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First Day

This story is about the cullens first day at school and how Edward's overprotective fatherly instincts make him choose a decision that Nessie is not happy with.

This is our first fanfic so plz dont critize us to much but help us improve .

1. First Day

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Edward’s POV

This was my 75th time through high school. This time Bella, Alice, Jasper, Nessie, and Jacob were joining me. Rosalie and Emmett went off to college in New Hampshire. I would personally love to go experience college, but I can’t afford to leave my little girl, (who isn’t so little anymore) alone and unsupervised on her first day of high school.

This morning Alice and Bella took hours just to get ready. I waited impatiently in the living room pacing back forth while Jasper and Jacob sat on the couch searching the channels for something to watch on the TV.

“Bella, Alice, Nessie get down here or we’re going to be late!” I yelled. After a moment Bella and Alice finally came down and walked into the living room with giggles.

“It’s not funny. Do you two know what time it is? We’re going to be late for school. And why does it take you so long just to get dressed?” I repetitively asked them.

“Relax Edward, it’s the first day of high school I’ve got to make sure Bella looks her best.” Alice said teasing. After yelling at Alice I calmed down and looked over at Bella.

“How do I look?” Bella asked me innocently while she pirouetted.

“Beautiful as always,” I said. Then Jacob turned off the TV and got up. Jasper followed and went beside Alice.

“Ok let’s get this stupid thing over with already.” Jacob said annoyed.

“Wait! Where’s Nessie?” I asked after noticing she still hadn’t come down yet.

“Um…she’s still getting ready, but uh…don’t worry Edward I’ll drive her to school. She won’t take very long.” Alice said suspiciously.

Oh Edward will be in for a surprise when he sees Nessie at school. Alice thought.

Trying to ignore that Bella, Jasper, Jacob and I went inside my Volvo and drove to school. All I could think about while driving was what did Alice mean by I’ll be in for a surprise? I hope she didn’t mean by dressing my daughter inappropriately! Ugh, she wouldn’t, she ‘s only eight years old for crying out loud!

When we got to school, we all went straight to go pick up our class schedules at the front office. Bella, Alice, Jasper and myself enrolled our selves as sophomores and Nessie and Jacob as juniors. Although I won’t be able to have the same classes as my daughter, I know Jacob will still be with her all the time protecting her as well.

“Hey pops, look over there and see what your daughter is wearing” Jacob said teasing while he grabbed the top of my head and turned so that I can look in the direction of where Alice and Nessie are walking down the hallway.


I felt like murdering Alice. How dare she dress my daughter like, like, like a…HOOKER! Nessie was wearing a tight black leather mini-skirt, a one-shoulder leopard shirt with high-heeled black stilettos. My sweet innocent daughter looked so ridiculous! Bella and Jacob couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. My hands clenched into tight fists and I could feel my veins sticking out from my temples. My nostrils flaring and I was now growling at Alice who stood in front of me next to my daughter.


“Dad, please calm down people are going to hear you.” She whispered to me.

“I don’t give a damn about other people!” I screamed at her.

“Now Edward, don’t yell at Nessie, I bought her the clothes so calm down!” Alice interrupted.

“You….you dressed my daughter like this!” I yelled pointing at Nessie.

“Edward calm down before people find out Nessie is our daughter. Remember, were supposed to blend in?” Bella said in a soothing voice trying to calm me.

“You’re right, Nessie I’ll talk to you at lunch, missy. You and Jacob better get to class.” I ordered her.

“Alright you heard grouchy over here, let’s go Nessie,” Jacob said teasingly.

I growled at Jacob and then left with Bella to Biology class. We sat down at the back of the class and ripped a piece of paper from my notebook and wrote Bella a note.

Did you see what you’re daughter was wearing today?

Yes Edward but I think you overreacted a little don’t you think?

Overreacted? She looked ridiculous!

I think she look pretty cute.

Cute!?! Are you insane?! She looked like a freaking hooker for crying out loud!

Edward Cullen you did not just say that!

Ok sorry but I just don’t want to see my daughter dressed like that ever again!

Don’t blame me , it was Alice’s idea.

Just when Bella passed me the note the bell rang for lunch and I stormed out of the classroom. When I got to the cafeteria I saw Alice, Jasper, Jacob, and Nessie already sitting at the table. I quickly went over to them to give Alice and Nessie a piece of my mind. Bella followed behind me. I sat down next to Nessie and across from Alice.

“Now listen here Alice, if you ever dress Nessie like this ever again I swear Bella won’t be able to stop me from ripping your head off.” I said casually.

Edward you’re such an overprotective pain in the butt. Alice thought.

“I heard that.” I said.

“I know,” she said smugly.

“Don’t worry Dad, I promise I won’t take fashion tips from Aunt Alice anymore.” She promised me teasingly.

Nessie’s POV

After lunch, me and Jake were walking down the hallway to math class, when suddenly a boy comes up to me and rudely shoves Jake away from my side and grabs me by the waist.

“Hello, my name’s Christian and yours is?’’ He asked me.

“Renesmee, but I prefer Nessie, and now if you would be so kind to take miserable hands off me?” I said sourly.

“And what if I don’t?” He challenged.

“She said, take your hands off her NOW!” Jake roared.

“And who are you to tell me what to do?” Christian said. He had his hands off me now but was standing inches away from Jake’s trembling body.

“I’m her boyfriend you idiot!” Jake yelled. “Now get away from her!”

Jake then punched Christian so hard in the stomach that he landed a few feet away from him. Once Christian started bleeding someone called the school nurse and took him to her office. Before Jake and I could leave running the principle held him back from his shoulder and stopped him before he could take off.

Oh crap wait till my dad finds out about this. I thought.