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hiia guys, ok so i know some of you who have read my Isle Esme story wanted to read Jasper and Emmett's fantasies that i mentioned in chapter two so here they are guyz xxx

Jasper and Emmett cant hide their fantasies of Bella from Edward not with his brilliant ability to read minds. How will their fantasies play out and how will Edward react?

2. Emmett's fantasy

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Emmett’s fantasy

Emmett’s POV

“no absolutely not”


“because I just don’t feel like it and I‘m meeting Alice”

“oh c’mon Rose”

“no I’m not in the mood maybe later”


“look Emmett I’m not going to just have sex every single second of the day like Bella and Edward do I have better things I could be doing”
“Rose don’t be like that”

“goodbye Emmett”

Rosalie stormed out of the room, as she walked out of the room I tilted my head to look at her perfect butt and smirked Rose realized and gave me a disgusted look before slamming the door behind her. I was left standing in the middle of the living room gawking like an idiot.

Yeah she digs me

But its been 3 days since we have had sex

What’s a needy man to do with himself for 3 days.

I walked over to the red leather chair and slumped down into it, I turned the TV channel to baseball. Looks like giant tigers were winning, damn it.

I cant believe Rose wanted to go shopping with Alice instead of spend the day in the bedroom with me.

The house seemed dead, Jasper was hunting with Carlisle, Esme had her friend Julia round and they had went shopping at the gardening centre and Bella and Edward were somewhere around here probably having timeless sex while I just sat here a sex reject watching baseball.

I bet when Edward wanted sex Bella never rejected him

Lucky bastard

I reached for the remote control but knocked it off the side

“damn it!” I cursed as I reached my hand down to get the remote control but grabbed something else, I pulled it up to look at it and realized it was a magazine.

The title said ‘Jugs’

A porn magazine…sweet!

Hmmm must be an old one of mine I haven’t read in a while, this should give me ‘something’ to do.

I flicked few the first few pages until there was a very hot page, there was a girl wearing a dark pink bikini with the word ‘wet’ on the bum in black

Hey Bella has that bikini I’m sure I saw her wearing it last month

Have to admit Bella looked better than this girl in it, Bella has such lovely curves and such a sweet bust and…

Damn it man quit thinking about Bella like that

It’s a good thing Edward isn’t in the room.

The more I stared at the picture the more I wanted Bella

Damn some of the stuff in this magazine I’d love to do with Bella, just have one night with her and Rose

I could have them both mmm

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - -- -

I was slumped on the sofa in my grey vest and blue jeans, nothing good was on TV so I was just sitting there board out of my head literally. My hair was wet as I had just gotten out of the shower, today had been a boring day as well just lazing about. It was strange no body was home.

I jumped out of my skin when the doorbell rang

God who now, better not be more people selling stuff or I swear I’ll kill them.

I unlocked the door and yanked it open

“I am not buying any-” I stopped dead in my sentence as I saw the girl stood in front of me beaming, she had blonde hair which was tied up in a bun and she was wearing a sexy maid costume with a matching hat. The girl walked towards me in her stockings and black stilettos,

“hello!” I grinned like an idiot whilst she glided past me into the house and turned to smile at me, I knew strait away by those gold eyes and perfect smile who it was.

“Rose?” I asked still grinning

“*gasps* no! of coarse not! My name is Rosalina Amethyst Dutchina” she announced in that ‘ooh la la’ kind of accent.

Ok this girl is defiantly getting me hot

Rose pulled out a black feather duster and started brushing me from head to toe

“I am hear to service you with my cleaning skills” she giggled, the feather duster tickled me and I started roaring with laughter trying to inch away. Rose stopped

“ooh la la all this brushing is getting me hot, maybe you could take this shirt off for me” she flirted

Hell yeah!

I tore the shirt of her dress off for her drooling like a gawking lunatic.

Suddenly the door swung open and a very beautiful sexy girl walked inside, she was dressed in a police woman’s stripper costume with a police hat over her black silky hair which hung strait right down to her waist. She marched over to me in her black platform stiletto boots and stockings. Her lips were painted in a deep scarlet lipstick and she cracked her whip by her side sexily. I was sure I felt my tongue loll out of my mouth that very second,

Wow its Bella!

“loving the new look Bella baby” I smirked

“my name is officer Bellicity Grace Crystella and your under arrest!” Bella shouted cracking her whip once more

“no its ok she asked me to tear her top off” I grinned playing along.

