconds that seemed like two hours passed, the DJ announced a raffle and people stopped looking at Edward and payed attention to their numbers. Edward dint seem to notice that all these people where gaping at him, he didn't seem to be noticing anything, he just kept his eyes on me.

I shuddered. I felt anger build up in my heart, he cant be here, he shouldn't be here. I loved him but he didn't so now all that has covered that love in these past seven months was hatred.

I was fuming but I couldn't help myself from peeking through the corner of my eye, when I did I immediately regretted it, Edward was nearly three feet away from me.

I shifted on my right foot and stared at Jessica as she screamed happily that she won fifty dollars on the raffle. I couldn't play stupid anymore when I heard a pair of feet shuffle next to me.

I heard him take in a deep breath, "Hello Bella."

I shouldn't have been used to his voice, I hadn't heard it for a long time, but I recognized it and it soothed me. But I couldn't think that way, for all I knew he could have a girlfriend already. Then what was he doing here?

I slowly turned biting my lip,I stared into his topaz eyes that always made me melt, they had no effect on me, I wanted to run away from him and everyone else. How could he be here now? He didn't love me so why would he bother me? The anger was building up harder and it made it hard to breath, but I had to answer, "Hello Edward." I said icily. I looked back to the floor.

He noticed my tone but didn't back away, "are you here alone?" He asked getting closer to me.

I perched my head up jaw tightened, "No." I said stepping an inch back, he looked around the room as if to say 'i don't see anyone with you, I fumed more, "My friends just went outside for a bit." I could feel the tears of anger fall down my face I turned away from him and wiped them off careful not to smudge.

He noticed the tears also, his face softened, "Oh well that's good I guess...I wanted to talk to you."

I didn't answer, I couldn't answer, my throat felt tight.

Edward stood in front of me blocking me from stepping forward or back as my back was already on the table, Edward pulled a small rose from his pocket, "I wanted to ask you something." I didn't answer this time shocked. He continued, "Will you forgive me, and take me back?"

The room felt light again, my anger reaching to its highest point, How dare he just come and ask me if I wanted to go out with him again. I wont, he has caused me too much pain, the least I could do is do the same to him.

I stuttered the tears returning, "W-what?" He repeated the question this time with more confidence in his voice, "Are you serious?" He cant be serious, but what if he is?

"No this is serious." He's lying to me. He doesn't love me, he wants to hurt me.

"I thought you didn't love me." I said the tears streaming down my face.

"Bella..I-" He said taking my hand and leaning down to my neck, "I love you." I shuddered and stepped to the side. He's lying to you.

"No Edward. You don't love me, a-and neither do I anymore. I wont. All this time you are gone from me and now you expect me to come back? NO!" I screamed everyone looked at me.

"Bella-" Edward said chasing after me, I started running.

He caught up to me and grabbed my hand again making me stop, I yanked it out and pushed him out of my way, "Go away Edward," I hissed looking at the ground, my eyes streaming with tears, "Leave me alone, and never come back." Then I ran to my truck and went down the street to my house, crying the whole way.

I cant trust him again, not ever.

I left Edward in the pouring rain clutching his hair and dropping on the floor. I fled as fast as the truck could let me, away from Edward.