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hiia guys, ok so i know some of you who have read my Isle Esme story wanted to read Jasper and Emmett's fantasies that i mentioned in chapter two so here they are guyz xxx

Jasper and Emmett cant hide their fantasies of Bella from Edward not with his brilliant ability to read minds. How will their fantasies play out and how will Edward react?

3. Alice's dark side

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Alice’s POV

The sun stabbed through the curtains as I led in my soft cream bed, I turned round to see Jasper led beside me watching me with a warm smile on his face.

Silly loving boy

“morning Jazz” I smiled, he kissed me

“morning to you to Mrs Hale” he returned winking, his words made me go all gooey, we had just got married last month and being called Mrs Hale just made me feel fuzzy inside. I turned with my back to him

“rub my back please” I asked

“I’d be happy to” he complied by placing his soft hands on my bare skin. Then I remembered last night, another sex night where he was the one in control

*sigh* its never me

don’t get me wrong it was pleasurable but I would like to do things to him too.

I sighed and led on my back moving his hands off me I stared at the ceiling recalling our night.


“god Alice mm” Jasper moaned as he thrust into me

I decided I wanted to be on top and rolled us over so I was, I bounced for a while on him moaning but he pulled me down and crawled on top of me nipping at my neck.

“mmm Jazz” I sighed with pleasure, I moved my hands up and knotted them in my hair but he grabbed them and pinned them to the pillow above my head

“ughhh shit” he moaned loudly


I sighed and sat up pulling at my hair to untangle the knots, Jasper sat up beside me

“what’s wrong?” he asked confused

“nothing, its nothing” I lied

“are you sure?” Jasper asked probably sensing my nervous mood, I get nervous when I lie

“yes I’m sure” I clarified before pushing the bed sheet off me and gliding towards my wardrobe and draws. I pulled out some simple underwear and a yellow top with a glittery ball in between the breasts and creases coming down from it, the top made my cleavage look nice, I put on a pair of light grey jeans on and some yellow heals with it, I wasn’t it a great mood but hell I wasn’t dressing down because of it. I walked down stairs to see Bella and Edward led on the couch practically sucking on each others tongues, Edward had his hand somewhere very inappropriate


“did you know you could choke on each other’s tongues, I knew this girl and she choked on her boyfriends tongue and nearly died” I said loudly, they both jumped and their heads snapped up at me.

“Alice!” Bella complained

“Oh and did I mention It all happened when they were kissing in public like oh say you two are” I laughed, Bella laughed too, Edward on the other hand seemed annoyed

Jees he must be pretty desperate to get back to his kissing.

I glided off into the kitchen to fetch myself a cup of fresh blood, we had decided it would be easier if we killed extra on hunts and brought it’s blood back to keep in little plastic bags, then whoever we got even the slightest bit hungry we could always go strait to the fridge. We had came up with that idea when Bella was still human though and we had to be careful around her when we were hungry. Now she’s a vampire its all easier but we carry on with the blood and fridge idea because its….well its just easy.

I slit open the top of the plastic with my sharp nail and poured the blood into my happy kitten mug and stuck it in the microwave to warm up. I turned on some music and started moving to it hoping it would cheer me up, I was completely oblivious to the world around me and jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned round to see Jasper smiling at me, I turned the music off and faced him.

“why so jumpy?” Jasper asked still smiling gorgeously

“I’m not, Jasper your up then?” I returned a smile before turning to see if my blood had warmed up,

Damn this slow microwave.

Jasper’s soft hands placed themselves on my waist and he turned me back round to face him and smiled sexily, I wrapped my arms around his neck and captured his lips.

