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First Day

This story is about the cullens first day at school and how Edward's overprotective fatherly instincts make him choose a decision that Nessie is not happy with.

This is our first fanfic so plz dont critize us to much but help us improve .

2. Decision

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Edward’s POV

Oh crap wait till my dad finds out about this. I heard Nessie think.

Find out about what? I quickly asked my math teacher for a bathroom pass to go see Nessie and find out what happened. I was walking down the school hallway when I passed the principle’s office and saw Jacob and Nessie both sitting there. Damn it I thought. What could have they done wrong now?

“Young man, what are you doing here? As you can see I’m talking to these students,” said the principle as I walked in furiously.

“These are my adopted siblings and I’m suppost to take care of them,” I replied. “How much trouble did they cause?”

“Well, this young man punched one of our students in the stomach and this young lady has violated the school dress code,” he said casually.

“And what is the reason he punched a student in the stomach?” I asked him.

“Because he was harassing Nessie!” Jacob said trembling.

My face got tense. I was furious! How he dared to touch my little girl! That bastard! Whoever that was I was going to rip him to shreds. But now I have to deal with this first.

“If you don’t mind sir, I think I can take responsibility for these two for what they have done,” I said trying to calm myself down.

“Yes you may, but make sure they don’t do anything like this or else they will have serious consequences,” he said seriously.

“Yes sir,” I responded as Jacob, Nessie, and I left his office.

While we walked down the hallway, a student came out from the nurse’s office with his hands folded over his stomach. Jacob started to growl. Then I suspected it and asked Nessie, “Is that the idiot that was harassing you?” I whispered angrily.

“Yes,” Nessie replied.Shit he’s come back for me and she brought another guy to come beat me up. Oh fuck! The boy thought terrified.

I went up to him and practically screamed at him, “I f you ever touch or get near my little sister again, I’ll make sure that’s the last time you see the light, idiot!” I threatened him.

I put my hands on his shoulders and shaked him, “Do you understand?” I yelled at him.

“Yes-s-s s-s-sir,” the said trembling in a shaky voice.

When I let him go the boy ran off. Nessie and Jacob returned to their math class and I went back to my calculus class with Bella.

When I entered the classroom, I walked casually to my seat next to Bella.What happened Edward? Bella thought.

“I’ll tell you later,” I whispered back.

The bell rang and it was finally the end of the day. Bella and I met up with Alice and Jasper at the parking lot beside my Volvo. I tried to ignore Alice when she started babbling about how great her first day was. Then Jacob and Nessie appeared coming towards us.

“Edward so what happened back there you took a long time just to go to the restroom,” Bella asked me.

“I found Jacob here in the principle’s office with Nessie for fighting with a guy who was harassing our daughter.” I told her.

“Whoa, wait what?” Bella said surprised.

“Bella, I was only trying to protect Nessie,” Jacob interrupted.

“No I get that part, but a guy was harassing you Nessie?” Bella said motherly.

“Yes,” Nessie sighed.

“I told you that dressing like that can provoke men to do such repulsive things,” I said while I took a quick glare at Alice.

We all got into my car and headed back home. And Alice was still babbling about all the new friends she made and how great her classes were. I respect Jasper for having so much patience with her.

When we got to the house we all went to the living room and Jacob turned the TV on to baseball. I got up and grabbed Nessie and Bella to the kitchen. They both sat down at the table but I stayed standing. Bella and Nessie looked at each other and then looked at me confused.

“Ok so I’ve been thinking, maybe we should consider putting Nessie into an all-girls boarding school,” I explained to them.

Both their mouths dropped wide open.

“I think it would be best for her, you wear a nice uniform instead of unnecessary clothing and no perverted boys are allowed,” I said.

“WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY?!?” They both said at the same time.

“Now calm down, I’ve made up my mind. Nessie you’re going to boarding school.” I said sternly.

“No dad, please! Please don’t make me go! I’ll wear whatever you want me to wear and I won’t talk guys until I’m thirty or even longer if you want. Just please don’t make me go!” Nessie pleaded.

“Edward, you have officially lost your mind!” Bella yelled.

“I‘ve made up my mind and there’s nothing you can do about it to change my decision. We’re not discussing this subject anymore. End of story. Period.” I told them.Ugh my dad is being so unfair, overprotective, and a pain in my ass! I heard Nessie think as she left the kitchen stomping.