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An unexpected journey.

chasity has a normal life
but jacob comes to visit with nessie and the rest of the cullens and there new son Jacoby...
and gess what happens


ive never posted a story on here
hope you like it ^__^

1. Chapter 1

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Legends. I’ve herd them my entire whole, my family is full of secrets the world outside doesn’t know. Well, I didn’t either until yesterday; let me explain my name is Chasity(weird name right?) my mothers name is Emily and my fathers name is Sam, I grew up in a happy loving home full of men who came over a lot and ate a lot including my dad. My mother is super nice I don’t know how she can be so nice sometimes but she is, she’s very beautiful but has claw scars on her face I was told were from a bear but I was told wrong so wrong. They were from a Werewolf shocker right? Well apparently all the myths I heard when I was little were true. So, my father was once one but chose to stop phasing to grow old with my mother well, the only reason I found out was a man named Jacob came to visit with his wife nessie and her family who were very beautiful beyond all reason. I had heard about him before that he and my father were good friends. It was a very fun gathering until I fell down the steps and cut my arm all to hell, and then I heard a scream and everything went black. I woke up the next day and well they told me everything. And for the fact that when I cut my arm up yesterday jasper smelt my blood and went after me but, they stopped him even thought he did push me into the wall breaking my arm. Over night my life had changed a whole lot. But, I couldn’t help but notice one of the Jacob’s son jacoby he was amazingly cute. We had stayed up that whole day debating books from romance to mystery but, mostly we talked about music from the Beatles to Papa Roach. I know I was totally crushing big time I don’t think I’ve ever had a crush this big I was never a girly girl I was more a gothic and punk person I never fit in anywhere but with Jacoby I did and I felt amazing with him. We were having an amazing time talking till my dad came in with a very anger look on his face and said he should be going so my dad left the room and did something that surprised me a whole lot he kissed me fucking kissed I freaked my first kiss, I had never felt more amazing. That night I feel asleep thinking about him but I heard my parent arguing about something but never let even cared enough to lesion I was just so sleepy. The next day I found out they were coming back one day but, I never found out when so everyday I was so bummed and smiled when I thought about him. Good thing is I didn’t have to wait long case a week after they left we got a call saying they were coming back in a week for a month. I was so excited I was smiling all the time. I think my dad knew that and was not happy he never liked them and, I guess that’s why he and my mom kept getting into a lot of fights.