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Bella is swimming with edward and almost drowns


2. Chapter 2

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Bella's POV

Yesterday was a day that I don't like to remember. It was all very hazy. Just a mess of churning water and cold sunlight. Or maybe it was just Edward's hands. And Carlisle's.

Edward had challenged me to a race, and I accepted. I took a moment to consider first. I knew he would win, but there's something irrisistable about trying again. All the confidence dissapears when he rockets ahead of me, but it's usually worth it.

As soon as I said yes, we readied our starting position. We were just a few yards away from a large rock on the shore. We were to race to there.

Edward's hand came down like a flag in an Indy 500. I sped forward, internally scowling at the mud blocking my vision. Edward seemed to sink down, not moving forward an inch.

I felt a little ripple in the water below me, but I was too distracted to notice that. Because the current was coming, fast and furious. I wasn't strong enough to hold on before it started sucking me down.

I thrashed around underneath the surface, but I must have been too far down for Edward to notice the moving water. Or maybe my legs were pointing the wrong direction. I had no idea which way was up or down.

Suddenly, my head hit somthing dry. I registered, a minute late, that part of me was not submerged. With all my stregnth, I yelled out, hoping that I was loud enough. I probably was, what with Edward's acute hearing. But I wasn't even able to take a deep breath before I was pulled back down.

I struggled for breath. I waited anxiously for the wet, sloshy feeling that came with drowning. But I felt nothing. My body seemed very heavy.

It was then that I realized that I was on land. And that I was cold. Very cold, despite the warm towel I seemed to be lying on.

I tried to find my lips, to tell Edward that I was ok. It hurt to think of all the panic he must be going through. The idea of it hurt more then the ache in my lungs or the burn in my throat.

Then I heard another voice. It was calm, it was serious, and I thought I heard a layer of stress underneath it all. Carlisle.

New hands replaced the ones on my mouth and wrist. These did not shake, as Edward's seemed to with his worry. These were steady.

Suddenly, my chest felt like someone was stabbing it. My heart shook, and seemed to break in half.

I blacked out

First I heard voices. 2, again. Carlisle reassuring the wild-with-panic Edward. I felt hands pressing mechanically against my heart. Air was scraping up and down my throat. I tried to breathe by myself, to make my heart beat, but I was trapped in my own head.

So I pushed myself to regain control over myself. I pushed and forced and strained... until I could feel my heart beating to it's own accord. It felt good. Edward's hands slid from my ribs to my wrist.

Then I was breathing by myself. I heard a voice. Carlisle's. He asked me if I was alright, and if I could open my eyes. I forced my lids up, and I saw an angel's anxious, relieved face. I saw a blond angel's face, deep with concern. And I saw a pixie-like angel's face, who looked more like she was concerned about my clothes and their whereabouts than anything about. I suppose she had seen that I'd be ok. That was comforting.

I was lifted up in the air, with 2 pairs of strong arms supporting me. Alice ran into the car and grabbed a bag contianing Esme's flannels and a thermometer. I was dressed in a frenzy, and then was laid down on Edward and Alice's lap. Carlisle jumped into the car and turned the heat at once.

I kept telling them not to worry about me, that I was fine, that they didn't have to be so concerned and tense, but the fatuige dragged me before I could finish a sentence.