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The Chase

What happened with the Cullens when Bella ran away in the airport, going to James, to save her mother? What really happened during the big fight while Bella was unconscious? Bonus Chapter added: how Alice fabricated the evidence of falling down the stairs and out a window.

This is my first fanfic! I always wondered what had happened during the fight with James and when The Cullens realized Bella was gone, so I decide to wite it! Hope you like it. Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight Saga

1. An Escape

Rating 5/5   Word Count 611   Review this Chapter

Jasper’s POV

My mouth swam with venom as the unsuspecting humans passed by. We were at the airport, sitting in those uncomfortable metal seats. I was having a hard time controlling myself with all the humans walking around us. But, I was happy to help my brother. He had, after many decades, found love. Of course, it hadn’t helped that his love was a human with an extremely alluring scent around a family full of vampires.

At least I had Alice here with me. What would I do if my dear Alice wasn’t around to help me when the scent of the humans was uncontrollable enough that, if she hadn’t held me down, I would soon be draining an innocent human, leaving my eyes a bright crimson.

Alice and I were discussing places we could go next, while Bella tapped her foot impatiently beside us. Alice had been trying to get her to go eat for a while now, but Bella kept telling her to wait. Maybe she just wanted the plane to be here faster. I would feel like that, too, if it were Alice coming on that plane.

Yet, I couldn’t help but notice the feeling of anxiety emanating form her. What could she be anxious about? Edward would be back soon, and she would be safe. She couldn’t possibly think that that vile James would actually get to her; did she? No; she had to have more faith in us than that.

Just then I noticed Bella slip Alice a sealed white envelope. What could it contain? I would have to ask Alice later.

After a while, Bella finally spoke. “I think I’ll eat now,” she said quickly. I noticed her anxiety even more this time.

Alice immediately stood to take Bella to eat, only to be told to stay so that I could go with her because of her unease. I stood up as a confused Alice sat down.

I silently guided Bella through the long airport terminal. She seemed to take interest in a few of the fast food restaurants we passed, but quickly passed them by losing interest after only a couple seconds.

Suddenly, she stopped. We were at the entrance to the ladies’ restroom.

“Do you mind?” she asked. ”I’ll just be a moment.”

“I’ll be right here,” I answered.

I couldn’t help but notice, though, the sudden escalation of the anxiety as she entered the restroom. I let it pass. She must just be worried about missing Edward’s arrival I thought.

Then, I felt the force of many ladies’ confusion coming from the restroom. I quickly became worried. Could something have happened to Bella?

I swiftly called to Alice down the long terminal. She heard me and came running, barely passing for human speed.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I think something might have happened to Bella,” I said quickly. “I felt a huge wave of confusion coming from inside the restroom. Can you go see if she’s all right?”

I stayed there, while Alice went inside of the ladies restroom.

After about a minute, Alice returned with bad news.

“She’s not in there! We have to find her before Edward gets here! He’ll kill us if he knew we lost her!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward, just stepping into the terminal, a look of shock on his face.

He had heard what Alice had said.