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Love always has a chance

Hey, this is my view of twilight but i have changed a few things, you will see that the books starts in 1918 and that Bella is the Vampire not Edward PLease do enjoy

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4. Chapter 4 - Tribal legends (EPOV)

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The weekend was a blur, I couldn’t get Bella Cullen out of my head, and all I could focus on was her brown and red hair, her gold eyes and her facial expressions that I must have been the cause off. How such a beautiful creature could be so distant and unnervingly difficult to figure out was beyond me.

I spent Saturday at home, attempting to do my homework but by the time Charlie came home from work I felt like giving up. I went downstairs and picked up the phone, I called for pizza and then called Jacob, he might be able to help clear up the mystery that is Bella Cullen. The phone barely rang and I heard Billy answer the phone. “Hi Mr. Black can I please talk to Jacob, its Edward.” It felt strange calling someone else to unravel another person, usually it would take me mere minutes before I would be able to predict the person’s thoughts and actions and I have never been wrong, until Bella Cullen appeared.

Jacob finally came to the phone, a husky voice boldered through the speaker. ‘Uhm. Hi Edward” this was going to be a long conversation. “Sorry for bugging you, I wanted to ask you something, wanna come over?” maybe that would make this conversation more understandable. “Sure I’ll be there in forty.” with that he hung up and I waited for the pizza to arrive just to distract myself.

The doorbell rang and I all but jumped out of the chair I was occupying, I headed towards it, the money for pizza in my back pocket. I opened the door only to find Jacob standing there. “Oh I thought the pizza would be here before you” I chuckled softly. Charlie was in the lounge with a beer and the television blaring about some game that was on. Jacob and I stayed in the kitchen it would be weird to drag him up to my room.

We chattered about random topics until the bell rang, Jacob ran to the door “Pizza is here!” I had to laugh at his excitement. I followed him to the door, took the money out for the pizza, I paid the kid and noticed Jacob already had the pizza on the table and he was reaching for plates. After I handed Charlie his dinner I went back to the kitchen. I knew I had to bring this up now. “So Jacob, what do you know of Bella Cullen?” I took a bite of my pizza as I asked, hiding my growing obsession of this girl.

Jacob looked at me and smirked. “Well for one I can see you, like many other Forks boys, have fallen under her spell.” he laughed at that comment then became serious again about the subject at hand.

“She isn’t normal, none of the Cullens are, there’s this legend that the tribe elders always tell at bonfires and to be honest I think it’s a bunch of folklore but almost everyone believes it.” he took another monstrous bite out of the pizza slice and chewed it, after he swallowed he looked at me again. “The tribe elders refer to them as the Cold – Ones, they have abilities far beyond a humans grasp and they have and will always be the enemy of our tribe, you see it is said that our tribe is originally from wolves, and that the Cold – Ones are the ones we need to defend our tribe against.”

I couldn’t help but pay attention to what he was saying; it all seemed so surreal as if I was dreaming. “It was told that many years ago my great –great grandfather made a deal with the wolves and that his spirit and that of the wolf became one, giving him the abilities to protect the tribe, it wasn’t needed until one day a female cold one attacked our village, she had her arms wrapped around my great – great grandfathers neck, ready to snap it when a woman of the tribe kneeled next to him and she cut her wrist, letting him escape as the blood distracted the female cold one. He phased into a huge wolf and killed the cold one, saving the village.” Oh my…. There was no way I could have thought that the Cullens were Vampires and that the Quileute’s were wolves. My mind was running rampant with all the information Jacob poured out.

My pizza was cold by the time I realised that I had barely touched it but Jacob started his next story about the legends and the cold ones. “There’s another one that would perk your interest but its all folklore to me. There’s a treaty that connects our tribe and the Cullens, many years ago the Cullens came to Forks and they appeared different their eyes were gold and not red like all the other cold ones so my Grandfather made a treaty with them, saying that they are allowed to stay in Forks but they’re not allowed on Quileute land or we would expose them to the pale faces. But they were less when they came here the first time. The little pixie one and her partner weren’t with them then.” My mind was racing at the fact that Bella Cullen was the walking undead, that her beauty was what came with the package yet to me all that I could think of was how I would be able to make her smile, to break her out of her box. This girl was becoming the centre of my universe and I marvelled in that.