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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


7. Two Lovers

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I picked out Alice's clothes as fast as I could, I wanted to get away from everything so I could think things over. But my cellphone rang so I went and picked it up, "Hello?" I asked, "Hey Bells, I'm calling because I cant make it home today for lunch. There has been this break in at the bank at Port Angeles and they sent me down there, I'll be home for dinner though...OK?" Jacob's voice said through the phone, "OK, I'll make dinner then...I'll see you later then." I sad biting my lip, "Yeah, I love you, bye." He hung up the phone and I put my cell phone in my back pocket.

I sighed and sunk into my bed, I stared at the ceiling hearing the rain pour to the cement, I sighed and turned to my side looking out the window.

I just kissed Edward, out of a random moment, his breath was up on mine, his golden eyes on mine, his flawless facial features inches from mine, his lips so close. I just reached in and kissed him. His cold lips met with mine and the same electric shock that passed through me when I was seventeen passed through me, making me kiss him harder. I didn't want to let go, I had been waiting for him, for a long time. He hadn't pulled back when I kissed him, he pulled back about twenty seconds later.

His icy breath was on mine when he pulled back, I wanted him to kiss me again but my daughter called me and I was forced to leave him.

I touched my lips thinking what had happened ten minutes earlier, his lips were better than I remembered. I slid my fingers to my throat, my pulse was quickening. I put my hands on my hair, I touched his soft hair, his bronze tussled hair was in my hands.

Then I was feeling ashamed of myself. I shouldn't have done that to Edward, I love him, but I have to stay faithful to Jacob, he has helped me out when I needed help. He loved me everyday even if I was in my depression mode, he went to the same college as I so he could protect me, he asked me to marry him in front of my parents, and he gave me a wonderful life, and two great kids. I couldn't be doing this to him.

I made a promise at the altar that I would be faithful to him, and now I do this...

I layed in bed for a few hours just thinking, it was dark out and I jumped up knowing Jacob will be here soon. I hurried down to the kitchen to make dinner. I grabbed a knife and some chicken breasts that were in the fridge. As I was grabbing the knife a white long hand flashed before me, I jumped, stunned.

Edward chuckled by me, "I'm not letting you use this knife anymore, well not anytime soon." He said slicing the vegetables with amazing speed.

I blushed, "I can handle it, I'm not five." I said going for the knife in his hands.

He pulled it back, "No, I'll help you." He said with his crooked smile that he knew I loved.

I sighed, "What about when Jacob gets home? He'll smell you," I said, and the thought of it made me more nervous than ever.

Edward noticed my expression and sighed, "I'm sorry if what..we did today upset you, I am really. I didn't want to get in between you and Jacob. I'm sorry.." He said taking my hands in his and giving them a soft kiss.

He let go of them and I let my hands drop to the side, I shook my head, "No, Edward it was my fault, I got out of control to be doing that," I smiled at his and gave him a small slap on the arm, "And you shouldn't have been so tempting." I said beaming, I could feel my cheeks turning red.

Edward smiled, the smile reached his eyes, "So I still dazzle you?" He asked, and I immediately regretted saying anything.

My face must have been tomato red because Edward laughed, I just nodded looking away from him.

"Good." He said and returned with helping me cook.

We were both finished in no time. Edward left immediately after he helped me, and I went up to take a quick shower.

I let the hot water fall on me, the steam of it fogging my thoughts. I sighed when the hot water ran out and I was forced to get out. I put the towel around my body and combed my hair ad put it in a ponytail. I walked out of the bathroom towards my room when I heard a low whistle coming from the foot of the stairs.

I looked down to see Jacob gaping at me, I flushed and ran to my room, "Jacob!" I exclaimed.

He quickly caught up to me before I shut the door, "What?" He asked taking my face in his hands.

"I'm in a towel." I said pointing at the pink wet towel rapped around me, Jacob growled a low growl raising up his eyebrows, I flushed again, "Let me get dressed." I said trying not to laugh.

"Aw come on why?" He asked like a little kid. "I like this sight of you."

I slapped him on his arm, I sighed impatiently, I loved it when Jacob turned luvy duvy on me but right now he was acting like a maniac, "Jacob out!" I exclaimed.

He stopped, his face fell to a frown but then immediately went back to a smile, "Oh," he said getting closer to me, "playing hard to get?" He said taking another step towards me.

I rolled my eyes, "You already got me..." I reminded him.

He beamed and bent down to kiss me.

"Whats wrong with you, you are acting really strange." I said clinging on to his neck, with another kiss.

He chuckled, "I got promoted!" He said.

I shrieked, "Really?" I said giving him a great smooch, "That's great!"

He laughed and ran his fingers down my back, "OK lets eat!"

I chuckled and dressed rapidly to help Jacob celebrate. I got out the apple cider that was in the fridge that Mike had brought for Alice's birthday party and did a toast.

I finished eating and cleaned the room. We planned to go to First Beach tomorrow so I had to leave this house spotless for tomorrow.

I fell asleep on the couch.

In the morning I woke up to find Jacob had gone out for work, he left a note saying another emergency but he would be home at 1pm. I sighed and sunk into the chair again.

I screamed when I found myself land on Edward's lap.

"Edward...what are you doing here?" I said yawning.

He smiled, "Just wanted to say good morning and drop this off." He handed me a small pink present with a darker pink bow, on the card it said To:Alice, from: A friend.

I smiled, "Thank you, I'm sure shell love it as soon as she opens it."

His teeth gleamed in the surprising sunshine of a Forks day, I couldn't help but stare, "Oh but don't worry I got something for you too." He said and took out a red box, it was rectangular shaped. "Open it." He said in his smooth voice that made me melt.

I opened it carefully and saw inside of it a gold necklace with a heart. I gasped, "Edward I cant accept this." I said gaping at his present. I turned to look at him but he had left and I was left sitting alone on the couch.

I smiled to myself and put the necklace on, Hope Jacob doesn't notice.