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banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!


8. Beach party disaster

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"I'm home!" Jacob called at the door. He shut the door, the sun was bright for Forks today so we were ready to go to the beach.

"We're in here." I called Jacob over to the living room where Anthony, Alice, and I were watching Disney Channel. The kids were watching old reruns from Hannah Montanna.

"Hey!" Jacob exclaimed as he walked in the room.

I had taken the necklace that Edward gave me off before Jacob came home, I didn't think it was appropriate to be wearing it. I loved Edward but I was married, I found a note on the couch saying,

"I had bought this for you thirteen years ago, but since I left I never had a chance to give it to you. Please accept it now, don't take it as me trying to get you back, I'm not planning on that to happen. I'm sorry for what happened the other day.


I was disappointed in myself for what I did in the kitchen. I shouldn't of kissed him. But when I was around Edward I felt like a teen again, an 18 year old, being with him. He took the young out of me and brought it to the surface, then when he was gone, I realized that I was 32 and married and with two children. I wouldn't want to be a cheater with Jacob but Edward dazzles me too much that I am willing to do it then I am left with the pain that I am not being a faithful wife.

I was going to try to stay away from Edward, or at least not get too close to him for all those emotions to come out again.

Alice and Anthony pounced on him. "Daddy lets go please." Alice said tugging on Jacob's hand. She had her bathing suit and sandals ready to go, and Anthony had his surf pants and Spider Man shirt on.

Jacob sighed, "I'm just really tired," He walked to the couch where I was sitting on and slumped down acting tired, "Cant we go later?" H e pretended to go to sleep on my shoulder. I laughed as the children groaned.

"Daddy no!" Anthony said dropping his beach bag down to the floor, "We want to leave now."

Jacob raised his head, "OK," he whispered as he reached up to my face to kiss me.

"Ew!" Anthony exclaimed. Covering his face with his small hands.

"Gross!" Alice said running out of the room giggling.

I laughed while I was kissing Jacob. He pulled back laughing also. "OK let me go change." He said walking up the stairs.

I packed the lunches I had made, I had to make a lot since all the werewolves down at La Push were going to be there. Jacob came walking down the steps a few minutes later carrying a towel on his shoulder. "Lets go!"

The kids were out the door before he finished his sentence, they ran into Jake's car chanting happily.

Jacob helped me with the bags and gave me a small kiss and we exited the house.

We drove down to First Beach, we noticed Sam and his wife and kids were there as well as Quill and his wife.

"Hey guys!" Sam greeted us, his kids running up to Alice and Anthony.

"Hey!" Jacob said clapping hands with Sam.

"Bella." Sam nodded towards me, "Hope you brought enough food." He said with a smile.

I laughed, "I hope so too." I said mockingly.

"Bella, come here I set the table here," Emily said coming up to me and helping me with the food.

I followed her and dropped the food on the picnic table.

"Mommy Anthony said if we could go up to a hike by those logs over there." Dylan said to Emily.

Emily nodded and he and Anthony raced towards the logs. Alice and Jackie stayed sitting on the sand making sand castles.

"Bella you didn't have to go through so much trouble making this much food." Emily said.

"Sure she did, we eat a lot, besides Jared, Embry, Billy, Charlie, Paul, and their families still have to come." Quill said dropping the ribs that they were going to grill down.

"Yup. I don't think it will be enough." Jacob said smiling, "I still have to cook these up."

I smiled, I loved it when the whole family got together for food, it was very entertaining having them around. Emily, Vanessa, Beatriz, and Lilly and I chatted together while the husbands cooked and laughed together, and the kids played together.

A couple of minutes later Embry showed up with Vanessa and their five year old Tyler.

"Mommy come swim with us!" Alice said jumping into the water with Jackie.

"I'll go in right now!" I said. "It's cold in the water," I muttered to Emily.

She laughed, "Yeah but it feels good afterward. Ill go in also. Come on." She said getting up. Vanessa followed us into the water, letting her son wander off with Anthony.

Alice splashed me some water, it wasn't that cold but enough to made me yell in protest, I took off my shirt so it could just be my bikini top Emily did the same, Vanessa turned back to stay on the sand with watching the kids, she was laughing as we ran through the water.

A couple of minutes after that Jared and Paul came running breathless into the picnic.

"Whoa whats up?" Jacob asked surprised at both of them.

"There-there are vampires here." Jared said.

I froze, Edward, I thought worried. Edward was here, they could smell him, but how? Jacob couldn't sense him back at home.

"What?" Quill snapped.

"You heard me, there are vampires back at Forks." Jared said looking at me.

"Where?" Embry asked dropping down the ribs.

"Down at the old...Cullen house." Jared said still keeping his eyes on me.

I gasped and fell tot he floor, Edward.

They all stared at me, Jacob socked Jared on the arm, "Don't say that name man, you know they hurt her. It still pains her." He said in a firm whisper but I could hear it.

"Sorry," Jared muttered.

"How do you know?" Jacob asked crushing the salad tongs in his hands. "Where did you see them?" He snapped.

Emily helped me up, Alice and Anthony stopped playing and ran towards me. I had to warn Edward, I didn't know how but I couldn't let the werewolves track them down and kill him. "I'm OK, I just slipped," I said pointing at the mossy rock.

They nodded believing the lie I made up.

I ran up to Jacob, "Vampires here, how?" I tried to act surprised.

"We saw one only, it was hunting out in the forest," Jacob tensed beside me, he grabbed hold of my waist, "No not humans Jake, animals, a deer I'm pretty sure."

"Did it see you, did you get a good view of it?" Jacob asked keeping his arm around my waist.

"Uh..." Paul started, "Not really it heard us so it disappeared, but I do know it was a male."

"Well we got to go find him, now!" Jacob said releasing my waist, "We cant let a creature in now after 13 years of pureness!" Jacob's hand was beginning to shake, "I wont let it ruin everything that we have built here." Jacob went up to the car to get some stuff, nobody followed him except for me.

"Jacob no please." I pleaded in a whisper, "don't go." I held his hand.

He looked at me, his eyes grew soft, and a smile rose from his lips, he touched my face, "Don't worry Bella, sweetie, Ill be fine." He said tracing my lips, he leaned down to give me a kiss. I wrapped my arms around him pressing my lips against his. I pulled back and stared into his eyes, "I love you, nothing will happen to me, only that leech." He left me alone in the parking lot.

That's what I'm afraid of.