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Forbidden Fruit

This is a story about a vampire falling in love with a werewolf and the werewolf imprints on the vampire. My cousin wrote it and she said I can post it so i hope you enjoy it. Disclaimer: i do not own vampires or were wolves, i'm just messing around with the idea. stphanie meyer is the real genius. writers block this story is not abandoned.


2. Chapter 2

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I went back to that same place by the ocean for almost two weeks hoping to see the man there. Every time I was disappointed because he never showed up. I longed to see him again, to meet him, to know his name. I wanted him to be mine, mine and only mine.

There had been an instant connection that I felt the moment I had seen him. Almost as if my heart had been filled with passion, as if it once beat again. Sometimes when I sat in the meadow I thought that he might have felt the same sensation, but then I quickly remember how he looked straight at me, looked into my eyes, and then ran away.

Maybe that’s why he left; maybe, he knew what I was, that I wasn’t human. But how could he be human, he ran at a speed so fast that not even I, one of the fastest creatures on the planet, would be able to beat him in a race.

He couldn’t possibly have been a vampire, for his eyes were not red, or gold, but brown. I could also hear his heart beating. So, that theory was out.

What else could he have been? I thought long and hard about that.

Could he have been a vampire? Could he have even been real? Or was he part of my imagination, a part that I had longed for, and a part to complete me? I hoped that that wasn’t true, because if it was I would be looking for him for the rest of eternity.


I had been laying there for about two hours when I heard something approaching. I turned my head to see if it was him, unfortunately it wasn’t. It was just a big hairy wolf.

He was a mangy creature and his fur looked greasy. His eyes were too big for his face and his snout, too long. On the contrary he seemed like a very healthy creature. He looked fit for the forest, with strong legs and big ears; he could have heard any predator coming near and ran away before they even knew he was there.

He looked at me as if admiring me or something. I looked back at him, into his eyes. At that moment I felt like I had known the wolf all my existence. As if he was my brother or my father.

He let out a slight groan and took a step toward me.. Then stuck his snout in my lap and curled up in a ball so that his neck lay on my leg. Surprisingly enough he wasn’t greasy at all. In fact, he was extremely soft. I patted his head, “are you waiting for someone too? I’ve been sitting here waiting for a long time.” I looked down at the dog and he was looking up at me as if were doing to say something, but he didn’t, he was a wolf, and wolves don’t talk. But still, I waited as he looked at me.

We probably sat there for an hour before the wolf got up and moved into the forest. I had the instant sensation to follow him, but I didn’t I was freaked out be the thought that I wanted to follow something, especially an animal.