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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


20. Decision

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By: Twilights Charm


"Isabella Black, Please, just this once!" Alice begged.

"No, Alice, I refuse to be your barbie doll!" I screamed. I really didn't want to be her personal barbie, it was torture being under all those old fashion hair curlers and the strong smell of that hairspray she used on me, and that make up! NO! "No, let me go!" I said tugging my hand out of hers.

She easily got it again and tried to tug me back into her walk in closet. "It wont be as bad as prom, I promise!" Alice begged again, I refused to meet her eyes or else I would have paid attention to her, instead, I tugged with my eyes closed.

"Alice, I am your elder now you have to respect!"

"Haha, Bella, I'm not young anymore, considering that I was changed when I was nineteen, makes me an adult and I don't have to pay attention my 'elders' and the fact that I am actually 118 years old, you should be respecting me!" She hissed at me, still trying to tug me in.

I pouted, I knew she was right.

"That's it." Alice said with one easy tug and she pulled me into the closet, I grimaced, I hated the fact that she was a vampire, she was so much stronger than me, despite her small size.

"Alice, really, stop, tomorrow is not all that important anyway," I said still trying to avoid getting a major makeover.

Alice gasped, "Bella, it is a very important day! It's your birthday! That has to be important, none of us have made it to the year of 33!" Alice said to my horror.

"No," I gasped, "don't say that, you make me seem so old!" I said in a shriek.

At that second Aly and Anthony walked it. They giggle loudly at the scene Alice was putting me through, I guess it must have looked funny, me planting my butt on the floor, resisting Alice dragging me into her closet.

I got up swiftly, "Hello, kids." I said.

"Hi mommy, hi Alice" Little Alice -Aly- said happily munching her way into a bag of cheese Cheetos.

"Hi Alice, hi mommy!" Anthony said with a chocolate milk mustache.

"Hi, sweeties!" Alice said in a baby tone. Both Aly and Anthony looked at each other and scoffed. "Okay, now back to this."

I slumped over I made my eyes as sad as I could, it was pretty easy, it was my first birthday without Jacob since we got married, "please, Alice, don't make a big deal about this, I can't think about my birthday, it just brings sadness."

Alice took in my expression and sighed and let me go, her face fell but she nodded, she understood how I felt. "I'm sorry, Bella, I know...I know." Alice gave me a kiss on the cheek and took Aly and Anthony with her.

My head slumped over the soft couch, the heat of the sun making it warm. A single tear escaped my eyes, as I remembered how miraculously both my children had survived the incident.

The sun hit me right on the side of my cheek, the warmness once again reminded me ,as always, of Jacob's touch. I whimpered and sniffled as I knew I wouldn't spend my birthday with my husband. I closed my eyes and hoped I could fall asleep, I wouldn't want to feel the sadness anymore.

"Jacob put me down please!" I begged Jake, he carried my from the bottom of the hotel to the top, and in the elevator too. He shook his head, "This is so embarrassing!" I groaned.

Jacob chuckled and kissed my neck softly until the elevator dinged and he got off on the twenty second floor. He growled playfully and got the pass key out of his pocket, he put it into the slot and the door flew open, he set me down gently on the bed and closed the door.

I looked around, this hotel room was more romantic then any I've ever been to, with flowers and rose petals everywhere. Everything was red too- the red silk bed cover and the red window drapes, the red petals on the floor leading to the hot tub throwing a red light. Jacob must have gotten the best honeymoon suite at the hotel.

Jacob thanked someone and, I noticed, he had ordered champagne, I rolled my eyes.

He came up to me and pured me a glass of wine, he knelt in front of me and kissed my hand, "Happy Birthday, Isabella." He smiled, "may all your wishes come true tonight."

"Most of them have already, getting married to you, having you forever, having a great wedding party, having my family happy with whom I married, starting my life with a husband, and getting accepted to a great college along with you." I said kissing the tip of his nose.

"You're very welcome." He said taping his glass against mine, they clinked and I sipped mine while he chugged his down.