“I see” Bella smirked

“stay for the party Bellicity, lets have a little fun with him” Rose giggled pulled Bella’s arm, Bella nodded her head then tore open the front of her police dress

Sweet no bra and a black g-string

Her black tie hung to her belly button between her breasts.

“Get down on your knees Mr. Emmett” Rose smirked, I did as she said and knelt down

“bight it off” she ordered staring down at her bra, I obeyed her and yanked her lace bra off with my teeth.

Bella pulled me back up by my hair and kissed me hard then pushed my head away

“go cover yourself in something we can lick off” Bella demanded tearing my shirt and pants off until I was stood in my boxers. I ran off into the kitchen desperate to find something to pour on myself but what would a vampire have in his kitchen?

I reached for some cream out from the fridge and prayed it all over my chest (god knows where the cream came from). I dashed back into the living room covered in cream. The girls were sat next to each other

“very nice Mr. Emmett” Rose giggled

“your going to have to obey us…” Bella ordered seductively, out of no where Bella and Rose started kissing and touching each other, I fell to my knees gawking seriously drooling with desire. They got off each other and crawled towards me pushing me down on my back, Rose began licking the cream of me and Bella knelt down by my side running her hand down my chest. Her hand moved over my boxers and she reached inside then stroking me

“naughty boy” she giggled then she pulled her g-string off and jumped on top of me, she grabbed my manhood and pushed it into her while she sat on top of me. Rose stopped licking my chest and knelt up to lick Bella’s chest.

Bella began bouncing on me moaning

“oh, god fuck!” I bellowed.

Suddenly I felt something hard hit my head

What the-

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How the hell did that hit me

God that was some fantasy, mmm if only I could make that real

Oh crap my pants are wet and….and who the hell threw the remote control at my-

Oh shit…

I looked up to see Edward sat on the chair opposite me glaring like he was about to burst, his hands were gripping the side of the chair and his teeth were ground together. I swore I actually saw his eyes turn red.

“Edward I-” before I could finish Edward leapt at me sending us both crashing strait through the stone wall into the dining room. Edward punched me

“don’t you ever EVER fantasise about my Bella that way” Edward snarled clawing at my throat

“do you understand!?” Edward shouted, before I could answer Edward shook me again

“I said-” Edward started to shout

“yes just shut up its your own fault, you shouldn’t read my mind like that” I argued.

Edward growled and I pushed him off me and he fell against the table, suddenly Bella walked in and dropped the book she was holding

“Edward!” she shouted and she ran and knelt by his side. Bella wrapped her arms round Edward and kissed his cheek

“Emmett what do you think you are doing!” Bella hissed, Edward had a smug ass look on his face.

“ME!?” I bellowed “he started it” I defended

“oh come on this isn’t 6 year old court” Bella growled “what have you boys been fighting about?”


“nothing” Edward growled getting up and wrapping his arm round Bella “ silly things that will never ever belong to Emmett”. I hissed as Edward pulled Bella out of the room.

Edward’s POV

Arghhh seriously I could kill Emmett

Bella is mine, only I Can fantasise about her why doesn’t anyone in this house seem to understand that.

I was calmed as Bella turned round and kissed me

“you shouldn’t fight with Emmett, whatever you were fighting over cant be that important” Bella soothed

God that girl had no idea.

“oh but it is important Bella, it is the most important thing in the world to me” I answered

“but…I though I was the most important thing in the world to you” Bella joked

“exactly” I smiled

“wait what?” Bella shouted “ you don’t mean to say you two were fighting about me?”. I nodded smiling

“oh Edward, you know I’m always yours you never have to worry about that” Bella reassured “anyway what was it about me?”.

“Emmett…kind of had a….lets just say VERY inappropriate fantasy involving you” I replied, suddenly Bella’s expression changed cold and hard

“what was I exactly in this fantasy?” Bella asked coldly,

“err….a police woman” when I said it I inched away knowing the fight she would throw.

Bella’s eyes grew wide then evil and she looked so damn sexy

“that cheeky bastard!” Bella shouted and she tried to lunge back into the living room to get Emmett but I held her back and swung her back round to face me.

“I think Emmett has had enough beatings today” I smiled, even though I wanted to slap Emmett’s for some reason permanent smug look off his face I knew I would rather be with Bella. Bella calmed

“your probably right, anyway…you know that fantasy he had….sounds fun….maybe we could try it oh say tonight?” Bella giggled seductively. My eyes burned black with desire and I pulled Bella to me

“right now!” I shouted and I swung Bella over my back and ran upstairs, slamming the bedroom door behind us.