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Crack Of Dawn

Please take a look back on my bio.
There, stood at my door, had to be the hottest guy alive. He wore a blue short-sleeved t-shirt that fitted his muscles perfectly, baggy black jeans, a crooked smile playing beautifully on his face.
Bella Swan's father has just kicked her off to boarding school, where she meets her old friend and a completely new friend.
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by Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO

Okay, so I've read a few fanfics that have Bella and Edward meeting differently and with different personalities so I though I'd give it a go.

16. Miss Lordess of the Limps

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As I limped out into the open, I got stares practically from everyone – boys, girls, teachers (which scared the hell out of me).

Just as I was giving up hope finding anyone who I didn’t want to beat the pulp out of, I heard Alice squeal.

I turned around to find Alice already running up to me.

“My Lord, now don’t you look sexy, Ms. Lordess of the Limps,” she said, using her ‘British’ accent, as she looked me up and down. Seriously, she can’t play British if her life depended on it.

“Just be glad I need both hands to keep me upright or I would have slapped you by now. Besides, when you have a cast, its practically impossible to wear anything besides a skirt without it being all awkward and I really didn’t have that kind of patience in me right now,” I said, as Rose came up to us.

“And you only had a short skirt?” Alice asked, raising her eyebrows as if to say I-don’t-believe-one-bit-of-this-that-you-are-giving-me.

“What can I say? I don’t usually wear skirts. But don’t you like the top?” I asked.

“Oh definitely. You could have gone for something better, but it pulls the outfit together very well,” said Rose. I laughed. Of course either Alice or Rose would say something along the lines of my fashion sense. Typical.

“Hey there babe,” I heard Emmett say, as he snaked his hands around Rose’s waist. He looked up at me and smiled apologetically.

“Hey, Bella. Sorry about before. You the ‘cigarette’ incident. Well, erm, smoking is behind me and I just wanted to say sorry and thank you.” Rose turned around and hugged him, whilst Emmett looked at me.

“No big Emmett. I’m just glad you’ve quit it before you got too addicted,” I said, smiling.

“Well, I’m already addicted to you babe,” he said to Rose. I turned away, trying not to gag, before they started making out. I saw Alice was in the company of Jasper. I turned back around to see a familiar face staring at me.

“Hey there stranger,” I said to Edward.

“Right back at you,” he said, walking up to me.

“What you doing round here?” I asked. He shrugged.

“Walking about with the guys, when they found you lot and here I am.” He shrugged again. “You?”

“Oh just showing off my new cast. Isn’t it amazing?”

I looked up from Edward, to Rose and Emmett. She smiled at me before she wrapped one of her arms around Emmett’s neck and pulled him in and –

Yeah, I refused to look at things go too personal.

I always felt awkward just watching people kiss in front of me.

Its kind of makes me feel lonely. Oh yes, I have a sob story now.

Kidding. Don’t worry.

Although I do find it really funny when you watch X Factor or whatever and they tell a sad story and start crying – I try and not fall about laughing.

Anywhoo, coming back to the present, I looked in any other direction. Any!

But everyone, it seemed, had a partner.

Jasper and Alice.

Emmett and Rose.

I looked back at Edward and saw something I didn’t see the first time.

An arm snaked around his arm.