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Bella's Guilty Sexual Fantasy

When Edward refuses to have sex with bella, she takes the easy way out,,,,,,,,,,the sexy part doesnt come til the end...POEM....it gets a little steamy but it isn't flat out XX its jr.x lol

the sexy part isn't until the end,,,,but give it time you'll get there!

1. Chapter 1

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I craved and yearned and dreamt of your body
Wanting to please you with lingerie so naughty
Laying in my bed so lonely and darkly
And then your arms came and wrapped around me gently

You kissed my hair and kissed my cheek
And I didn’t want this night to be like others...bleak
So I unlatched myself from your tight grip
I was tired of your carefulness with me, so sick of it

My lips pressed to yours ever so tightly
And his lips parted as if he would bite me
“Enough Bella it won’t end well” he said
And pulled away from me, I always dread

“Edward please, just once” I begged
“Bella I wont, I’m not” he said
I found myself forcing my love on him
And then my heart went numb, and my thoughts grim

I lied still on my bed as if I were frozen
“Bella?” he questioned as he moved forward
“Why?” I heard my voice crack
“I don’t want to hurt you” and that was that

Hot tears flowed down my cheek
And I ran to my truck and drove down the street
I pulled in front of my house and cleared the tears
And looked curiously as a dark figure left the stairs

It was a certain werewolf I’d been waiting to see
And I hopped out of my old truck with some slight glee
“Bells” he cheers with a casual tone
I looked up at him, hadn’t notice how much he’d grown

But certain darkness came to my mind
As I thought of Edwards face and hurtful lie
I burst into tears of anger and sadness
Jacob hated Edward and understood my madness

So we walked to my truck and went to the beach
And occasionally I would look at Jacobs face, just a peek
“Bells I never understood why you wanted to lose your virginity to him”
He made it sound like a wish of death, or a sin

“You will never understand Jake, never” I assured him
“Just don’t see why.....it couldn’t be me” he said grim
We laid in the soft sand now and I thought of what he said
“I like the thought of that, you and me instead” (bella)

I felt vulnerable on a lonely beach lying across his chest
And he was warm on a windy night, which was the best
“Jake what do you mean ‘why...it couldn’t be me’?”
“I’m...kind of a romantic guy, sex is easy”

“Oh Jake, come on, sex isn’t as easy as it seems”
“You wanna bet?” his excitement steamed
“Oh whatever Ja-” as I got off of him and tried to walk away
His hand grabbed me and my body swayed

“Jake!” I squealed as his lips pressed to mines
And my whines only made him harder that time
I felt him stiffen as he pulled me tight
And felt his hand loosen my bra ever so light

I pulled off the old sweats I hated so much
And didn’t resist under his tight clutch
He kissed my neck and down
And I moaned and screamed as he went in and out

My hands tangled in his short black hair
And he still penetrated me as I lacked air
I stared past him at the moon
And then focused on the licking he was doing

Before I knew it, it was over
“Told you” Jacob teased as his breathing got slower
My eyes opened and I was in my bed
It was all a dream, my fantasy fed

The best dream ever, apart from my nightmares
I mentally cheated on Edward,
Maybe I’ll do it again
And it’ll be in real life, and not a dream but a personal dare.