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First Day

This story is about the cullens first day at school and how Edward's overprotective fatherly instincts make him choose a decision that Nessie is not happy with.

This is our first fanfic so plz dont critize us to much but help us improve .

5. Don't You Just Love Family?

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Jacob furiously slammed the front door open and dragged me inside. The whole family was sitting in the living room looking at us with shocked eyes, but one pair of specific eyes was glaring at us with a confused expression. My father stood up from where he was sitting and stomped his way toward us. Jake put himself in front of me in protective position.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen. . .shouldn't you be at school instead of here with this mutt," he said through his teeth emphasizing on the word mutt.

"Maybe she would if her paranoid father didn't force her to go to an all-girls Christian boarding school!" Jacob spat at him.

"Well maybe her paranoid father thought she needed a little discipline!" he retorted.

"Well maybe you don't know how to raise your own daughter, you filthy blood-sucker!" Jacob yelled.

"Don't you dare tell me how to raise my daughter, you disgusting dog!" he yelled back.

I couldn't take any more of this yelling. I looked over at Jasper with a pleading face and he nodded understanding. The atmosphere suddenly felt calmer and less tense. Carlisle stood up after all the yelling was done and went over to Dad and Jacob.

"You two can't be fighting all the time, don't you see who your forgetting about that's in the middle of all this," Carlisle gestured towards me and they both looked me with ashamed faces.

"You're right Carlisle," Dad said embarrassed.

"And also Edward, you can't force Nessie to do something she doesn't want to do, it's not in your will. In a few years she'll be an adult," he reminded my Dad.

"Only physically Carlisle, not legally," Dad protested.

"Dad, I may be only 5 years old, but you know I'm mentally an adult. I feel and look like one too, don't you think so?" I asked him sincerely.

He held my face between his hands. "I know you are Nessie, but you still don't know much about the world, you're not ready to be an official adult," my Dad sighed.

"Edward, you're not worried that Nessie isn't ready, you're just worried to lose your little girl," my Mom said behind the couch with humor.

There was a long pause before Dad spoke again. "Um, no. That's not the reason," Dad said seriously.

"Are you sure about that pops?" Jacob said with a smile coming from the corners.

Dad took a long sigh again. "Okay, okay. Fine, I am. There, are you all happy?" Dad's eyebrows creased as he made a pouty face.

"Awe Dad, you know I'll always be your little girl. Even if a thousand years go by, you'll always count on that," I assured him as I gave him a big, tight hug. There was chorus of awes coming from all the spectators in the room who were observing the love fest.

"I love you honey," he said as he kissed my forehead. "And sorry for sending you to that school."

"I love you too Daddy, and don't worry about it. Just, don't make me go back there ever again," I said laughing shaky.

He chuckled. "No problem," Dad smiled.

"Awe, group hug everyone!" Jacob said as he squeezed me and my dad into a huge hug.

Everyone joined into the enormous hug. Dad was about to say something when Jacob was snuggling closer to him on his shoulder, but let it go smiling at me.

You've gotta love family, I thought.