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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


5. Worst nightmare come to life

Rating 3.4/5   Word Count 630   Review this Chapter

I couldn't believe who was standing before my eyes, thirteen years ago I left him, and now he comes back. I didn't feel the rage I felt that night at prom I felt shock, maybe the rage will kick in later, I told myself. I still loved Edward but I knew that he couldn't love me back, but I asked myself the same question like that night, why is he here?

Edward stood three feet in front of me, I was still sitting on the chair, gaping in shock.

"Hello Bella." He said quietly.

I stuttered, "H-hello Edward." I glanced into the kitchen, Jacob hadn't come out, "What are you doing here?"

He stepped back, "Don't yell at me again please," I shook my head, he sighed, "I came to check how you were doing...seems like you are doing fine." He hung his head, "I better go." He started to walk away.

My heart sank as I saw Edward leave, "Edward..." He turned slowly, "I'm sorry," He looked at my in surprise, "About that night in prom," I continued.

"I deserved it." He said walking back.

"I was pretty angry." I said looking into his eyes.

"You aren't angry now?" He asked.

I shook my head again, "Not right now, but maybe later." He smiled, "I asked you not to come back." His smile turned to a frown, "but here you are in front of my eyes again," I could feel the tears, I could feel the rage creeping up to constrict my throat, "Y-you better go...now." I stood up and headed towards the door.

"Bella..." I stopped my hand on the handle not looking back as the tears swepped my face, "why did you...marry...Jacob?"

I felt the anger rise to my eyes, "Why do you care?" I turned back to him, "Why do you care about anything that has happened to me?"

His face softened, "Because, I love you."

I scowled, "Get out, please, I cant talk right now."

He nodded and disappeared into the forest.

I fell to the ground crying, not me...not again. I thought to myself, Stupid stupid stupid.

I got up slowly and cleaned myself up, I wiped my tears and headed upstairs, Jacob wasn't asleep yet he was reading a book.

He saw my face, "What's wrong?" He said jumping to his feet.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"Where you crying?" He asked wiping a tear out of my eyes.

"Oh that," I said cheerfully, "No that was because of the smoke in the grill, it still had some." I lied.

Jacob laughed.

I headed towards the bed, "Good night." I said getting into the bed.

"'night." He said heading back to his book.

I closed my eyes and dreamed of Edward that night, I was in my room looking out the window, Edward came bounding in through it. I hugged him tightly, he lay me on to the bed, I could feel every inch of his stone body, he kissed me gently down my neck, I closed my eyes kissing Edward, then his body became very hot, i opened my eyes to find Jacob in Edward's place.

I woke up startled, Jacob had gone to work. I saw a present at the foot of my bed, I reached out to open it, I took the lid off and found a CD. I gasped when I saw what CD it was. The CD that Edward had made me for my eighteenth birthday.

My hands shook, but I wanted to listen to it, I placed the CD into the stereo and my lullaby filled the room. I heard a low chuckled and gasped as Edward was in the corner of the room, with his arms crossed, his eyes coal black, with a dark smile on his face. I screamed as he pounced on me.