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hiia guys, ok so i know some of you who have read my Isle Esme story wanted to read Jasper and Emmett's fantasies that i mentioned in chapter two so here they are guyz xxx

Jasper and Emmett cant hide their fantasies of Bella from Edward not with his brilliant ability to read minds. How will their fantasies play out and how will Edward react?

1. Jasper's fantasy

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Jasper’s Fantasy

Jasper’s POV

Suddenly I felt claws sink into my back and a hiss come from behind me

Damn it focus Jasper your hunting not watching Alice

I swung round and fought the mountain lion off me, it fell to the ground snarling,

“bastard cat!!” I growled as I threw myself at the mountain lion. It dodged and I landed firmly on the ground hissing, the lion growled and pounced at me, claws outstretched. I jumped to meet the lion and grabbed its fur in mid air, I swung the lion to the ground below me and landed on it. It wriggled from under my foot and took off into the trees

“damn it!” I shouted, I started running after it, running on all fours the same fashion as the lion did. Of coarse I caught up with the creature in no time and snatched its tail, dragging it down. I quickly pounced to the front of it and grabbed its neck and snapping it, there was a terrible crunch as the lions neck bone snapped. I pulled its neck to my mouth and bit into its flesh, the warm sweet blood started pouring into my mouth and I sucked viciously to taste more. When the creature was drained I felt satisfied

Oh crap! I left Alice back there

I quickly dashed into the trees again and ran back to where Alice, Edward and Bella were. They had all caught something and were feeding, this was all our second hunt today, we though we would hunt extra as we were going into Seattle for a shopping spree and everyone knows how busy Seattle can be on Saturday

Obviously planned by Alice.

“did you catch it?” Alice asked as she finished her deer, I looked up at my beautiful creature and smiled

“yep it was a tough one though” I replied winking, Edward looked a little pissed.

“I wanted that lion” he hissed under his breath

“oh god, don’t start throwing a hissy fit, people might actually think your younger than 7” I smarted as I rolled my eyes, Edward hissed quietly and opened his mouth to say something

“come now Edward you know you’re a very boy” Bella smiled seductively, running her hands down the front of his pants

“ok we don’t need another display of your public displays of obsessed affection” Alice laughed, god I loved her sometimes.

Bella laughed but didn’t take her hand off him

God it was gross to see, anyone doing that to Edward seriously wants to make me puked

Bella seemed to be doing a good job, Edward was practically drooling

It was gross but I guess Edward is pretty lucky the was Bella just…

Wait what?

Did I just…no I…I just said Edward was lucky for having Bella.

“what’s wrong baby?” Alice asked, taking my hand, how could I have just thought about being jealous of Edward, Alice was everything and more.

“nothing I’m fine” I replied


“ok well I’m have to hurry back to the house immediately I had a vision” Alice smiled

“a vision! About what why didn’t you tell me!?” I asked

“calm down, its really important, Rosalie wants me to help her pick out an outfit for tomorrow” Alice chimed as she sped off into the trees.

Oh when clothes are involved there’s no stopping that woman

“ there’s another mountain lion, about 400 meters away, I’ll be right back” Edward shouted excitedly and with that he zoomed off out of sight. That left me and Bella alone, Bella walked up to me smiling

“nice hunting Jazz” Bella complemented, I felt a little uncomfortable and shifty

“hmm thanks” I mumbled looking at my feet

“what’s up?” Bella asked trying to read my expression

“nothing really, guess I’m just hungry…still” I replied, Bella smiled and started to look at a scratch….on her hip

“dumb lion” she mumbled as she pulled her top further up to see the scratch

God she was shaped perfectly

What no! Jasper you cannot think that what about alice

You love Alice

But you want Bella

You lust for her

I lust for Alice

No shit brick you love Alice but lust for Bella.

Oh boy.

I smiled nervously at Bella as she explored further up her torso, she stopped suddenly

“I better go see where Edward is he usually has the lion by now” Bella said and she pounced from tree to tree towards where Edward had ran. Ok so now it was just me in the forest.

I sat down by a tree and battled with my thoughts

I don’t love Bella though

Exactly you just lust for her and you know it admit it you want her

I guess I really do but Alice as well

You want them both but love Alice

Greedy sod

I felt myself loose focus and I started to daydream.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The room I was in was set beautifully, lit candles, red heart pillows, a bucket of ice and Champaign on the white bed. It was all set for Alice but I had a funny feeling about it, I was dressed in a navy blue blouse and black jeans. I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for Alice, it felt like I had spent forever waiting. Suddenly the door creaked open and I jumped up and smoothed my blouse down, I was surprised to see Bella slip into the room wearing a scarlet very very short dressing gown, and hair bouncing carelessly on her shoulders continuing down her back.

