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Mary Alice Brandon The Asylum

What happens when MaryAlice Brandon can see the future? She is ten years old and put in an asylum. All beacause her parents thought she was crazy! But what happens when she's put in the dark for the rest of her life? Can she ever be happy again? PSSSSST! My story of Alice before she was a vampire. the asylum awesome Banner made by eternitys charm!!!

I hope you LOVE this story!

2. Saying goodbye to the only person I love

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So that night we went to sleep and then I had this messed up dream. I talk in my sleep, and that is messed up because my parents can hear me talk. But I dont get visions when I sleep and they think it just gets worst. I get my visions in the day. But they dont believe me. So that night I knew I would never see my sister again.


I woke that morning to a loud riot. Screaming, and punding things. I sat up in my bed, and looked around. My sister wasnt there. She was yelling at my mom, and dad. I looked around a little more to see that there was two suitcases on the floor, filled with clothes.

"Why do you want to send her to thet crazy place? She's only ten mom!" My sister yelled woth all her might. I think I could hear her sob.

"Because! She has the devils gift! We want it out of her!" My mom yelled back at her.

"Its a gift mom! Not the devils gift! Remember that time when you ALMOST DIED?! MaryAlice told you to stay inside! You listened! Now your here!" My sister yelled once more.

"Im sorry! But your sister is going if she likes it or not! You hear me! She's staying there until that thing in her is gone!" My dad yelled at her this time.

By now I was crying, sobbing. My sister was standing up for me. And I wont see her again. I kept on crying and crying. I DONT want to go in that crazy place.

"You know what! I dont want to deal with you messed up people! You two should go to hell for what you've done!" My sister yelled at them. I heard her stomp the floor when she walked in my room and slammed the door. She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry." I told her in my sobs.

"No, no, MaryAlice. Dont be, I wont let them take you from me. Ill do whatever." She told me coming on the bed and hugging me tight.

"Will I ever see you?" I asked her.

"I dont know MaryAlice, you tell me." She said in a sad tone. I nodded closed my eyes and then went searching in my vision. I saw nothing but her. Just her.

"I dont see anything but you still." I told her. That made us sob more because we might never see each other again. We were sobbing when we heard three hard knocks on the door.

"Hello," My mother said opening the door. "Yes she's in her room. Follow me." She told whoever it was. I heard them walking, and then my door opend.

There they were. Two soldiers. My mother looked happy with a huge grin on her face.

"Which one?" One of the soldiers asked my mom.

"The little one there sir." She told him pointing to me. I wish I never had these visions, but I could use it when it came in handy.

"Hello, we are here to take you now." He told me. My sister let out a loud NO.

"She's not the one wit the visions! Its me! ME!" My sister yelled at them. My mother's eyes got wider.

"No, its that one right there, the little one." She told them in an angry voice.

The soldier, walked by our side and started to tug on me, trying to take me away. I held on tight to my sister with all my might. I had my arms around her neck, my fingers held to each other.

"No! I dont want to go!" I yelleed. The soldier pulled me again. I wouldnt budge. Then he tryed again. Then nothing. He tried one more time.

I was with the soldier. I thrashed around in his arms reaching for my sister.

"MaryAlice!" My sister yelled. My mom was holding her down.

"Cynthia! NO!!" I screamed. I was still trying to get out of the mans grip. "I LOVE YOU. I'll get you when I get out Cynthia." I screamed when they took me away.

"MARYALICE!" My sister screamed once more.

Then I was outside in a carriage, to that messsed up asylum.