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A Dark Hour

This is what happens when Alice sees Bella dying in New Moon. It starts out with alot about Alice and Jasper's love.

This just popped into my head one day. Please Review!!!!

1. A Dark Hour

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We sat by the fireplace, the warmth felt wonderful on my cold skin. Jasper and I were in Denali with the other clan that didn’t drink from humans. Carlisle and Esme were here as well, but they were on a hunting trip along with the other inhabitants of this house, making us the only two at the house. I loved these moments I had alone with Jasper.

It was so good to just sit around all day with the one I loved. We were on the couch and Jasper’s arms encircled me protecting me from anything. His lips softly brushed mine, and my breathing turned ragged. Being with Jasper alone like this was the closest thing I could come to alive. Come to think of it being with my love gets me feeling like that. “I love you.” He whispered into my ear.

“I love you more.” I murmured. “Oh, I highly doubt that.” He said as he playfully kissed up my neck. I giggled and pulled him to me, kissing him passionately on the lips. There was not one thing in this whole world I would trade for my Jasper. No one could take his place. He is the light of my life and I could never live without him.

He made me forget my worries. We were in the middle of another tender kiss when I suddenly went rigid. Jasper knew exactly what was happening so he pulled back a little, but readied himself to comfort me if it was needed.

Nothing in this whole world could have prepared me for what I was a bout to see. If I could have cried I surely would have. Because I saw Bella, saw her jump into the fury of the ocean from a frightfully high cliff. I heard her scream and then saw her disappear into the dark murky waters.

She was on top for a little bit, but soon the waves drug her down. I waited and waited for her to come up, petrified and not making any movement. But she never did. That’s when I knew she was…dead. I froze in place, hoping for some reassurance. Someone just had to save her.

I just had to have another vision. I couldn’t grasp that she was actually dead. A sob ripped its way through my torso as my mind tried to comprehend. No, it couldn’t be Not Bella. Then my agony grew as I remembered my brother. This would kill him for sure. Edward could never live with that knowledge.

Through all of this Jasper sent waves of comfort, but little was done to soothe me. I collapsed into his open arms and he ran his fingers through my hair. “What happened?” He asked, but his voice was strained, from absorbing my pain. “Bella,”

I managed to choke out, and then more sobs made there way through my body. Jasper’s waves of comfort soon soothed them and I took a long breath in. “What about Bella?” He asked. His face masked his worries, but I could see right through it from all the years I had been with him. “She’s…dead.” I whispered my voice tortured.

“Are you sure?” He pushed gently, but I could see in his eyes that he had no hope. I nodded weakly against his chest, my vision clouding in and out. “Shhh…Shhhh,” He tried to soothe me, but he was barely calm himself.

My hands grasped his silky shirt, tightly, and all I wanted to do was just sit there with my husband forever, but my mind told me something else. I couldn’t just sit here and do nothing! I had to do something.

Jasper sensed this new determination in me and I looked up to see the exaggerated look on his face. He knew better than anyone that something was up. “I’m going to Forks.” I declared. Jasper sighed, knowing that there was nothing I could do now that I’d made my decision. “I don’t approve.”

He said just giving me his opinion. He knew I was going to go anyway. “And neither will Edward.” I just rolled my eyes. Edward is just going to have to deal with it. I thought. I wondered to myself what I would do. Maybe I would be of some use to Charlie. He was probably taking this very hard.

So I said my quiet goodbyes to Jasper and took off in Carlisle’s Mercedes. I drove very fast making the usual around 1 day trip to Forks in 4 hours. The rain that was pouring down confirmed it, I was definitely in Forks. I took a deep steadying breath and then drove past the Welcome to Fork’s sign. I smelled a few humans on the way, which reminded me of how thirsty I was. I hadn’t hunted in a while.

Oh, well that would have to wait. Soon I was in front of Bella’s house and that brought a fresh wave of grief. I saw immediately that no one was home. Both cars were gone. So I parked the car across from the house (didn’t want to give Charlie too much of a shock) and took the key out of the ignition then walked swiftly to the door.

The key was under the mat as always so I let myself in and walked down the hall, shutting the door behind me. With the sight of the bright yellow cupboards a small sob escaped my icy lips. This was going to be harder than I had imagined. But now the hardest part was here. I had to wait.

Almost 10 minutes later I heard a truck. But not just any truck. I knew that truck. I could tell you everything about that truck. The color was faded red. It had big rounded fenders and a bulbous cab. Days before we had left Emmett had installed a new radio in that truck. That was Bella’s truck. How strange?

Why would Charlie be driving Bella’s truck? I listened intently and then my mouth dropped open. I heard Bella’s voice. It sounded as if she was arguing with someone, a boy, maybe a man. But how was that possible? She was dead. I crept to the end of the hallway still listening when suddenly her engine stopped and footsteps started toward the door.

My breath stopped and I wondered if this could truly be Bella. I was overjoyed and a little angry. She had put me through so much. But maybe it wasn’t even her; maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me. As I was considering that the door opened. I tensed staring directly at the door.

A pale hand appeared, followed by chocolate hair and a heart shaped face. I gasped so softly a human had no chance of hearing and stared at the cause of this whole problem.

I blinked rapidly wondering if this was all just in my head, but the figure just stood there feeling blindly for something on the wall. Soon I realized she was looking for the light switch and walked quietly over and flipped it up.

Her eyes widened and the next thing I knew I was being slammed into, by a very delicious smelling human (and I hadn’t hunted in quite some time) who was supposed to be dead! Oh Boy, this was going to be interesting.