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Love always has a chance

Hey, this is my view of twilight but i have changed a few things, you will see that the books starts in 1918 and that Bella is the Vampire not Edward PLease do enjoy

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2. Chapter 2 - Forks (EPOV)

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After a long and tearful goodbye from my mother, I finally boarded the plane to Forks. The flight was long yet it felt as if I just got onto it when we landed. I saw Charlie’s police cruiser at the door and he was standing next to it smiling at me. The drive home was quiet, when we finally got home I took my bags upstairs and started to freshen up. I went downstairs only find Charlie and Billy outside carrying on like two kids like they always do. “Edward, come here.” I automatically did as Charlie ask and as I got to them Charlie was standing next to a Red Chevrolet Pick-Up truck, he looked at me with a smug grin “What do you think, Edward? I really hope you like it coz it’s your home coming present.” I was shocked beyond response. “WOW! Dad this is great!” The truck was one of those old ones that looked like it could with stand a war even though it wasn’t fast which I would soon change I really liked it.

“Hey Edward, How are you and welcome back.” I turned around as I realized that I have heard this voice before and that I couldn’t remember the face. “Jacob? WOW! I haven’t seen you in a while. How are you?” Wow, he really looked different; I haven’t seen him in years. “Jacob, are you going to drive with me to school. It really would be nice if I knew someone there.” He looked at me as if he would really just say yes to be polite “No Edward, I can’t I go to school on the reservation.” Oh, I forgot he lived in La Push not in Forks. “But I would have if I could.”

I went back upstairs and got ready for bed after Jacob and Billy left, it was nice seeing him again, we used to be best friends when I came to visit from Phoenix and the last time I saw him I was about twelve. I took a shower and headed for my room, as I got into bed I waited for sleep to take over but it didn’t happen, the sounds of the wind and the rain racking against my window drove me insane.

Today was my first day at Forks High School, the school building looked more like a huge house surrounded by other houses. After I got my schedule and my class map I headed for my first class, on the way there a girl by the name Angela walked up to me and we started talking, she was a very friendly, a bit too friendly but I just kept the conversation going trying not to be rude. I finally reached my first class, English.

The periods up until lunch were slow I met a lot of people but I really wasn’t bothered by their names, as it was my first day, I just wanted to get to know the school. I was excited about the Biology class, I was in an advanced program in Phoenix and I really hoped that the Biology would be interesting. I turned around to look at the cafeteria, it was half of the size of the one in Phoenix, as I turned back round again I saw a group of beautiful kids walk in, they looked different but together they had almost perfect similarities. “Mike, who are they?” I asked nodding in their direction. “Oh, they are the Cullen’s and the Hales. The First couple that came in, that’s Rosalie Hale and Emmet Cullen. The little pixie like girl is Alice Cullen and the guy who walked behind her, the one that looked as if he was in pain is Rosalie’s twin brother, Jasper Hale” Just as I thought that was all of them I saw her walking in, she was so beautiful, she had long dark brown hair that looked as if it had red stripes in it, a pale skin with the most beautifully shaped features and her eyes were a dark black color. “Who is she?” “Oh that’s Bella Cullen, don’t waste your time dude, she doesn’t date any one here. They probably aren’t good enough for her.” Not good enough, what did Mike mean by that, she looks so pure, so innocent. “Wasn’t planning to.” I couldn’t just force myself on her, maybe he wasn’t good enough, maybe Mike tried and she pushed him away, which is odd because the girls here seem to drool over Mike.

As the bell rang, I got up and started walking to Biology, hoping that maybe something interesting will happen so that I can stop thinking about Bella. As luck would have it I walked into the Biology class and Mr. Crouse pointed me to the only desk that had an empty space, as I looked up to see who I will sharing it with, my heart beat started to accelerate and I could feel I was going to blush but I tried to contain it, I really liked Bella and I didn’t want her to see me blush. As I reached our desk, she moved her stuff up to make space for mine and she moved up against the wall.

The teacher was talking about molecules today and I have already done this. Still trying to keep myself interested I couldn’t help but look at Bella, she was sitting as far from me as possible with her face pulled into the most unimaginable expression, it looked as if she was in pain. I heard something fall hoping that I didn’t drop it and as I looked down I saw her hands gripping the table underneath and it look like she was close to crushing it when the bell suddenly rang. She got up and ran out of the classroom. “What did you do to Bella, stab her with a pencil?” As I looked up to see, who it was talking to me there stood Jessica Stanley with a huge grin on her face. “I don’t know why?” “Well for starters I have never seen her face pulled that way and then I have never seen her run out of Biology, the one subject she totally loves.” She loved Biology, WOW. “I really don’t know are you talking about the girl who was sitting next to me?” trying to sound completely innocent.

The rest of my day was quite predictable, as soon as the last bell rang, I wanted to go outside and ask Bella what was wrong but she span out of the parking lot with a beautiful Volvo. I got into my truck hoping that I would be able to chase after her but as I drove out of the parking lot, I couldn’t see her car anywhere. So I decided to head home as Charlie asked me to meet him at the local diner for lunch at four. I got home and headed for my room hoping my mother would call. A few minutes passed and my phone rang, as I answered it I was filled with relief and hope that my mother would be able to help me figure out what happened today. “Mom my day was okay and the kids were polite.” My mother knew me too good to believe that I had a great day. Out of routine I started blurting out everything until I got to the Biology class incident, I spoke more clear so that she can pick it up and help me. After telling her everything she was just as confused as everyone else “ Son I really don’t know what to tell you, this Bella girl seems like maybe something may of upset her and she was just trying to deal with.” I really hoped that that was the reason but I would find out tomorrow.

After having lunch with Charlie, I headed to the store and then to the library to get few more books to read. I got home, took a hot shower, and disappeared to my room to read one of the books I got. As usual, I fell asleep with the book. Morning came and I was ready to go to school and as I got there, the Cullen’s just pulled in, the red BMW M3 was there and a Jeep but no Volvo. As all of them got out no Bella either. What would have upset her that she didn’t want to come to school? The week went by and still no Bella.