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The Chase

What happened with the Cullens when Bella ran away in the airport, going to James, to save her mother? What really happened during the big fight while Bella was unconscious? Bonus Chapter added: how Alice fabricated the evidence of falling down the stairs and out a window.

This is my first fanfic! I always wondered what had happened during the fight with James and when The Cullens realized Bella was gone, so I decide to wite it! Hope you like it. Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight Saga

4. The Video

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Edward’s POV

I carried a sleeping, broken Bella into the bright lights of the Phoenix hospital, overcome with guilt. If I had gone with Bella, instead of listening to her about what Charlie would do if I wasn’t in Forks the next day, she might not be like this. Then again, if I wasn’t a vampire, she would have never run into James and the rest if his little coven. I was a danger to her and I knew it. But I was too selfish a creature to leave her, especially because she was hurt.

I refrained from looking at Bella, knowing what I would see there. The bruised and broken body of the girl I loved. How could an angel such as her ever deserve such pain as this? No, I wasn’t able to look at my angel because of what James had done to her, what I had done to her?

Don’t worry. She will recover from this soon, I heard Carlisle think, walking beside me.

“Carlisle…how could I not worry? She almost died. I can’t go through something like that and not worry. I don’t want her to be in pain. It causes me pain to even look at her in this state, and know that I did this.”

Youdid this?! Alice thought, outraged. Youdidn’t so this! James did this! Why do you always have to blame yourself? You know, not everything is your fault; especially this.

“Alice, if I hadn’t listened to her and gone with her, she never would’ve gotten the chance to run. We could’ve gone anywhere, to get away from James. She would be fine, and eventually we would have been able to track James down, and she never would’ve gotten hurt,” I said, as I looked down at my broken, blue and purple angel, more guilt coursing through me. Or, if she hadn’t been in such close proximity with our world, none of this would’ve ever happened.” I continued.

“Edward!” Carlisle said, out loud this time. “Do not blame yourself for this! You have done nothing wrong, you have only tried to keep Bella safe.

I did not voice my opinion further as we approached the emergency room check-in desk. The older woman looked up from her computer monitor to see my Bella in my arms, with Alice and Carlisle beside me.

“Oh! Right this way,” she said getting up from her desk, and leading us down the hall to an empty room. I set Bella down onto the bed and looked up to speak to the woman.

“What happened to her?” the woman asked.

“Um….” I said, trying to come up with a story.

“She fell down two flights of stairs and through a window,” Alice interjected, quickly coming up with a story. It was pretty plausible, considering how clumsy Bella is.

“I’ve all ready patched her up as much as I could on the spot before bringing her here,” Carlisle continued.

“And you are…? The woman trailed off.

“Dr. Cullen. I work at the Forks hospital, where Bella,” he said pointing toward my sleeping angel,” lives. This is Edward and Alice, my adoptive children. Edward is Bella’s boyfriend, and came down here to talk some sense into her after she left Forks, about a week ago. She tripped on the way up to our hotel room, once we coaxed her into talking to Edward.”

“Oh my, well let me go get a nurse to see how badly injured she is, and Dr. Harding will be in to see her in a moment,” the kind woman said, leaving the room.

Once the woman had walked away, I went to sit by Bella at the end of the hospital bed. A nurse came in to sedate and assess Bella before she could wake up. The nurse attached an IV to Bella’s arm, and added morphine to the liquid that was flowing into Bella’s arm. At least my love wouldn’t have to feel as much pain.

After a few more minutes, the doctor came in. He patched up Bella’s chest, so that her ribs could heal, and put her leg into a cast. He had to give Bella a few transfusions due to her loss of blood. I didn’t like it. She didn’t smell right with that other blood inside of her. As much as the smell of her blood made my throat ache, I still loved that scent more than anything else.

They called Renee and Charlie. Renee got on the next plane to Phoenix from Jacksonville as soon as she got the call. I relayed the story to her as soon as she got here. She wanted to know who I was and how I knew Bella. I told her; she seemed skeptical, but accepting.

After Renee left the room to go get something for dinner that night in the cafeteria, Alice pulled out the video camera from the ballet studio, with the tape inside it. How had she gotten that? She must have taken it before we walked out, and the ballet studio burned down.

“Maybe we should watch this,” she said, breaking the silence.

“I don’t want to watch,” I responded. I had all ready had to see what he had done to her, and hear her scream. There was no need for me to watch and see what else he had done to her.

“Well I want to see it. We didn’t get there until he was all ready close to death. All we did, really, was burn him,” Alice declared.

“OK, just go outside and watch it, so I don’t have to hear that vile creature hurt my Bella.”


Alice’s POV

Carlisle and I went outside of the hospital, sticking to the shadows on the sidewalk. We found Carlisle’s car and got in, so that no passerby could hear the video. I turned on the video camera, and set the volume to the lowest possible level.

My mouth dropped open as James started to tell a story about one of us that could’ve only been me.

“The one victim who escaped me, quite an honor, actually,” James’s voice came out of the little speaker on the video camera.

I was overcome with shock. I had been the one victim who had escaped James. I felt great gratitude for the old vampire who had changed me, only to be destroyed by James.

How could they have done that to me? Where were my parents? Why was I in an asylum? I had so many questions that could only be answered by people who were now deceased. I would find out, somehow, more about my past. I would track down that asylum. Find out about my parents. I was no longer in the dark. I had information that I could use to track down my past. And I will find out everything about my past!