“Bella what are you doing here? Where’s-? I started to ask

Alice isn’t coming” Bella nearly shouted. I sat down in my desk chair and spun it to face my desk trying to ignore the fact Bella was wearing a very sexy short nightgown and had a pair of gold platform stilettos on. I looked down at my desk trying not to notice Bella too much

“and why might I ask isn’t she?” I asked suddenly worried why she wasn’t coming

“oh come on Jasper wake up and smell the bullshit!” Bella shouted “ and start sniffing at what you really desire”.

“what do you mean Bella?” I asked disappointed

“I mean” Bella started and she walked up behind my chair and bent down to whisper in my ear “that your precious little pixie couldn’t pass up a shopping trip to just spend the night with you, I guess that leaves little Jasper all on his little lonesome…unless…someone comes to take Alice’s place” as Bella finished she licked my ear and giggled slightly. I shuddered, it felt nice but I couldn’t

Surely she didn’t mean…did she mean…her take Alice’s place,

I spun my chair round to face Bella and the chair accidenlty hit her knees making her fall down on top of me, her lips just inches away from my own

“anxious are we?” Bella asked seductively .

I grabbed her arms and gently pushed her off, so she was stood up strait

“Bella what are you doing?” I asked

“replacing Alice with…..” as she said it she untied her nightgown and shook it off, it slid down her slender arms and legs into a pool of material around her feet. I was shocked to know she was wearing nothing and I mean nothing underneath that nightgown.

She is beautiful

But this feels so wrong

Shut up your so close to getting some

But Alice

But she isn’t coming remember its Bella now.

I stood up and moved my eyes back up to Bella’s face, she walked towards me and touched my shirt gently then as fierce as her eyes she tore open the shirt, not moving her stare from my face. Bella ran her fingers down my chest and the corners of her lips turned up into a seductive smile, I tried to button the shirt back up but she slapped my hand away

“be a good boy Jasper” Bella purred

“What about Edward?” I asked, knowing he would personally torture me until the end of time

“Edward?” Bella asked, she looked confused

“yeah, you know, Ed-” I started to say but stopped

God you idiot she wants you, take it before she changes her mind

“never mind” I quickly finished.

Bella smiled then pulled my blouse off along with my belt, she unzipped my pants

God should I really be doing this

Yes, yes you should

But I…..oh fuck it

I wriggled out of my pants, I was left standing in nothing but my boxer briefs, Bella giggled then kissed my neck, I inched away slightly

“don’t worry I wont tell anyone, after you can go running back to your little Alice is you wish, I’m just giving you what you really want” Bella whispered licking my cheek. I kissed Bella back, the kiss got fierce and I pulled Bella’s legs up round my waist

“*giggles* that’s my boy”, I groaned when she said it and threw her on the bed, she reached for the Champaign bottle and popped open the cork. She poured the Champaign down her body and pulled me on top of her

“clean that up?” she asked seductively

“yes” I nodded and began licking the Champaign off her body slowly, licking the right places.

“mmmm” she mumbled as I licked the Champaign off her wet chest, I stopped and sat up on my knees then opened her legs

Oh god. Jasper focus on not drooling.

I started to pull off my boxer briefs, Bella sat up and it one quick hand movement my boxers hit the wall behind me, Bella smirked and led back down.

I moaned then entered her

Wow she felt amazing

What a woman

“Jasper, oh” Bella moaned softly as I began moving myself in and out of her.

“Bella” I groaned and began moving faster until I was going at an inhuman speed, I felt her shudder and moan underneath me

“ughhhh!” Bella screamed, I was as eager to reach our point as I was when I was hunting

Wait hunting



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Did I just fantasise that…did I…

Damn I’ve never day dreamed that before

Did I enjoy that

Yes you did

I quickly stood up and straitened myself up

“hey Jasper me and Bella just caught that-” Edward stopped the second he saw me

Oh shit, a whole world of dead.

Edwards hands balled up into fists and he clenched his jaw so tight I though it would break, his eyes were burning of rage.

Damn it he read my thoughts

Think of something none sexy and none appealing


Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day

Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day

Bella Cullen naked on a hot day


A low hiss came from Edward but stopped as two arms wrapped round his neck from behind

“baby you look so tense and-…jeesh what’s up with you two?” Bella asked coming out of no where.

Edward’s face softened and he turned round to face her, taking both her hands

“nothing sweetheart lets go” Edward reassured before pulling Bella off into the forest

“bye Jazz” Bella called as she was pulled away.

Bloody hell I’ve never been so close to death in my whole existence