One of his hands trailer patterns down my back right to my butt where he kept it their gripping tightly, I moaned a little and twisted us round so I was pushing him up against the fridge, I was slowly dropping to my knees, when I had just got my hand to his zipper, he pulled me back up to face him and twisted us around again so I was sat on the unit and he was kissing me holding my hands back. I got a little frustrated and wriggled out his grasp and got in front of him again pushing him back to the fridge and kissing, once again he pulled my legs around his waist and sat be back on the unit. I sighed in frustration and pushed him off me hopping off the counter

“what the hell?” Jasper asked confused

Grr he didn’t even know what was wrong

“oh nothing really” I said sarcastically, Jasper folded his arms across his chest and looked at me with that ‘there is defiantly something’ look

“Jasper Hale you are just so….so…controlling!” I spat. I stormed out of the kitchen and into the living room and overheard Bella and Edward

“hmm that top you wore last night really did look good on you, sorry for ripping it” Edward apologized to Bella still grappling her,

“never mind aye I’m sure Alice will get me a new one, you know old reliable” Bella smiled, she didn’t mean it as an insult but it really ticked me off

God why does everyone in this house think I’m so sweet and innocent and cant have my own fun!.

I stormed in front of them

“old reliable huh?” I said angrily “gee there’s a sexy name, look guys here’s old reliable, hot!” I spat sarcastically before turning to walk out of the room, Bella jumped up quickly and grabbed my hand pulling me to face her

“honey you know I didn’t mean it in a mad way” Bella reassured

“Bella” my face softened a lot “I’m kind of storming off, it doesn’t work so well if you come with me”, Bella smiled then sat back down.

How can I be mad with Bella she’s been the best friend I’ve ever had throughout my entire existence, well technically she is my best friend/sister .

--------2 hours later-----------------------

“Oh hey Rose” I mumbled as she walked into the room, I was sat on my been bag watching sponge bob

Who doesn’t love sponge bob

“Alice you need to cheer up and quit nagging everyone” Rose smiled as she walked towards me

“humph!” I sighed my eyes still glued to the screen

(A/N oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, sponge bob square pants!”)

“Alice I know something that will cheer you up!” Rose squealed “shopping!”, suddenly the corners of my mouth turned up into a huge grin as she mentioned the god of words ‘shopping’

“defiantly!” I agreed. We heard a grumble come from Bella who was sat behind me on the couch reading OK magazine

“hmmm who is this Kristen Stewart person everyone is talking about she’s an actress or something right?” Bella mumbled to herself, Rose sighed

“babe we need to go shopping, you want to cheer Alice up don’t you?” Rose smiled

“yes I suppose so lets go” Bella sighed in defeat.

When we got to the mall it was packed, like seriously busy as in major hard to park, when we got into the clothes shops we were all cramped

Thank god I have already fed today.

I could see Bella’s eye start to turn black and I squeezed her hand

“its ok just focus on the shopping” I comforted as Bella held her breath. We skittered round the shops buying all the stylish clothes. After we walked to Coffee Nero to get a coffee, to be honest we didn’t really want the coffees but who looks normal if they walk into a coffee shop and buy nothing?

When we were seated on the sofas in the corner Rose grabbed my hand and I suddenly felt cornered by Bella and Rosalie.

“ok Alice spill it” Rose demanded

“spill what?” I asked knowing the answer

“c’mon Alice its obvious you have been ignoring Jasper then you both started making out” Bella started

“and then you got in a piss with him again” Rose finished. I was shocked

“how do you two know!” I asked not bothering to hide my stunned eyes

“oh c’mon Al were your sisters” Bella started

“we know everything” Rose finished.

Ok enough with the finishing each others sentence crap.

Damn them.

“Alice please?” Bella pleaded giving me puppy dog eyes

“okay but you promise you wont tell Jazz” I sighed in defeat, they both nodded solemnly

“ok well lately he’s been pretty controlling” I admitted “in bed”, Bella and Rose both grimaced

“what do you mean?” B asked pushing

“well if I try to be on top he wants be on the bottom and he’s doing stuff to me, its like he controls our sex” I sighed.

“well show him what your made of” Rose said simply

“what?” I asked confused

“take control of him tonight, you be the one in control, c’mon Alice we all know you have a dark side and besides you can tie him up if you want to be that naughty, which I bet you do” Bella beamed

She was right I did want to be that naughty and it seemed like a very fun idea.

