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An unexpected journey.

chasity has a normal life
but jacob comes to visit with nessie and the rest of the cullens and there new son Jacoby...
and gess what happens


ive never posted a story on here
hope you like it ^__^

2. Chapter 2

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They are coming back today. I put on so much make up and wore tightjeans and a black Beatles (let it be) shirt. I heard a knock and about screamed. I paused when heard angry voices. My father spoke in a tone I had never heard before.

Sam “My little girl can’t go through this. She is all we have after Daniel*choking*. Never mind, are you sure?

Why did he mention my older brother who disappeared after he and dad got into a fight.

I remember the last time I saw my brother. He was helping me with my spelling words and he got a call from his friend. We all knew he was still hanging with the wrong crowd. He was just expelled from school and dad hadn’t come home yet to punish him. When dad did get home him and Daniel and him quickly got at each other throats. My mother quickly took me from the room. She locked the door and held me singing. I heard a crunch sound then a scream. My mother whimpered and held me closer. After that night my dad wasn’t the same and Daniel never came home. I learned to not ask about him.