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Mary Alice Brandon The Asylum

What happens when MaryAlice Brandon can see the future? She is ten years old and put in an asylum. All beacause her parents thought she was crazy! But what happens when she's put in the dark for the rest of her life? Can she ever be happy again? PSSSSST! My story of Alice before she was a vampire. the asylum awesome Banner made by eternitys charm!!!

I hope you LOVE this story!

1. Weird things

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I keep on getting this weird de'ja vu's. ALL the time. One time, I was walking home, then I had this like visoin or say what I call it. It was my mom and dad. The were discussing about my problem. My vision problem or whatever you call it. I knew they were sending me to that crazy place where all the other crazy people were. I thought I was fine. Its just visions. Right? I see nothing wrong with it.

I was in my little room with my older sister. I looked like her. But I was afraid I might never see her again. Never.

"MaryAlice?" My sister whispered to me. She was sitting next to me. Why didnt she talk louder? "Will I ever see you again? I mean you told me that mom and dad were sending you to the asylum." She whispered. She wanted me to stay.

"Wait let me see." I told her pointing my finger in the air. I was trying to see another vision, about me and my sister.

In my vision there was my sister but no me. I guess she moved on. Did she forget about me? Or did she miss me? I went further into my vision but saw nothing else.

"Anything?" She asked me. I shook my head with a frown and opening my eyes to look at her.

"I think its too early, but mom and dad are sending me to the asylum if I tell them anything else weird. Plus they might send me there even if I dont see anything." I told her as quite as I could. Now I understood why she was talking so low. Mom and dad were in the next room.

"But you didnt do anything wrong!" She whispered with anger. I was her little sister I was only ten!

"I know," I told her. "I didnt do anything wrong, but when I get out of the asylum. If I go there. Im going to get you. Okay?" She shook her head and started crying softly.

"Mom and dad are just dumb MaryAlice, Ill do whatever it takes to get out of here." She told me. I would too, but I knew where I was going. Even if I didnt say anything. They knew it was with me for the rest of my life.

You see my mom and dad are christians. But I dont call myself one. So does my sister. My mom thinks I have the devils gift, and wants it out of me, and my dad thinks Im possesed. But I think its a gift.

Right now Im sitting in this room with my sister, and I might never see her again. Never.

So that night we went to sleep and then I had this messed up dream. I talk in my sleep, and that is messed up because my parents can hear me talk. But I dont get visions when I sleep and they think it just gets worst. I get my visions in the day. But they dont believe me. So that night I knew I would never see my sister again.