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Love always has a chance

Hey, this is my view of twilight but i have changed a few things, you will see that the books starts in 1918 and that Bella is the Vampire not Edward PLease do enjoy

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3. Chapter 3 - Brooding - BPOV

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I drove out of the school’s parking lot the moment my siblings were in the car. Alice was grinning and I knew that she must have had a vision that included me, something I really hated. I was still trying to get Edward Swan’s green eyes out of my head when we finally got to the driveway. I parked the car and immediately went to my room.

I shielded every entrance and I lay back on my couch. I needed to think. I needed to be alone. I felt Emmet bash against my shield and Jasper trying to get a read on my emotions. Ugh! I don’t understand why my brothers also want to get involved. I got lost in my memory of Edward and his beautiful green eyes that were so pure and inviting.

I felt Carlisle’s soft knock against my bedroom door and immediately lifted my shield so that he could come in. he was the one and only person who I would ask for advice in a time like this. I nodded my head to show him that I am ok. “Bella, it’s been three days, you have been in here for three days. Let’s talk about this.” I looked at him and I could not help but gasp at the fact that I have been in here for three days all because I was afraid of a human.

“Carlisle? I don’t know if I can face him again without killing him, I know this is childish but I can’t kill him. He may be my singer but I think there is more to it than just his blood.” I dropped my head onto my knees as I finished talking. I knew Carlisle had to have something to say. “Bella, I have a theory.” My favourite words from my father, the words that always showed his wisdom and curiosity. “I think that he is the one for you, just maybe that he might be the guy you have been waiting for. I have an idea for you to be able to go to school.”

At that moment I decided that I was going to stop running away from this beautiful human and allow myself this possibility of being loved. “You should hunt tonight as much as you can and just try to relax around him. “ Carlisle and I decided that it was time to stop hiding and let Edward get to know me.

I hunted the whole night; I stayed close to the house so that I could be in time to face my new decision. Alice was hunting with me and it felt great having my energetic sister with me. I couldn’t help but feel happy. It felt as if the decision has given my existence some sense of purpose. Alice was grinning the whole night. She must have had a vision or and idea for clothes as I agreed to let her dress me for school tomorrow.

We got home just as the sun was rising, Jasper and Emmet were outside wrestling, Esme and Carlisle were in the dining room looking over Esme’s newest renovation plans and Rosalie was watching Fashion TV. Life in the Cullen house seemed normal but we all knew it was about to change.