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The Chase

What happened with the Cullens when Bella ran away in the airport, going to James, to save her mother? What really happened during the big fight while Bella was unconscious? Bonus Chapter added: how Alice fabricated the evidence of falling down the stairs and out a window.

This is my first fanfic! I always wondered what had happened during the fight with James and when The Cullens realized Bella was gone, so I decide to wite it! Hope you like it. Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight Saga

5. Waiting...

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Edward’s POV

I sat in a hard plastic chair beside Bella’s bed as I watched my angel sleep. She had had to be sedated and it wasn’t helping my patience.

Alice and Carlisle stepped into the room, their minds reeling.

Wow. No wonder Alice can’t remember anything, shock treatments must do that to you. It’s probably better that she doesn’t remember though. I wouldn’t want to remember that kind of life. Carlisle thought, though he wasn’t thinking about nearly as much as Alice.

Who were my parents? Who was that old vampire? What about the rest of my family? Did I have any siblings? What was my last name? Did I have premonitions as a human? Is that why they put me in that asylum? Who decided to give me shock treatments? I was changed in the nineteen-twenties? Does that mean I’m as old as Edward? Is Alice even my real name? How did they cover up me disappearing? Who was I?

Alice’s mind reeled with constant questions.

What was in that video that made Alice so curious about her human life? She had been curious before, but this was over the top.

“Alice!” I exclaimed. “Calm down!”

“Huh?” she said, turning towards me.

“What happened? Why are you suddenly so curious about your human life?” I asked, trying to get her to stop questioning her human life in her mind.

“Oh, sorry,” she said, coming back to the present. “It was that video. James knew me. I was the one person who escaped his clutches thanks to an old vampire who worked at the asylum where I lived. James told Bella a bunch of stuff about me. Now I’m extremely curious.”

“Ok…that’s odd. Why were you at an asylum? And who is this old vampire?”

“I don’t know! But I’m going to find out!” she responded.

I looked back toward Bella. As much as I cared for Alice, I didn’t want to talk right now. I wanted to stay here with Bella. Alice noticed.

“Oh…ok. We’ll just be going then,” Alice said, pulling Carlisle out of the room.

I just sat and watched my angel sleep. I looked over her injuries. It caused me pain to know that I was too late to prevent them. I should’ve never taken her to that baseball game. I should have never gotten involved with her.

I couldn’t imagine my life without her though. I didn’t want to go back to that pointless life that I had had before her. Not now, not after I had gotten a taste of the good life. I couldn’t stand to live without her. When we were apart, I could not escape the anxiety that ran through me. Knowing Bella, she would end up hurting herself just walking around her house. It was a wonder she had managed for 17 years like that. She must have had constant injuries.

But how could I stay when it was me that was putting her in danger. Being in such close proximity with my world would end up killing her. I couldn’t let that happen. She had come so close with James. What about the others in his coven? I wouldn’t have to worry about Laurent; he had gone up to Denali and had no intention of hurting Bella. But what about Victoria? She might have been his mate. If she was then she might try to avenge his murder.

Now, I was probably overreacting. What are the odds that she was his mate? She could have been Laurent’s. Probably not; nobody would abandon their mate to help a friend. Then again, that might be all Victoria was. A friend, an ally. But I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what she might do. If Victoria was James’s mate, then she would definitely try to kill me and my family, which might end up killing Bella because she is with us during a surprise attack.

Yes, leaving might be the right thing to do. I am too selfish, though, to leave her; unless there was an urgent need. I especially could not leave her in her tome of need. What would I do if I did have to leave her?

Renee walked into the room, interrupting my fretting. She sat down in the recliner at the foot of Bella’s bed.

Wow. Of all the guys to be Bella’s first boyfriend. Wow. Renee thought.

“Hello Renee.” I said, trying to get her focus off of me.

“Hi.” She responded. “So your Bella’s boyfriend?”

“Yes,” I answered, smiling. “And I wouldn’t want it any other way. It was so hard after she left Forks. That’s why I came down here. To talk to her, and try to get her to come back,” I repeated my lie of why I was here.

He talks like he’s in love with her! Uh oh. I wonder if Bella knows what she’s getting into.

I assume you care for Bella?” Renee said, toning down what she was really thinking about.

“Very much” I smiled.

Renee was quiet again, still trying to figure me out.

We sat there watching Bella, until it was time for Renee to go get some dinner, from which I excused myself.

Renee slept in the recliner in Bella’s hospital room that night, while Carlisle and Alice went to the hotel.


Alice and Carlisle came back in the next morning to check on Bella. I quietly listened in as Renee spoke to them….

“So you must be Carlisle and Alice,” Renee said. I saw Alice smile through Renee’s mind.

“Yes,” Carlisle answered, smiling as well.

“So you were the one who originally treated Bella after she fell?”

“Yes. I was originally here with Edward because he couldn’t come down here alone, and Alice tagged along. We heard a crash from while we were up in our hotel room. I looked out our window, and there was Bella, lying on the sidewalk, below a broken window,” Carlisle said, retelling the lie.

Wow. Bella is really lucky that Edward came down with his father or she might have died from loss of blood. I heard Renee think. Such a nice man to do that for her though.

Renee looked over to Alice. “You must be Edward’s sister.” She went on.

Alice’s smile widened. “I am, but I’m also proud to Bella’s friend.” Maybe I can finally get her to go shopping with me. She desperately needs a new wardrobe. Then her thoughts aimed towards me:

Edward? Are you taking Bella to prom? That may actually be my chance to dress her decently for once!

Prom? I hadn’t even thought of that yet. Should I take her? I know that Bella doesn’t like dancing, but then again, it’s all in the leading. I smiled. It would be fun to take Bella to prom.I nodded and Alice’s smile just kept getting bigger.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yay! I actually get to buy Bella a prom dress. She had a vision of Bella in a blue prom dress with sleeves off the shoulders. She was in a walking cast and standing on my feet as we danced in Forks High School’s Gym. I was ecstatic. I loved to dance anyway, and dancing with Bella would only increase my happiness. Plus, Bella looks even more gorgeous than usual in blue…

“Thank you Alice,” I whispered, too low for human ears. Renee did not notice the silent exchange.

“Great! It’s good to see that Bella is finally making friends!” Renee replied, eyeing me.

I ignored them now. They were in too happy a mood for the place we were at. I just stared down at my slowly healing angel, wondering what she could be dreaming about.