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Love always has a chance

Hey, this is my view of twilight but i have changed a few things, you will see that the books starts in 1918 and that Bella is the Vampire not Edward PLease do enjoy

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6. Chapter 6 -Threatening Mario Kart EPOV

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Oh my god... Bella drove like a maniac... And I loved it. She was so confident in her driving skill, but then again she's had years to perfect it. I tried my hardest not to stare at her but she looked absolutely divine. I was still thinking about the conversation we had, she didn't deny it at all, so does it mean she's gonna be a danger to me. I shook the thought out of my mind then made a decision. Bella Cullen is my life now, come hell or high water, I will not loose her. We reached the school campus and I got out as fast as I could but I was too slow. Bella just got out of the car, maybe I should ask her to wait. She reached for her bag and I already had mine slung over my shoulder. We turned around and I took hold of her hand then we walked towards the school building and literally everyone was staring at us. I saw her chewing her lip and mutter something too fast for me to understand when suddenly I was picked up by one of Bella's family members she turned and yelled at him "Emmet Cullen you put him down now, if he gets so much as a bruise I will bust up your Mario Kart game!" I heard a bunch of giggles behind me then suddenly I was set down again only to face the most muscled person I've ever seen. He looked like he just fell out of a wrestling scene. Bella stepped in between us and growled at her brother "Do that again and I will put a perma - shield between you and Rosalie." Emmet looked like he was going to cry and everyone else just started laughing louder. What a sight this must have been to the rest of the school. The pixie like girl who's name I thought was Alice snapped her fingers a few times in some form of morse code then everyone started moving fast. Bella had her arm slinked into mine pulling me into the school building. Instead of going straight to class she went to the principal's office and asked me to wait outside. After a few minutes she had two day passes signed. "Bella?" I looked at her confused. "I can't have you here today that's why." She then grabbed my arm again and we were back at her car. "Get in please Edward. I"ll explain on the way to the house." I did as she asked and before I knew it we were speeding down the highway to the opposite side of town, to the area where only hikers dare to go. "People are at the school today and they are doing blood typing. I couldn't have you in the same room where I was exposed to the smell of blood, I can't risk that." So that was today? I thought it was only next week. "Its ok Bella." I placed my hand on hers. For some odd reason her cold hand was comforting to me. We reached a huge mansion-like house right in the middle of the forest. I tried my best not to drop my jaw at the sight. "Well this is home." We were still standing outside when two other cars pulled in behind us "The others, Emmet was sulking too much so they decided to come home." I raised an eyebrow at her, wow she knew her family too well. Emmet ran straight past us and into the lounge and we heard him yell "Oh thank goodness your alright" followed by some kissing sounds "Daddy won't let mean ol' Bella touch his little Mario Kart" then it was silent and it was as if it was rehearsed but everyone including two others I haven't met and myself were laughing so hard. Emmet was still making out with Mario Kart when we got inside, Rosalie just shook her head and went upstairs. Never in my entire life will I forget this moment.