We spent the rest of our day gossiping like silly teenagers and chatting about our hubbies.

I had a plan I was being in control tonight, I love Jasper but he doesn’t even know that he’s controlling our sex hmmm. Things are going my way tonight

Muahaha lets see anyone call me sweet ever again.

Jasper’s POV

I was completely confused Alice had ignored me from the minute we got up this morning and refused to tell me what was wrong then we made out in the kitchen and everything seemed fine until she had to OD on mood swings and gave me whiplash. I remembered her storming out the kitchen with that cup of blood in her hands.

I was sat on the couch with Edward and Emmett we were debating on who was the hottest Girls Aloud girl.

“All of them have cute butts” Emmett grinned

“personally I think that’s disgusting” Edward grimaced

“oh come on don’t you think any of them are hot?” Emmett asked

“nope” Edward replied simply

“oh come on Eddie you got to think one other girl in this world is hot except Bella” Emmett teased

“but I don’t, I cant see nothing that would attract me to anyone I have ever met except Bella” Edward muttered.

“aww shucks ain’t that a hell of a quote” Emmett mocked

“shut up Em” Edward hissed.

I got annoyed of their arguing and pushed in

“anyone seen Alice?” I asked

“the girls went shopping” Emmett piped up

“cant wait to see what lingerie Bella brings home this time” Edward laughed, Emmett laughed with him and punched his arm playfully. Suddenly the door opened and the girls entered, I smiled at Alice and she glided over to me sexily and pressed her lips to my ear

“7pm in our room, don’t be late” Alice whispered into my ear nearly hissing seductively. My whole body shuddered and I was hard instantly,

God if Alice knew how solid I was…

Bella ran strait over to Edward who was led out across his and Bella’s sofa, Edward grabbed her waist and pulled her down on top of him tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I missed you” Edward smiled, Bella ran her hand down to Edward’s pants

“let me show you how much I missed you” Bella whispered seductively, a growl errupted Edward’s throat then he whisked her up into his arms and ran upstairs with her so fast it was a blur, I heard the bedroom door slam shut behind them and sighed.

Hopefully that will be me and Alice soon

The corners of my lips turned up at the thought.

Eventually it was 5 to 7 and I was basically squirming in my seat, I couldn’t take it anymore and dashed up the stairs stopping at the door, I smoothed my shirt down and jeans then slowly creaked the door open and stepped into the room closing the door behind me. Our bedroom was pitch black, well thanks to my night vision it was completely black. I stepped forward until I was in the middle of the room, I felt something warm and wet lick my ear.

“mm Alice” I whispered, her soft hands moved down my back and back up resting on my shoulders

“your early…” Alice said seducing me with every word.

“Why is it so dark?” I asked confused, suddenly I was pushed back onto something soft and bouncy, the bed of coarse. Suddenly the light was switched on, Alice was stood next to where I was led grinning. Alice looked beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and tempting. She was wearing a white corset top which showed most of her breasts, a white lace thong, stockings and white platform heals. I gazed up at her hands, her nails were painted white as well, that was when I realized what was in her hand, two pairs of hand cuffs.

Bloody hell.

“That’s why” Alice shot me an evil smile, then faster than I could memories I found both my hands cuffed to either side of the banister.

“Alice….” I warned but she took no notice. She pulled out a rope and started moving towards my feet

“Alice what are you-” I started to ask but she shushed me

“baby shhh, I know you like you nights where you in control” as she said it she started to tie my ankles to either side on the banister at the bottom of the bed “but tonight…its me in control”. That suddenly turned me on at the thought of her doing things to me but it was unfair if I didn’t get to do things to her body too. Alice made sure my feet were secure

“Jasper I’ve been bad and you know it” she purred as she made her way up the bed and sat down behind my head

“but you think I’m good…” she pulled a piece of black cloth into her hands and began wrapping it around my eyes

“but I’m going to show you what a bad girl I really am” Alice purred as she tightened the cloth behind my head.

