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Crack Of Dawn

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There, stood at my door, had to be the hottest guy alive. He wore a blue short-sleeved t-shirt that fitted his muscles perfectly, baggy black jeans, a crooked smile playing beautifully on his face.
Bella Swan's father has just kicked her off to boarding school, where she meets her old friend and a completely new friend.
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by Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO

Okay, so I've read a few fanfics that have Bella and Edward meeting differently and with different personalities so I though I'd give it a go.

13. Getting Up

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There were whispers everywhere.

Saying different things at different times with different voices.

The words – or sounds or noises (I wasn’t sure) – merged into one, making it impossible to make out who – or what – was speaking or what they were saying.

As the numbness throughout my body disappeared, the voices words became clearer.

“How she doing?” asked a vaguely familiar voice. It was a girl’s, high and musical.

“No better than before. I hope she’s fine…” mumbled a closer voice. A soft velvety voice that sent shivers throughout my body.

“Of course. She’s fine. She’s be better than fine. She’s better than fine,” ranted the high girl’s voice.

There suddenly was a painful smacking noise.

“Hey!” shouted the musical girl’s voice.

“Stay away from her. She is still recovering,” added the velvet, silky voice.

“Pfft,” said a voice – my guess the girl’s voice.

I heard a door close and I could feel the boy moving closer as mini electric shocks seemed to fly through me.

“Bella,” he murmured, making me soar as I heard him just say my name.

“Oh Bella,” he whispered, more clearer.

“Wake up, Bella. Please Bella, wake up,” he begged, making me want more than ever just to make him happy, to wake up, see him smile, and see the man behind the silky voice. More than anything, I wanted to hear say my name – even if it was just once more. I wanted to jump up and beg him to say my name again.

But I couldn’t.

Because I felt like I was paralysed.

I felt him caress my cheek, making my skin burn where he had touched – and just from his touch. His hand moved down off my cheek, making a trail of electric shocks and burns from his touch, down my neck and off to the side of me and onto the bed. I had the strangest urge to beg and plea for him just to touch me again, to feel his skin against mine.

I heard him sighed, his sweet breath blowing over my face, intoxicating me with the most exquisite smell I have ever smelt and ever dreamt of smelling – not that I do or anything…

There was a quick knock on wood and I heard a door open.

“Alice, please. She’s no different,” mumbled the boy’s voice in a sad tone.




Alice is here!

Which means…



Edward’s here?

Wait, what happened?

And as if to their own accord, my eyes opened, meeting to anxious eyes; including the two beautiful electric-green eyes, the memory I remembered last from my knock out.

“Bella!” squeaked Alice at her highest pitch I’ve ever heard her squeal.

“Ow,” I croaked over her load squeal. I instantly covered my ears. Edward laughed.

“Try getting that twenty-four/seven,” he smiled at me.

If it weren’t Alice’s sudden movement to appear besides wherever I was lying, those hypnotic eyes of his would have captured me.

“Alice! I’ve just had one near-death experience, I don’t another one!” I croaked, my voice still sore.

“Do you want a drink?” asked Edward.

“I’ll get it,” declared Alice, as she jumped up and marched out of the room. I tried to sit up, to get a better view of the room.

“Ah God,” I moaned, as I clutched my dizzy head. I noticed how Edward instantly moved forward.

As I slowly proceeded in sitting up, I found one of my legs hard and wrapped up in something.

“What?” I cried. My hands flew to my leg. “What the hell?!” I cried, even louder. Edward looked frantic.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, his eyes wide.

“What’s wrong, hmm?” I repeated, placing my finger on my chin. “Lemme think. Oh! I know! I’M IN A CAST!” I practically screamed in his face. “How the hell did that happen?” I lay back on the bed, still not sure where the hell I was, completely exasperated. Alice finally appeared, stilling the beans.

“Well, when your leg looked all like scratched and bruised and cut, the doctor, well our dad, who’s a doctor–” I given up listening, and as she lent over to pull the glass down, I looked in her eyes and said, “Spit it out already!”

“Well, you haven’t changed,” she said as she lent back.

“Alice,” I said as calmly as I good, not meeting anyone’s gaze.

“Well, he said it would be better in a cast because your leg would heal quicker. How’s that for you?” I took a sip of the water.

“Perfectly wonderful, ma petite cherie,” I said, my voice no longer sore or hurting. I raised my hand, seeing if she would remember the old days. A giant smile crept across her face as she high-fived me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me in close to her, so I was practically staring at her ear.

“Someone over there didn’t leave until he knew you were going to be alright,” she whispered in my ear. I risked a glance at Edward, as I started to pull back. Sure enough, his eyes were on me, frowning in confusion. Alice roughly pulled me back to her ear.

“And even then, he was reluctant.” Then she started to half-sing the words down my ear, “Someone is going to have an episode of the janitor’s closet!” I pushed her, a little hard even for me, and she flew off the bed. I smiled.

“Bella!” she exclaimed.

“Suck it up, ma cherie. You had it had it coming to you anyway.” I smiled triumphantly as I lay back down on the bed.

“Why you little – ” she exclaimed as she jumped up from the floor and sat on me.

“Ah! Get off me! Now!” I screeched as she cause me lie on my side and then sit on it.

“Alice!” cried the voice of Edward. “Get the hell off her!” I saw Edward lean over and almost pick Alice off me.

Now usually I would object to just being called her, but when he leant over me to grab Alice, his top lifted up just the slightest bit and let’s just say, he has one muscled stomach.

“Oo, a little protective of her, are we?” teased Alice, as she jumped up and prepared herself to make a runner for it.

“Hey! Her is here!” I cried, as I propped myself back up. “Don’t act like I’m invisible. Use my name, for God’s sake!”

“Come on, Eddie. How could you let little Bella feel invisible? Go give her a hug and a–”

Before Alice even had time to finish that sentence, I threw a cushion at her face, crying, “Shut the hell up, Alice!” And with that, Edward tackled her out of the door.

“This isn’t the last you’ve heard of me!” she screamed through the door, sounding like an evil villain. “I’ll back be, just you wait!”

“Give it a rest, Cat-woman,” I shouted. Edward turned.

“So how are you?”


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