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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


6. First love...again

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Bella's POV

I screamed and tossed I could feel Edward's body on mine, "Mommy!" I heard Anthony scream by me, he shook me and I opened my eyes. I was dreaming.

I gasped for air, tears streaming down my face, I looked around Jacob had left for work already.

"Mommy, are you OK?" Anthony asked worried getting into bed with me.

"I-I'm fine sweetheart," I said hugging him, still breathless. Alice came bounding in and jumped on bed with me. My hands were shaking.

"Mommy I'm hungry can you make pancakes?" She asked holding the maple syrup bottle in her hands.

I laughed my voice trembling but went downstairs holding Alice by the hand, I stopped short as I saw the whole house and the backyard had been cleaned, a single rose was on the kitchen counter with a note written on it. I love you, you cant make me go away, forgive me. I took the rose and smelled the aroma of it, I closed my eyes, I had been hard on Edward.

I put the rose in a vase, hiding the note in my pocket, and made the pancakes, we had all finished eating when I heard a knock at the door, "I'll get it," Anthony and Alice said together running towards the door.

"Hi. Is you mother home?" I heard a familiar voice say from the door. I rolled my eyes, this time I didn't feel angry I was actually pretty excited that Edward was here even though I had that terrible dream, I was exited but worried, the cup was shaking in my hand as I pulled it up to my mouth to drink some juice out of it.

"Yeah she's in the kitchen I'll go call her," Alice said skipping towards me and whispering, "Mommy there is a boy at the door looking for you...he cute" I laughed I knew Edward could hear her.

"Really," I said, walking towards the door, "Hello ..." My voice was trembling but I felt no urge to yell at Edward nor kick him out of my house.

"Edward," He responded smiling.

"Hey that's my middle name," Anthony said to Edward. I blushed as Edward caught my eyes with a raised eyebrow.

"Really," Edward said with a questionable expression, "that's nice, ugh...I come here from my school to talk about some merchandise that we are selling." He said still smiling. His golden eyes burned into mine, I almost believed his lie.

"Come in then, Anthony, Alice go upstairs and take a bath OK, I'll be right up." I said, they both ran up the stairs into their own bathrooms.

I gestured Edward to the sofa," So what are you selling?" I asked, smiling. My body shaking less now that the kids had gone upstairs.

He scoffed, "Don't kick me out again I want to talk," He said, I nodded being honest. I sat down on the sofa, Edward sat on the one across.

He looked over to the corner where I put his rose, he smiled, "Thank you, for not leaving" I said blushing, "I know I was rude but now I will be acting like an adult." I said sitting up straight.

He sighed, "I wouldn't leave you again," He said looking at the floor.

"I wouldn't know that." I said thinking back to the day at the forest when he left me.

He scoffed lightly, "Let me show you...I know you have someone else but I want to prove to you that I would never hurt you again. I don't want you to love me, you have a husband and two wonderful children, but I just don't want you to hate me anymore, please Bella, give me this one chance." He looked into my eyes for a couple of seconds, his eyes growing softer by the second.

"Edward..." I began but then trailed off when his expression turned to sadness.

"Bella, I do love you. Please let me show you that you can trust me again....even if you can never love me." He said looking down again.

He lifted his gaze to meet my eyes once more, I couldn't look away, the face that I had longed to see for thirteen years was finally in front of me, it wasn't a mirage. He said he loved me, but I wasn't sure if it was true, I once believed that lie, and then he hurt me, I felt the tears go up to my eyes, I wiped them off. His face softened deeper, I had loved him, I will always love him but how can I trust him again. The only way was o give him this chance.

I smiled finally releasing his eyes, "OK." I took his hand in mine, and placed a note I had written for him while I was eating in his hands, "Read it later." He smiled surprised.

I walked to the kitchen and began cleaning up, he followed me.

"So Anthony Edward, and Alice..." He said smiling.

I rolled my eyes feeling my blood pump to my cheeks.


Edward's POV

Bella flushed when I mentioned about her children's name, "Yeah I named Anthony after you." She said beaming.

She stayed quiet so I helped her clean up,I smelled a very alluring smell but I ignored it, then she sat down on the kitchen counter looking at me, I put the glass cleaner away. I was still thinking about her child's name, he was named after me, I smiled lightly.

"What did Jacob say when he saw Anthony was named after me." I began, the silence was making it very awkward.

Bella laughed, "Jacob didn't really look at the middle name, not that hes not a good father, but he just was so happy I guess he didn't look thoroughly when Anthony was born, and I don't think he knows now." She looked at the floor, "He doesn't know your middle name so it wasn't a problem."

I scoffed, "What about Alice?"

Bella sighed, "Well he wasn't happy with it of course, Alice being a vampire, but he got over because he knew how much I love Alice."

It bothered me that Bella had to reverse my name so Jacob wouldn't get mad, I could feel my eyes getting dark, I shut them and thought of something else.

"Nice house," I noted looking around, there was a lot of windows and glass, the living room and the dining room were separated by a foggy-like glass, this house was much bigger.

Bella smiled, "Yeah, Jacob and some of his friends down at La Push helped us build it after Jacob proposed to me." Bella sighed again. "I wanted it to resemble your old house."

i looked around the kitchen in awe that it took in our old house so well, "No wonder I thought something looked familiar." She smiled, I wanted to ask her a question that had gnawed on me ever since I began to talk to her, "When did you get married?" I asked I could feel the bulge in my throat as I spoke.

Bella cleared her throat,"Um...Jacob proposed to me when I was 21, we got married a year later,two years later came Anthony, then another two years came Alice." She said this looking at her hand.

"So you're 32?" I asked mockingly.

Bella blushed, "Yes," She looked at her hand again, "Ouch," She muttered.

I hurried to her side to check what was wrong, she had a huge cut coming from the lower part of her thumb across her hand. "Let me treat that." I said holding her hand in mine.

"No," she pulled her hand back. "It's OK, its just a knife cut." She bit her lip, I knew she didn't want any contact with me, that's why she pulled back.

I could smell the blood that came out of the cut, the perfume of her blood filled the room, I groaned and got the band aid and alcohol pads I saw earlier and worked immediately on her hands. She didn't pull back this time but I could feel her eyes on me the whole time.

When I was done I pulled my head up to look at her face, to my surprise she stared directly to my eyes, I stared breathless at her face, she slowly closed her eyes and leaned it to press her lips on mine.

When our lips met the whole world spinned around me, I could feel her lips quivering on mine, he hand still in mine. She gasped for air as she kissed me, her hands slowly moved to my shoulders then she pulled me closer to her making her chest press against mine then abruptly I pulled back ashamed at what I had done.

"Bella I-" I started apologizing but Bella held a finger up and stopped me short.

She looked into my eyes, "Edward," she began, "I should apologize," She looked at her hand, "I mean I have a husband and kids and I shouldn't be doing this," She looked at into my eyes again, her face softened, "But I wanted to."She finished.

I couldn't believe what i had just heard, the world felt light, I felt better than I had felt in a long time, we stared at each other for a long while.

"Mommy, I'm done," called Alice from up the stairs, I heard her walk to a room and close the door.

Bella then took her eyes off mine, "I'm coming!" She yelled up the stairs. She walked to the stairs and walked up but before that she looked back at me smiled and mouthed out Bye.

I made my way outside, feeling the happiest I ever felt I ran my way home.