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Crack Of Dawn

Please take a look back on my bio.
There, stood at my door, had to be the hottest guy alive. He wore a blue short-sleeved t-shirt that fitted his muscles perfectly, baggy black jeans, a crooked smile playing beautifully on his face.
Bella Swan's father has just kicked her off to boarding school, where she meets her old friend and a completely new friend.
Thanks to Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO for the amazing banner xxx

by Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO

Okay, so I've read a few fanfics that have Bella and Edward meeting differently and with different personalities so I though I'd give it a go.

10. Tricks

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“Eight metres?” asked Angela. I turned to face her.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done many times before. And the worst I have ever done was broken my wrist, but that was in the early days. Now guys, take one end of the kite and travel backwards until the strings are completely straight.” They each picked up one end of my black, pink and white eight metres kite and travelled far backwards.

I started to untangle the strings.

“So what? You just have a big crappy kite!” said Lauren.

“But it’s the things I do with the big crappy kite,” I replied, not turning around.

“Like what?” asked Jessica.

“Land-boarding, kite-surfing on snow and sea, I do loads.” I stood up, double-checking the strings were entirely untangled.

“Keep the kite on the ground,” I shouted to Eric and Mike. They gave me thumbs up.

I grabbed my ‘snowboard’ as Mike said early and strapped myself into the harness that was attached to the kite.

“Stay there,” I shouted to Mike and Eric as I started to walk down to the sea.

When I was parallel to Mike and Eric, I shouted, “Throw it up!”

I felt the kite pull against me. I waited on ground until I was sure I knew how strong the wind was.

Very strong.

I walked out onto a bit of land that stuck out of the sea, ‘snowboard’ still in hand. I sat down, my hand still on the bar that controlled the kite, as I slipped the board on my feet.

I smiled as I felt the kite pull harder against the strings and finally pulled me off the ground.

I laughed at the wind in my face, the feel of freedom and the adrenaline pulsing through me as I spun around and around. I bent my legs, showing everyone back on the beach the bottom of my board that said ‘Team Tornadoes!’ and our little logo.

I brought my legs back down as the sea came closer.

Everyone on the beach clapped – or at least that is what it sounded like.

Going at incredible speed, I sped along the sea, one hand in the sea, the other on the bar, smiling and laughing along the way.

I let the kite pull me off the sea again, and I slipped my foot out of the grip on the board in mid-air, before slipping it back on and landing back on the sea.

There was a load of rocks jutting out into the sea and I took the chance to jump over, spinning, and laughing.

Again, multiple claps were heard again from the beach as I landed.

After at least ten minutes of tricks and claps, I finalized the event with my favourite trick.

As I pulled the highest I had all day, I let go of the bar, pulled my legs higher than my head, causing me to go upside-down. I heard gasps from the beach before I pulled myself the right way round and landed gently on the sea.

I headed towards land and jumped off my board, kite still in the air. I walked over to the van and chucked the board into the van. I pulled on the brake and the kite gracefully landed on the sand. I smiled.

“Wow,” Tyler said, breaking the silence.

“Tar,” I said, looking over my shoulder and smiling at him. I pulled myself free of the harnesses. I grabbed my towel and wiped my face.

“Hey, Swan,” someone whispered in my ear. I turned around to Newton.

“What, Newton?” I said louder. He flinched and I had to stop myself from smiling.

“You mind if I have a go?” he whispered.