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Love always has a chance

Hey, this is my view of twilight but i have changed a few things, you will see that the books starts in 1918 and that Bella is the Vampire not Edward PLease do enjoy

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1. 1918 - The Transfomation (BPOV)

Rating 4/5   Word Count 898   Review this Chapter

I was burning of fever because of the Spanish influenza that has taken both my parents from me but I have made a new friend in Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I knew I had but a few hours left to live before the Influenza takes over. Dr. Carlisle came into the room after taking my mothers live less body to the morgue, he looked at me as if he was waiting for me to fall asleep, waiting for the final stages to take over.

I closed my eyes and then all of a sudden it felt as if I was flying, flying but yet I did not what was going on. I awoke in a dark room with Carlisle next to me so I still had to be at the hospital, maybe I dreamt I was flying.

“I am so sorry Bella, please you must forgive me for this but your mother wanted this.” I looked at him, he came closer and moved my face in the other direction, and all of a sudden, a burning sensation of pain shot through my veins. All I could do was scream and dig my nails into the bed. What was happening to me was I really dying and what did Carlisle mean about my mother wanting this. Was I on my way to hell? I let the burning carry on and I tried to withhold from screaming every time Carlisle came into the room, as I knew that he would start apologizing for something he did to me yet I did not know what he had done. Finally, I drifted into a sleep that felt as if it could release me from this pain. I finally woke up after three days of sleeping and screaming.

As I sat up, I saw Carlisle sitting next to the bed “Bella I need you to understand something, I did not want this for you but your mother made me promise. I am going to explain everything to you but please do not jump to any conclusions or assumptions before I am done.” I looked at him and I saw that he had pain and guilt all over his face “Carlisle I will listen and then decide. Please do carry on.” Carlisle looked at me and took a deep breathe “Bella, you were almost dead due to the influenza reaching it’s final stage when your mother made her last wish to me and her exact words were for me to save you like no one else could. She knew I had a secret but I wasn’t sure what she meant until I looked myself in the mirror and I realized what she meant. Bella your mother asked me to do to you what had been done to me centuries ago.”

He looked at me and I could only listen, even though not understanding what he meant I knew that he would finally answer my questions. “Bella you are a Vampire.” I looked at him trying to make sense of what he just said. “I am what!! Carlisle are you sure you are not lying to me!” Did Vampires even exist? I couldn’t stop myself when I opened my eyes I was on top of Carlisle forcing him to the ground with all my strength. “Yes Bella, look at yourself in the mirror and you will see what I mean, but please can you get off me?” I got up of the ground and walked towards the dresser and I saw a beautiful woman with dark hair and a pale skin, all her features were perfect but she had red eyes, eyes of a monster.

“Bella, you are not a monster there is a different way to live than to kill humans, yes you will need blood to live but it doesn’t have to be the blood of a human, I have been living of off the blood of animals for centuries.” I know knew what I was but did I really understand it, was this what I was meant to be? “Bella, come with me, we need to get you outside to hunt.” We went outside and we were surrounded with forests and mist. Carlisle started to run and I followed, I was faster than anything I have ever witnessed and felt before, I was faster than Carlisle and yet I wasn’t clumsy. Not being clumsy was a bit odd to me because I was known for that. Something smelled sweet in the air but Carlisle forced me into the opposite direction only to find a deer grazing.

He gave me signal to attacked and so I got in a hunting position and started to move closer to it, and when it tried to run I lunged myself at it and automatically went for it’s neck. I felt the warm blood rush over my lips and down my throat, it tasted wonderful. After draining the animal from all its blood, I wanted more and Carlisle knew this so we ran deeper into the woods and we found a grisly bear. “This should be fun.” We ran closer to the bear and just as it noticed there was danger around him I did the same as I did to the deer, but the bear was a bit more difficult yet it was fun. By the time I had finished of the grisly, I was satisfied.