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Crack Of Dawn

Please take a look back on my bio.
There, stood at my door, had to be the hottest guy alive. He wore a blue short-sleeved t-shirt that fitted his muscles perfectly, baggy black jeans, a crooked smile playing beautifully on his face.
Bella Swan's father has just kicked her off to boarding school, where she meets her old friend and a completely new friend.
Thanks to Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO for the amazing banner xxx

by Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO

Okay, so I've read a few fanfics that have Bella and Edward meeting differently and with different personalities so I though I'd give it a go.

14. Cast

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Explaining how I was fine to Edward, over and over again was excruciating.

“God, who’s room am I in anyway?” I asked, in hope of changing the subject.

“It’s my room. Don’t you remember?” For a second, Edward’s voice actually sounded sad.

“Sorry. It’s a bit hard to concentrate with a pencil jabbing into my back!” I pulled the pencil that I had being lying on out. Edward took the pencil and inspected it.

“Sorry. No idea where that came from,” he said, as he put the pencil down on his bedside table. He returned his gaze to me as Rosalie came barging in.

“Move over Superman,” she muttered as she sat by my side.

“How you doing Hun?” she asked, her voice instantly changing. In the few little days I’d known Rosalie, she’d been… well, let’s say different. One minute caring, the next, she’s all up in your face.

“I’ve just been attacked the petite cat-woman,” I said as I shuffled backwards.

“So, improving?” she asked, a grin on her face.

“You could say,” I muttered. Rose’s smile grew.

“That’s the girl I know!” she said as she hugged me.

“So, how was Newton at the beach?” she asked, an expectant smile on her face. I couldn’t get rid of the fact that Edward was still in the room, still staring at me. I was all too aware of how his gaze was on me.

“Pfft. Newton? He’s the one who got me into to this cast. If he had the nerve to sign this, I’m gonna rip his head off.” Rose laughed.

“Newton, dream boy as ever,” she said as shuffled in her spot on the bed.

“Yes,” I said, acting all dreamy and in love. “Dreamy as ever and such a turn on.” I whole face dropped and I looked disgusted as I looked at Rose. “If anything he is turn off and the repulsion of my life. In fact, forget about me ripping his head off if he’s signed this, I’m gonna rip his podgy head off anyway.”

“You seriously think you’re capable of that?” asked Edward, pitching in for the first time.

“You seriously think you’re capable of stopping me?” I replied, raising one of my eyebrows. “Didn’t think so.”

“Oi, Superman,” Rose said to Edward. “I’m pretty sure the girl wants to get dressed in peace.” Was she referring to me?

“I’m pretty sure the girl has a name,” I replied, staring at Rose. “For Christ’s sake, I have a name. Use it.”

“Fine. Ed. Out. Isabella’s got some dressing to do,” she stared evilly at me as I whacked her with one of the cushions.

“Yes, but I think I’d have to be in my own room to do that.” I quickly glanced down at myself.

Thank God, no has changed me.

I’m still in the beach clothes.

And a brilliant white cast.



Whoo hoo!

I’ve got a cast…

Oh God.

God, why me? Why do I have to have the cast?

I’m sure Newton could have gotten the cast instead.