I looked around the room again in awe, "Jacob I didn't know you were this romantic." I said running my hands through the sheets.

He chuckled, "You may find your self getting surprised of how romantic I can be." He said still chuckling, "I'm glad you are having a great birthday."

"The best! But, I still want something else." I said, Jacob looked at me and cocked his head confused. I blushed as he looked at me still confused, I leaned forward to his neck I kissed it softly brushing my tongue up to his jawline, my fingers slid on his back and traced down, he shivered slightly and I smiled. I began taking off his red vest, plying at the buttons, finally I managed to get the buttons out of the way and threw the vest to the side.

Jacob growled playfully again as he took my wine glass and put the on the coffee table.

He got hold of my shoulders and pushed me down to the bed, he lay on top of my kissing my neck gently, his heated lips burned my neck, I sighed happily as his hot skin tickled me.

My puffy white dress got in the way as I tried to rap my legs around his wait, I scowled. Jacob knew what he had to do and began unzipping and unbuttoning and unlacing my dress from the back, he maintained kissing me.

I stopped kissing him as I felt a breeze coming into my torso, I blushed and rapped my arms over my chest. Jacob raised his eyebrow. I sighed knowing he was going to have to see my body -my
whole body sooner or later- so I let go and pulled down my dress from my body by myself, and I unstrapped my bra and threw it to the side. Jacob chuckled and kissed my neck down my midriff to my belly-button. I shivered.

I threw my shoes off as Jacob took off his shirt and pants.

He lay back on me and I rapped my arms and legs around his body as he kissed me anywhere he pleased, -he preferred my torso area, neck, and lips.

I awoke with a sigh, I noticed the sun had gone down and now the stars where shimmering happily above the Forks trees.

Edward chuckled in front of me. I looked over at him, shocked, I hadn't realized he was here. "What did you hear now?" I asked hoping that he wouldn't hear anything that was too embarrassing.

Edward shrugged, "Nothing, really, just the part where you said, 'I want something else'," He winked.

I blushed and put my head in my hands in embarrassment.

"Don't worry. Its all right" After a few quiet seconds he chuckled again, I looked at him questionably, "Alice says she is still doing a party if you like it or not." He said smiling, but then his smile faded, "if you don't want a party we'll understand, I'll knock some sense into Alice." Edward said looking at me. "Though your daughter and son are happy about the party."

I tried to smile but I couldn't, I, instead, looked up to see the happily twinkling stars once more.

He continued, though, his voice calm, "Bella, I know how much you ...miss... Jacob..." He began, I didn't answer, I stared blankly at the moon trying not to cry, "I’ll go tell Alice not to do anything for your birthday, I’ll take you and your children back now." He got up and I my head jerked rapidly to him.

"No, don't spoil Alice’s fun, its fine, I am sad I wont be with Jacob, but something inside me tells me to move on, to have fun." I said, trying to control my voice from breaking. "Beside, I should be happy, I mean both my children survived, Aly with no problems, but Anthony had died for a couple of seconds before he regained consciousness thanks to Carlisle, I should be celebrating."

He nodded, smiling. "True."

"Edward?" I asked, after a couple of minutes of silence, in a hoping voice.

He sat down on the far side of the couch, I scooted up to him, his face inches away from mine.

He backed up a couple of inches, "Yes?"

I stared at him, my heart thumping in my chest a mile a minute. "Thank you for everything you have done for me in these long months, really, I owe you a lot. You have proven your love to me..." I said, he smiled those flawless lips wider.

"I have always loved you."

Without a fair warning I jumped on him and pulled his face to mine, I tilted my head to the side and met his lips with mine. I grasped hard on his neck, so he wouldn't escape, but he didn't seem to want to get out, he kissed me back. It had been seven months since our last kiss, and in this one I didn't feel much guilty, every night I saw Jacob in my dreams, telling me to be happy, to stop mourning for him and find love again, that he would be fine with it, he would be happy that I would, well it was my time to pay attention.