Well hell

I was instantly hard at the thought then I noticed how I was blindfolded

Damn it

I wanted to see what she would do to me

Mm she was going to tease me.

“Alice I want to see your body its not fair” I complained realizing how childish I sounded after, it was as if I could almost feel her grin

“well….being fair is good and I’m being bad remember” she whispered into my ear, her cool strawberry breath fanning my face. I groaned and tried to relax which wasn’t easy considering all my limbs had been tied up.

“hmmm” Alice murmered I was about to question her before both my clothes were torn from my body leaving me in my black restraints.

Alice’s POV

Mmm damn he looks so good in those boxers I just want him in me now!

Alice shut up! Remember you being bad, your teasing him not giving him what he wants

Oh yeah.

I giggled and ran my hand up Jasper’s leg, he moaned and shuddered at my cold fingers

“wow Alice” he whispered, just as I got to the top of his leg I pulled my hand away, he stiffened a little and I just giggled again. I slowly slid my thong down my legs and stepped out of them. I crawled onto the bed and rested in a sitting position on the top of Jasper’s knee, I could feel myself getting wet.

“mmm” Jasper moaned and I pressed my self against his leg. As I grinded my hips against his leg she shuffled in his cuffs trying to get out. I knew exactly what would stop him wanted to do that….

I moved my hand to his boxer briefs and rubbed his clothed manhood

“Alice…” Jasper was staring by I placed my finger over his lips, as I did it he immediately look my finger in his mouth and sucked on it

Damn it, it made me wet

No Alice! Don’t give him the satisfaction of teasing him.

I removed my hand from his boxers and smiled an evil teasing smile, Jasper groaned loudly,

“these will need to come off” I mumbled, then I ripped the boxers from his body and revealed him.

I ran my hand along his length

“impressive” I smiled

“you have always known that, I could tell when you ride me” Jasper moaned sexily,

He was going to seduce me into doing what he wants


I slid my hand all the way to the bottom and squeezed tightly earning a loud moan, I lightly began moving my hand back and forth.

“Damn! Alice” he moaned loudly, I continued a little longer then quicker than he could memorize my hand was off him and by my side

“who are you toying with!” Jasper practically snarled

“the hot guy I tied to my bed and I am teasing…don’t tell Jasper” I purred seductively whispering the last part.

I crawled up his body and inched forward so our lips were nearly touching, I had my legs apart and bent on either side of his waist but I was touching him. I leaned forward and kissed him gently but he moaned then attacked my mouth with his tongue

“mmm” I heard myself moan, then I pulled away quickly and then moved into a sitting position right above his throbbing manhood. Jasper must have felt how close we were and pushed his hips up to try and enter me but I grabbed him in my hand then leaned forward to whisper ‘down boy’. He growled then relaxed himself in defeat, I smiled then started stroking him rapidly

“you want this don’t you” I demanded, the was no answer just a moan

“Don’t you!?” I shouted

“y-yes I want it! I want you!” Jasper bellowed

“good” I whispered.

I leaned back into my sitting position, I turned my whole body around so my back was to him and I oh so slowly slid his manhood into me. We both moaned

“god I want to see your sexy body” Jasper moaned

“mmm looks like you cant” I giggled.

I started bouncing on him hard and fast

“mmm fuck!” Jasper groaned, I thrust myself down on him harder and harder until I felt my walls tighten, my hand naturally went down to my centre and began stroking my clit furiously.

“ughhh Jazz!” I screamed

We came together then I collapsed back onto his cool chest.

We breathed heavily then out of no where Jasper struggled and broke from his cuffs and rope

“wow you could get out that easily?” I asked confused

“didn’t realize until now” Jasper chuckled, his hands went out to his face and he tore the blindfold off smiling at my body.

“was I a bad girl?” I purred, suddenly I was flipped onto my back and Jasper crawled on top of me

“and just wait for your pay back” Jasper grinned shaking the cuffs he held in his hands.