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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


21. Epilogue: Promises

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Epilogue: Promises

Three years later...

I sighed and looked into the mirror in the hall, my eyes had been red once before, but now there were in the color I was hoping them to turn; gold. I was a vampire.

I felt a pair of arms slip to my hips and cold lips press my neck, I shivered in his arms, still looking at the circular mirror, I hadn't seen myself in a mirror for three years -Edward and Alice prohibited that- and now that I was seeing myself for once, I looked nothing like I looked before. I looked way too young to be the 32 year old woman that I was.

"Surprised?" Edward whispered against my, now, cold and granite skin.

I nodded slowly, "I cannot believe that is me!" I gasped at the mirror. I had been staring at myself for a full thirty minutes and my reflection still caught me off guard.

"I told you that you could pass for twenty-six." Edward said coolly brushing my neck softly, back and forth.

"Edward," I turned to him, finally tearing my eyes from the mirror, I connected into his soft butterscotch eyes, "I cant pass for twenty-six...that's too old for how I look." I whispered in disbelief.

Edward laughed softly. I turned slowly to him and hugged him, my face buried in his chest.

"Thank you." I said to him. I looked back up to his eyes and kissed his lips gently, I locked my hands on the back of his neck and he swung me around like a little five year old.

I giggled and released him.

Alice walked into the hall smiling widely, "Ready?" She asked me.

I froze and nodded slowly.

Alice nodded and escaped out the hallway and opened the front door. I heard soft giggling and happy chattering.

Edward came by me and grabbed my hand, he squeezed it gently looking at me warily, I nodded and he walked forward with me. I took in a slow breath as we entered the living room.

I saw two children playing happily on the floor. I let out my breath in a hard gasp, they looked much older then the last time I saw them, Anthony had grown a lot making him, I guessed, five feet and eight inches and making him a pretty tall twelve year old. His dark hair was no longer long and messy it was now short and spiked up, and his voice sounding more like his father's husky voice then the squeaky voice I last heard.

Alice, Aly, had grown, not as much as her brother but she looked taller, her pale skin glowing in the sun light, her chocolate brown hair waving in the air, it was shorter, not down to the middle of her back but to her shoulders.

"Anthony? Aly?" I whispered, breathless.


"Don't be nervous, you look beautiful. White really goes with your skin," Alice commented with a wink, "I'm so happy you and Edward are finally getting married!"

"So am I," I said with a small sigh.

"Here." Alice said putting the final small flower on my hair. "All done."

I turned to look into the mirror and gasped, I couldn't recognize the person in it, she was too pretty and looked too young, the soft curls of her hair falling gently on her shoulders as the rest of her hair was pulled back into a bun. A mid-sized crown laid on the head. Her features looked too radiant to be human. Her dress perfect and white, with a long train that soon her children would carry. I couldn't believe that was me in the mirror.

"Thank you, Alice." I whispered.

"You're welcome. Now, get out there, the wedding is about to begin, and trust me, you do not want to anger those vampires any longer." Alice said, I laughed, and nodded. Alice put my veil over my head and kissed my cheek before escaping out the door.

My children came in, giggling. Aly had her white dress on that resembled mine, and Anthony had his tux on that resembled Edward's. "Lets go, mommy!" Aly shrieked with excitement.

I took in a deep breath and nodded, Aly grabbed my train and started walking at my pace down the stairs. Anthony hummed along to the wedding march as well reached the bottom of the stairs. I walked through the kitchen and paused at the back door. I saw everyone there, well any body who were vampires, at least; Tonya's whole family, a couple of new vampires I had ran into on my training. and surprisingly, the Volturi.

"Mommy, go." Alice whispered.

I grumbled, feeling my stomach in knots, "Okay." I breathed.

Anthony nodded and opened the back door for me. I walked outside to the backyard, which was decorated wonderfully, thanks to Alice.

The first person I noticed was Edward, he had his back to me but he looked radiant, his bronze hair swaying lightly in the soft breeze, his pale skin twinkling as the sun came out for a brief moment behind the clouds. I breathed in and Edward turned slowly to look at me. His golden eyes bright and excited as I walked slowly down the isle.

I could hear people murmuring in awe but my focus was only for Edward.

I reached the steps of the altar Carlisle and Emmett had built and took Edward's extended hand, "You look...beautiful." Edward murmured. I smiled.

"You look...handsome." Handsome was putting it lightly.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today..."


Edward carried me up to our bedroom, I giggled as he managed to trip over a coat on the floor on account of him not focusing on where he was stepping on but on my eyes.

He set me gently on the bed and kissed my lips lightly. He turned on his stereo, which was set onto the slow romantic music perfect for this moment.

He chuckled slowly and sat down fluidly next to me, he took my hand and pressed his lips on it. "What a wonderful day." He whispered on my hand.

"Yes." I breathed in.

He picked up his head and put his hand on my shoulder. I kissed him slowly and we fell back onto the bed.

"Bella." He murmured.

"Hmm." I said as he pressed his lips on my neck.

"I love you." He murmured, before I could say anything he picked up his head and looked me directly int he eyes. My breath caught in my throat. "I promise you that I would never hurt you, ever, I promise you to never leave you, and I promise to always love you." He said, his cool breath blowing into my head, making my head feel light.

I smiled after a few seconds, "And I promise you to return all of that and more." I said tracing his lips with my index finger.

He chuckled playfully, and leaned into my lips and kissed them more passionately then he ever did, knowing that I was all his now I kissed him back shredding off his tux from his body.