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The Chase

What happened with the Cullens when Bella ran away in the airport, going to James, to save her mother? What really happened during the big fight while Bella was unconscious? Bonus Chapter added: how Alice fabricated the evidence of falling down the stairs and out a window.

This is my first fanfic! I always wondered what had happened during the fight with James and when The Cullens realized Bella was gone, so I decide to wite it! Hope you like it. Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight Saga

3. The Fight

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Edward’s POV

I ran into the ballet studio as fast as I could, after quickly looking around to see that there were no humans, so that I could run across the parking lot in the sun. I burst through the doors to a shocking scene.

Bella was on the floor pushed up against a wall of broken glass with an arm raised to protect her face as James- bent over her with her other arm near his mouth- looked up as I entered. It looked as if her leg and maybe even some of her ribs were broken. Her head was covered in blood, seeping through her beautiful brown hair. She slipped into unconsciousness before I had time to react.

I was more than angry. There is no word to describe the fury I felt right now. Not only had I not been able to stop Alice’s vision, he had hurt even more than I could’ve imagined. I was not going to let him live another minute.

I bolted across the long mirrored room toward him, and grabbed him from behind. I flung him into the opposing wall of glass, as far away from Bella as possible.

I was trying to run towards Bella to get her out of here, so that I wouldn’t hurt her in the process of ripping apart and burning this vile monster. But, I was caught from behind and flung to the ground.

I growled deep in my chest as I spun around and tore off the arm that had pulled me away from my Bella, and flung it into a corner of the studio next to a video camera that I had not noticed. I had to remember to watch that later to see exactly what he had done to her.

He tried to tear my arm off as well, but I was too quick. I was all ready on his other side. I sank my teeth into his side and flung the piece of his abdomen into the corner with his right arm.

He roared as he failed again to physically harm me. He had succeeded though in harming me internally by hurting Bella. I would not let this monster touch her ever again.

I tried again to run around from behind so that I could rip his head off of his shoulders, but he was too smart. Before I had the chance to move, he had me pinned up against the glass wall that, only a few minutes ago, I had flung him into. He held his hand to my neck, restraining me.

Our growls rumbled through the studio, loud and clear, hurting my ears because of how sensitive my hearing was. I didn’t let that stop me though. There was no pain that could surpass what it did to me when Bella was hurt in anyway, especially because of what I am.

He was about to start ripping me to pieces when I saw Emmet and Jasper running towards me. They pulled James off of me and started the fire, ripping him to shreds before throwing him, and the other pieces I had thrown in the corner, into the flames.

Jasper and Emmett had to leave then because the scent of Bella’s blood was too overpowering.

I ran over to Bella as soon as they got James off of me. Carlisle was all ready bent over her and working with Alice helping him.

“Bella! Bella! ” I cried out as I bent over her still body on the floor.

“Oh no, Bella, no!” I said, fearing that she was all ready unconscious or…dead.

“Bella, listen to me, please, please, Bella, please!” I begged her to please wake up. I could not live if she was not able to.

“Carlisle!” I screamed, hoping he could help me. “Bella, Bella, no, oh please, no, no!

I was in agony. I started to sob, not being able to cry for my love because I was a vampire.

All of a sudden, she cried out in pain. “Bella!” I said in relief.

“She’s lost some blood, but the head wound isn’t deep,” Carlisle said, still working over her head.” Watch out for her leg, it’s broken.”

An earsplitting growl burst from my lips. Why oh why did Alice’s vision have to come true?!

“Some ribs, too, I think,” he went on.

Did my original examination of her have to be completely exact?! Why did I have to be right this time?

“Edward,” a soft voice whispered.

“Bella, you’re going to be fine. Can you hear me, Bella? I love you,” I said trying to reassure her of her safety.

“Edward,” she said again, a little louder this time.

“Yes, I’m here.”

“It hurts.”

“I know, Bella, I know,” I said trying to help. ”Can’t you do anything?” I asked turning to Carlisle.

Carlisle asked for his bag from Alice, who was holding her breath. Bella wanted to know why Alice was here, so I told her about how Alice had seen where she would be.

“My hand hurts,” she said.

“I know, Bella. Carlisle will give you something, it will stop.

“My hand is burning!” she screamed.

Burning? I didn’t see any fire except for James burning far away in the back of the dance studio, purple smoke all ready rising from the flames.

“Bella?” I asked, worried.

“The fire! Someone, stop the fire!” she screamed.

“Carlisle! Her hand!” I yelled as I noticed the shape of James’ teeth imbedded into her hand.

“He bit her.” Carlisle said, appalled.

I caught my breath. “No!” I roared.

My beautiful Bella was going to become a monster like me? No! I wanted her to have her humanity. I didn’t want her to be dangerous because of the uncontrollable bloodlust that newborns had. She should get to stay with her human family and friends. I didn’t want to have to wait for her to remember who I was, to wait decades to get over the bloodlust to be in love with me as she is right now.

“There may be a chance,” Carlisle said.

“What?” There was a chance that my Bella wouldn’t have to be changed? How? James all ready bit her? I don’t care, I’ll do anything do that Bella won’t have to become a monster, like me.

“See if you can suck the venom back out. The wound is fairly clean?

Suck the venom out? As in I would need to drink her blood? How could I do that without killing her? I can barely control myself just being next to her, let alone actually sucking from her wound.

“Carlisle, I….I don’t know if I can do that,” I said, not knowing how I was going to be able to stop myself before I killed her.

“It’s your decision, Edward, either way,” Carlisle responded. ”I can’t help you. I have to get this bleeding stopped here if you’re going to be taking blood from her hand.”

“Edward!” my angel screamed. I stared at her as Carlisle braced her leg, and told me to do it now, or there would be no chance.

I was determined now. I would keep Bella human. I would stop her pain right now.

I bent over her hand, and held it steady in my iron grasp. I put my mouth over the wound and started sucking out the venom.

Bella’s blood was sweeter than I could have ever imagined. The monster in me came out as the hot, delicious liquid ran down my throat. I didn’t care that I could taste a bit of morphine in it; the blood’s overpowering taste overcame all. I was completely wrapped up in the sensation of the most delectable liquid imaginable running down my aching throat when I remembered whose blood I was drinking. I instantly pulled away. I could not kill my angel, no matter how good her blood tasted.

I was relieved and shocked that I had been able to stop. Maybe Bella had been right all along.

“It’s time to move her,” Carlisle said.

“No, I want to sleep,” Bella complained.

“You can sleep, sweetheart,” I told her as I scooped her up into my arms. ”I’ll carry you. Sleep now, Bella.”

Bella’s eyes slipped shut as I walked out of the place that I would always loathe-because of what had happened here- was slowly consumed by the flames.