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Forbidden Fruit

This is a story about a vampire falling in love with a werewolf and the werewolf imprints on the vampire. My cousin wrote it and she said I can post it so i hope you enjoy it. Disclaimer: i do not own vampires or were wolves, i'm just messing around with the idea. stphanie meyer is the real genius. writers block this story is not abandoned.


1. Chapter 1

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Damp, mossy grass made the soles of my feet wet. A musky smell filled the air. Fog crawled through the atmosphere and made it so I couldn't see anything but a tree about two feet in front of me.

Solid oak bark and dark emerald leaves made it seem like a piece of artwork. I gently let my hand fall onto the ridged brown skin and took a deep breath of the hazy air.

I instantly felt calm and relaxed. As if I could be right here for the rest of eternity and be fine.

Suddenly a gust of wind came up and blew my fiery hair into my eyes and broke my peace. I shifted it so that it set behind my ear again.

Then I heard a sound from the direction the wind had come from. It sounded like waves hitting a large rock or cliff.

The sound grew louder as I made my way forward. I could tell that nobody was there. No children running away from the waves touching their ankles. No college students playing sand volleyball or surfing. There weren’t even any seagulls eating scared crabs that had wandered away from their homes. This place was going to be all mine. My special place.

The fog was fading away as I drew closer to the water. By now I could at least see were I was going.

I was just inside the forest. I could see exactly what was on the other side of the trees in my mind.

'You’re almost there Paige.' I thought, 'You’re almost there.'

I pushed my way through the dense thicket. There in front of me was the most magnificent, beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was nothing like I had pictured. No sandy beaches or palm trees.. Instead there was a grassy plain that broke straight off into the ocean.. I saw an astonishing orange sun, sitting right above the water that made a ribbon like reflection of twinkling lights over the water.

I stepped into the middle of the grassy area and laid there for, I don’t know how long. It might have been minutes, or hours, or even days, but I didn’t care, this was my place.


Before long I heard footsteps coming in my direction. I turned my head so that I could see who or what was coming my way. I could vividly see a tall, muscular man with bronze hair and skin walking my way. He was probably one of the most stunning creatures I had ever seen, even more so than many of the other vampires I had seen in my time.

I looked even closer and saw that he had the most beautiful brown eyes; they made me want to dive right into them.. He was probably as thick as many of the trees in the forest. He made me feel small and afraid, and I liked it. I hadn’t been afraid in over 150 years when a charming man with red eyes, bronze hair, and sparkling skin jumped toward me from over 20 feet away and crushed every bone in my body..

I stood up slowly hoping not to startle him, but I did. He looked my way then dashed off at a speed that was unbelievable fast, even for me. All I could think was ‘who is this man?’ and an even better question, ‘What is he?’