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Bella is swimming with edward and almost drowns


1. Chapter 1

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Edward's POV

Swimming again.

Swimming was not a very exciting thing for a person who hated the smell of water. It was quite annoying, acutally.

But I guess if she liked it, I could make an effort. After all, if Bella was going to race me, I could take some pride in her defeat. It was so funny the way how she acted so confident, and then seeing her face as I speed past her.

So I couldn't resist challenging her to a race when we reached the muddier part of the creek. I planned out my strategy as she deliberated. I would start off slow, lurk onder the water, deep down, and rocket forward. The mud was so thick that I doubted she would even see me.

As soon as she accepted, I shifted into a ready position. Waving my hand down like a chekered flag, she splashed off as I dipped under the current. Clearing away the thick mud, I could see the rock we were chargin at. I climbed on to look for her. I didn't see her head, so I assumed that she was under the water looking for me. Silly Bella. As if she could see me through the dirty water. I pulled on my shirt and leaned back to wait.

I started panicking as the seconds passed. THe rock wasn't that far. How long would it take a human to swim a few yards? I reran the last events in my head as if they were a movie.

Some part of me heard the scream. Some part of me saw the panicked figure in the distance, saw the splashing, saw the current catch. Some part of me saw Bella tumble into the churning, murky water.

I scanned the surface of the water. No bubbles. She must have run out of air. Not even bothering to take my shirt back off, I dived, headfirst, into the mud.

The dirt streamed into my eyes as I swam forth at record speed. I blinked, trying to see past the mud and trying to stop my eyes from automatically focusing on the microscopic grains, I almost resurfaced when I saw a pale figure float in front of me.

That pale figure's eyes were closed. Her mought was slightly open, her body limp. No air was leaving her nose. I scooped her up and rocketed towars the surface with blinding speed. Ripping off my shirt, I sprinted back to shore, cradling her gently.

I felt like my heart should be pounding as I laid her down on the damp, smooth grass. I placed one hand over her lips, the other against her chest. Her face was cold, but her heart was beating, and breath started coming and going shakily. I wrapped her in her towel, grateful that it was sitting under the rarely-shining sun. It seemed to warm her.

I dialed the number with inhuman speed, my voice buzzing as the words ran off my tounge. In only a minute, I heard the muted hum of the black Mercedes that was Carlisle's car.

He jumped out, a slightly frantic look about his usually peaceful features. Alice emereged from the passenger side, her expression concerned and confused.

My frantic behavior would've agitated a human, but Carlisle had Esme and Alice had Jasper and they realized how hard it was to think that a loved one was in danger. Carlisle pressed his fingers firmly into her left wrist and kept one hand positioned over her mouth and nose.

Seconds passed. Those seconds turned to minutes. Each passing moment made me more and more anxious. I closed my eyes and listened to her heartbeats, her breathing. They both seemed to become a little unsteady.

Her heartbeats finally stuttered; the thudding stopped. Her breath caught short.

Carlisle's face was a mask of grief and panic; it looked so out of place on the youn man's body. He immediatly sucked air in his cheeks and pinched Bella's nose shut. Leaning over her body, he blew some air past her lips.

"Edward, keep your hands down over her heart. Give four presses for every breath I give her."

I was too stricken to answer. My joints seemed locked, my body frozen. I was thankful when Alice shoved me down to the ground.

My hands pushed down over hr chest as the blood started moving through her veins agian. Her face, which had started turning a little blue, seemed to regain color. Carlisle's breaths were steady and smooth; it had a calming, mind numbing effect on me. My palms pressed mechanically over her heart.

Suddenly, her head twitched. I stopped pressing my hands down, moving them to pust two fingers into her wrist. Her heart picked up a stuttering rhythm, her face regained some mor of it's usual reddish tome, her breath came in little pants.

"Edward, Carlisle, turn her onto her side." The voice came from Alice. THe tone sounded calm, which reassured me some, but there was some underlying tone that caught my attention. I searched her mind, trying to see what she was thinking of.

Oh. The tone was distaste. Together, Carlisle and I gently rolled her onto her side in time for her to vomit onto the grass. When she was finished, I put my finger in her mouch and cleared it out. Carlisle's fingers traced lightly up and down her spine, searching for any misalignment. Finding none, he laid her back down again, careful to keep her head straight.

It looked like Bella would be ok, unless Alice's vision abruptly changed.

Bella's eyelids fluttered, and she mumbled soemthing incoherent. Silly, but I didn't want to ask her if she could hear me. I've know that when she was surprised, especially because of something I do, she would lose her breath very quickly. Alice's voice would probably not be a good idea, because it would make her turn her head. So it was Carlisle whose hand stroked her face.

"Bella? Can you hear me, dear? Can you open your eyes?" His voice was so peaceful, it was like he was reading lines out of a storybook.

At once, her eyes opened, revealing chocolate brown. "Edward," she asked weakly. Her voice sounded so hoarse.

"I'm right here, love," I comforted her. Alice gently pushed her shoulders back down as she tried to get p. I brused some strands of hair away from her face and kissed her forehead.

"Shhh," I murmured. "Let's get you home."

Carlisle climbed into the drive's seat and started the engine, turning on the heater right away. Alice pulled a bag out of the trunk. I grabbed a pair of Esme's clothes from it. TOgether, Alice and I undressed her and put her quickly into the fresh flannels. Bella seemed dazed as we did this, like she didn't understand.

I slid into the backseat. Alice took a warm-looking blanket out of the bag, along with a thermometer before dumping the bag in the passenger seat. We laid Bella across us, her head in my lap with her feet in Alice's. I put the thermometer in her mouth, pressing the button. THe temperature read 97.9, almost normal. She seemed to be her regular self as we rode home, telling me not to worry, that she was fine, that we don't need to make a fuss, all of that. I smiply nodded into her hair as my lips pressed against her neck. Ok, there was no reason to worry now. But of c