I tangled my hands on his hair pushing him toward me more, his icy lips on mine, his cool tongue brushing mine, his breath tasting sweet in my mouth. I opened my mouth in a gasp and continued with the kiss, his icy lips leaving a hot feeling after, he stopped kissing my lips and went down to kiss my neck, I closed my eyes enjoying the moment as his lips brushed my collar bone and throat.

His lips trailed back up to my lips and I kissed him again.

His hands were knotted at my back and my hands were tied behind his neck.

I pulled back with tears streaming down my face.

"I’m sorry." Edward said looking at my eyes water.

I shook my head, "I’m not crying because of sadness, I’m crying because of happiness."

Edward smiled, my favorite breathtaking crooked smile. "I do love you very much, Isabella." My heart thumped as he said my full name.

"I do too, forever and always." I said tracing his lips with my finger tip. He pecked my finger once and smiled his bright white smile.

"Any other unexpected surprises?"

I dropped my head instantly knowing that the next words out of my mouth would upset him. "I want you to bite me." I said, biting my own lips, I didn't look up at him but I heard him sigh frustrated.




"Edward, I love you and I want to be with you, I’ll give you anything that you want in return for my eternity with you." I said spreading my arms across.

It was a long minute, Edward’s brows were furrowed. "But what about your daughter and your son?." He asked.

"My children will understand when they gets older, they are young so they wont know what has happened to me."

"I cant take you away from you human life when your children still live."

"I said they will understand, Edward. I know my daughter. When they are old enough I'll tell them...please." I pleaded.

"Your son will most likely be a werewolf." Edward pressed.

I scowled, "He is my son, he will understand." I snapped.

Edward glared, "Not when he's a wolf."

"Edward, I have thought about this, trust me, I know my children will understand, and who really knows if Anthony will be a werewolf. Please?"

A long while passed, I stared into Edward's eyes, "Okay." He finally said with a sigh.

That night I slept soundly in Edward's warm embrace, I dreamed again, I was kissing Edward, just like I had earlier, and Jacob appeared. I looked at Jacob, scared he was going to get mad, instead he smiled and nodded, he smiled at Edward and me and said, "Thank you." And disappeared in a slow mist. I knew it was a sign that Jacob, wherever he was, approved.

"Thank you, Alice." I said on the phone, the party had just ended. Everyone had just left about five minutes ago."I had fun, sort of...no I had fun."

"You’re welcome." She said over the phone. "Edward will be there in, three, two, one. Bye, Bella, see you in three days...don't worry, your darlings will have lots of fun camping out for three days with Rosalie and I."

I heard a soft knock on the door and my heart thumped hard in my chest.

I went and answered the door, and of course, as Alice predicted, Edward was standing out side.

He went in and I sat down on the couch, where I wanted him to bite me.

He sighed once, "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked warily.

"Yes, although what would people say when they see me with a seventeen year old boy?" I asked shocked.

He chuckled darkly, "Bella, how many times do we have to say this, you don't looks older than 26, once you’re a vampire you could easily pass for 20." He winked.

We stared at each other for a long while until I kissed his lips for a few moments then backed up and pulled my hair up in a ponytail, clearing my hair from my neck. "I’m ready."

Edward leaned in but not to my neck, to my lips, he pressed his lips on mine and I hung onto his neck, the kiss lasted only for a few short seconds, but it was passionate enough to keep me going for the three days of hell I was about to go through.

Edward hesitated, I felt his icy breath near my neck, I kept my arms around him, I tilted my head to the side, telling him I was ready. He took in a deep breath and leaned into my neck, kissed it first, "Wait." He whispered.

"What?" I asked.

"Marry me?" He asked me, lifting his head, seeing me through his long thick lashes, his hair falling on his face making him look sweet an innocent, I couldn't resist saying no.

"Yes." I said, kissing lips then he dug his teeth in my skin and the fire lurched in my body in an instant.

Three days for eternity...

~*The End*~