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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


22. Bonus Chapter: Jump 'n Sleep

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Jump 'n Sleep


"How about here, these mattresses, and bed sets seem nice enough." Emmett said pointing at a Sit 'n Sleep. "Come on, we've been everywhere else, and no bed is up to your - I mean, Bella's standards."

"We need a good bed, Emmett." I said trying to keep my voice even.

"We? Don't you mean she or are you planning to get in bed with her?" Emmett said looking away from the Sit 'n Sleep, giving me an amused look.

I tightened my grip on the steering wheel.

Emmett chuckled, and sighed, I knew anything that would come out of his mouth was not going to please me, "so that is what you are planning, you want a bed that's soft enough to not make noise when-"

I punched Emmett right on the jaw, I couldn't control it, he was getting me mad. How dare he say things like that about Bella and I, I respect her enough to do anything like that to her in these hard moments she's passing through.

The punch only made Emmett laugh even more, "Oh, so it is that, you just don't want to admit it, I understand," he said, I looked at him incredulously, he winked and continued his rambling, "I mean, she is fragile, she is lonely, who else but you, right?"

I stopped the car dead on the tracks, making a loud arouse of honks and disapproving people in their cars, I ignored them, and their violent thoughts, and jumped on Emmett.

"Never..." I hissed, "say," I punched him on the jaw, "things," I grabbed his shirt, "like that about," I pulled him up to my face, his face inches from mine, "Bella." I threw him back against the seat. I stayed where I was, not able to move, my whole body was shaking. "Bella is going through a tough time, don't dare joke about something like that, Emmett." I went back to my seat with a huff.

Emmett said nothing, that is, until we pulled up to the Sit 'n Sleep parking lot.

"Oh dang! Look at that girl shopping in there, go hunt her down Edward. Turn on that charm." He said pointing to a petite brunette looking at prices on a mattress.

I looked at Emmett, he was raising and lowering his eyebrows in an annoying fashion.

I got out of the car and ignored Emmett's constant rants about the girl. Emmett had been like this for thirteen years, picking out girls for me, which I never approved

I rolled my eyes and walked inside the store. As soon as I got in the girl Emmett had pointed out looked directly at me, her scowl grew into a warm smile. "Oh gawd, he is so hot! I wonder if he's single, and if he lives here. I've never seen him!"

Oh gag. Haven't even spoken to her and she's already picturing us together. I looked to Emmett and walked passed the girl, her heartbeat sped and she nearly fell.

"Oh, he smells so good, no cologne I have ever smelled."

"Nancy, let's go." A man called, I noticed that he called her.

I laughed internally. But proceeded with buying what I needed.

"Let's see this one," Emmett said pointing at a bed to his left. It seemed good enough.

Emmett sat on it and got back up," whoa!" He exclaimed, "never mind, the springs on those things ride up your-"

"Let's try this one," I said trying to avoid knowing anything that went into Emmett's body. "I touched the mattress, my hand bounced, it seemed good enough, that is until I saw they sold out on king and queen and full, the only one they had was a twin. I scowled, Bella needed more room then a simple twin-sized bed.

"Can I help you, gents?" A short man with an awful comb-over came up to us.

"Yes. We are looking for a mattress and bed sets combo." Emmett said.

I felt like saying out loud, duh!

"Yes, yes. Something to accommodate your budget, I presume." He said, obviously, two teen-age looking boys were bound to have no money.

Emmett scoffed, but I politely said, "we have no budget at all, I'm just looking for something that will be right for my lady friend, price is not of importance."

"Edward, how much do you think I could annoy him before we leave this place?" Emmett asked in his thoughts.

Why? I mouthed out.

He shrugged, "I haven't had much fun, sure, the police gets very interesting, but I need to brake a law sometimes, you know. Even if I am a police officer."

I looked at him and shrugged, go ahead, I mouthed out.

"Excellent." Emmett thought, "Excuse me...young man." Emmett boomed to the salesman, the man obviously was in his late fifty's, "Yes." Emmett said calling the man, "Fred, right?"

"Yes." The an named Fred said.

"Now, if you could show me your best mattress, I would really much appreciate it."

"Well, I can't really say 'the best', different people have different tastes."

"This isn't food, man, this is a comfy bed, everybody wants a comfy bed." Emmett said with a point-blank expression.

Fred looked bewildered, but professionally he cleared his throat and showed Emmett and I to the best mattress, "Right this way."

Emmett chuckled internally, "Oh this, my brother, is going to be fun."

Of course it will.

"Here you are." Fred said showing us the mattress of best choice. He started talking about the best qualities about the bed. I actually paid attention, while Emmett kept thinking how far he could jump from this bed to another.

"Can I, I'm sorry to interrupt, try the bed for myself?" Emmett asked, with a sly smile.

"Sure." Fred said getting out of the way.

Emmett strutted to the side of the bed, gently sat down on it and slightly bounced on it. "Nice bed, perfect for this..."

Emmett bounced to his feet, on the mattress, and began to jump lightly on it.

Fred looked to be without words. It was obvious that no one, especially a 20 year old looking man, jumped on their beds.

"Hm-mm...not bad of a bed." Emmett thought, "Watch this." Emmett jumped higher and higher and then took off to the bed next to him, then he jumped two beds across, knocking down a lamp. "Oops."

"Excuse me, sir, please come down from there, please. This is unacceptable." Another worker said.

"Sorry, just trying out the beds."

"Sir, please."

I sighed," He has a mental problem, excuse him," I said to Emmett's annoyance. He glared at me, but continued to jump.

"I have mental problems?!" Emmett screamed in his thoughts. He bent down and grabbed a pillow and threw it with his strength at me.

It hit me with a blow, and the pillow burst, sending cotton flying.

"Oh these hooligans are messing up my store!" I heard a roar in some one's mind. I saw, exit form a room, an old and cranky looking old woman.

"Oh crap, the manager!" Emmett said in mock fright.

"What is the problem here, cannot you control yourself in a well manner?" She asked, I could tell she was trying to sound sophisticated.

Emmett laughed,"No madam, no problem here, I am just trying to discover which bed is the most comfortable and this is the only way I can find out." Emmett said jumping to the next bed and flinging another pillow at me.

I dodged the pillow and it crashed into a mirror, shards of glass fell to the floor and onto the bed.

"Security!" The woman screamed.

I rolled my eyes at Emmett, "There honestly won't be any need for that, I will get my psychotic brother down."

"psychotic?!" Emmett asked in shock. This time instead of a pillow he threw me the entire mattress.

I caught it before it could brake something else, "very mature, Emmett." I whispered, too low for the humans to hear.

There were people around the store staring and disapproving of our behavior.

"Well, these beds stink anyway! We were just trying to see which bed suits my friend." Emmett said and flung a pillow to try to heat up the people even more.

"OUT!" She screamed.

"I would like to buy this bed, please." Emmett said, getting off and pointing to the bed which he tried on first.

The manager strode off with a huff and Frank came to attend us.

The workers brought out the mattress and bed set the bed set, Emmett handed him triple the amount of money that way due.

"For the damages." Emmett whispered.

Frank nodded.

We strode off to the car, which had the mattress and the bed set on the roof, "that was fun." Emmett said.

I rolled my eyes, "you're lucky the didn't sue."

"It was still fun."

I sighed, drove off into the rode, and anticipated into seeing Bella back home.